How Will the Game Change? Dell Visits UT Panel to Discuss

This week, Dell was honored to be asked to participate in the official launch of the new Game Development major within the University of Texas Computer Science department.  Key players in the gaming community gathered at UT’s Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) to celebrate the launch and discuss … READ MORE

John Blain January 27, 2012

Alienware now "Powered by Klipsch"

You may have already seen this on Engadget's post, but if you're serious about your gaming, it'll be easy to get you to admit that getting into your game isn't just about frame rates and great graphics: it's also about the sound.  That beautifully rendered next-gen title just … READ MORE

John Blain March 11, 2011

Alienware Hardware at CES 2011: A Closer Look

Now that I’m back from the Dell suites in Las Vegas, and all the dust has settled, I can take a quick moment to take a closer look at the hardware Alienware announced at this year’s CES. The hot one everyone’s talking about is the amazing new Alienware … READ MORE

John Blain January 14, 2011

The Alienware M11x Just Got Better, Mike

My friend Mike is a tech geek. His house is wired from front to back, he was the first person I knew to buy an Kindle,  and heck, he was the person that introduced me to file-sharing and MSDN back in the day. So when we sat down … READ MORE

John Blain June 8, 2010
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