Alienware Heads Into Fall with Crisp New Portfolio

“Pax” may mean “peace” in Latin, but it’s been anything but peaceful since PAX Prime in Seattle little more than a month ago. I can understand the excitement around launching our new portfolio of products: the next-generation Alienware X51 gaming desktop, updated Alienware 13, 15 and 17 notebooks, and, back … READ MORE

Frank Azor September 29, 2015

Alienware 18 Returns – Stronger Than Ever

Alienware notebooks have long set the standard for best-in-class mobile gaming. The Alienware 13, 15 and 17 are all built with a clear focus on performance, reliability and iconic design. From its earliest incarnation, the Alienware 18 boasted the same purpose-built approach, and when you looked under the hood, that’s … READ MORE

Joe Olmsted August 19, 2015

Dell Weekly Recap: News & Customer Spotlight (Jan 10 Edition)

Happy New Year, all! Welcome to the first edition of Dell’s Weekly Recap of 2014, your guide to Dell-related news and happenings.   TOP STORY OF THE WEEK Reborn, Dell Aims Message at Businesses In its first advertising campaign since becoming a private company Dell promotes its entrepreneurial spirit and … READ MORE

Kevin Curry January 10, 2014

Alienware X51 Gaming Desktop Gets Graphics Boost

The Alienware X51 is getting an upgrade. Starting today, the new AMD Radeon R9 270X graphics card will now be available on our small but mighty gaming desktop. Now customers will have more graphics options to choose from on the X51. I talked with Bryan de Zayas, our Marketing Director … READ MORE

Mark Obee November 26, 2013

Game On: Putting girls in the driver’s seat of technology

Empowering youth to acquire important skills like critical thinking, problem solving and technology literacy is at the heart of how we engage in many of our local communities around the world.  As part of these efforts, we help close the technology gap and creating learning opportunities for those who may … READ MORE

Michele Glaze September 18, 2013

Come see us at QuakeCon, the “Woodstock of Gaming”

QuakeCon, known as the “Woodstock of Gaming,” takes place every year in Dallas, Texas. This year from August 1-4, at the Hotel Anatole, thousands of gamers from all over the world will be in attendance. Since 2009, Dell has supported this event from the tablets at check-in to the PCs … READ MORE

Frank Azor July 31, 2013

E3 2013 set the stage for Alienware

E3 2013 set the stage for Alienware to launch its new line up of powerful gaming laptops. The new designs mark a departure from the previous generation and take on a bold new form. All three of the laptops share similar design characteristics, such as an anodized aluminum shell and magnesium … READ MORE

Mark Obee June 10, 2013

Ubuntu OS now an option on Alienware X51 gaming rig

We’ve heard from potential Alienware customers like acelin in his idea on IdeaStorm that you wanted to buy an Alienware with Ubuntu. Linux gaming just took a big step forward with the release of the Alienware X51 gaming desktop with Ubuntu OS for customers in the United States. This means … READ MORE

Mark Obee April 5, 2013
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