Legacy Technology in Government – and How to Break Free

According to a recent GAO report, more than 75 percent of the 2015 federal IT budget was dedicated to operations and maintenance, leaving only a quarter of IT dollars available for innovation. While digital transformation technologies are creating new possibilities for government, this means that IT funds are … READ MORE

steve harris September 29, 2016

The Future Workforce Is Here

Over 1 in 3 millennials fear that artificial intelligence (AI) could lead to robots taking their job. Though this fear may seem farfetched, companies like Amazon and UPS have already announced research in the direction of using drones for home deliveries and beyond. With communication and productivity technologies … READ MORE

Kevin Terwilliger September 1, 2016

FedRAMP to Future-Ready

On April 21, the Dell Services Federal Government (DSFG) announced that it had received the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Provisional Authorization to Operate (P-ATO) for our cloud offering.  This authorization indicates that DSFG’s multi-tenant cloud platform — Dell Cloud for U.S. Government (DCG) — has … READ MORE

George Newstrom May 9, 2016

Building Blocks for a Future-Ready Workforce

Change is hard. But refusing to change can prove even more difficult. It isn’t enough for federal agencies to simply keep up with information technology, they have to start getting ahead of it, and that means becoming future ready. The current federal IT infrastructure is old and dangerously … READ MORE

steve harris March 23, 2016

The Most Bang for the Apps Mod Buck: Application Re-Architecture

Application re-architecture provides the most value and yields the greatest long-term payoff from an application modernization initiative. The re-architecture pathway offers the best course for achieving the CIO’s modernization goals when enhanced functionality, modernized processes and near-term enablement of cloud and mobility are the desired results. As we … READ MORE

Sanjeev Nehra February 17, 2016

Re-Hosting Reduces Costs While Preserving Legacy Applications

Numerous federal CIOs continue to wrestle with the complexities and costs associated with cumbersome legacy applications. Many of these applications have been in production from the early days of the mainframe era, and rely on legacy languages, including COBOL, Assembler and others. There are millions of lines of … READ MORE

Sanjeev Nehra January 21, 2016

The Next Frontier in Federal Government

Over the past several years, federal government agencies have made significant strides in IT reform to enable them to transform the way they operate to better serve their constituencies. Many data centers have been consolidated and standardized. Many shared services have been implemented for better collaboration and productivity. … READ MORE

Sanjeev Nehra April 16, 2015

Moving Government to the 3rd Platform

There’s a lot being asked of our government customers of late. They’re being asked not only to sustain, or even expand, what IT does for U.S. government agencies – they’re being asked to do so in one of the most challenging budget environments we’ve seen following the significant … READ MORE

George Newstrom April 25, 2013
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