Making the Cloud a Possibility in Government

Cloud computing is a popular topic in technology publications and everyone seems to have an opinion on the best solutions for moving businesses to the Cloud. I recently represented Dell at a hearing before a Committee of the Texas House of Representatives which was looking into cloud computing … READ MORE

Jan Uhrich July 26, 2012

Beyond Efficiency to Innovation in the Public Sector

What is it that sparks the next big idea? Sometimes it’s just pure creative genius at work. But many times it’s the pressure to do more with less that becomes the impetus for innovation.  Throughout the world, we’re witnessing how efforts initiated for the sake of efficiency become … READ MORE

Frank Muehleman November 16, 2011

Partnering With Government to Better Serve the Country

Just as this year’s Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference began, the U.S. intelligence community got some big news. The world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, was killed on the first day of the conference due in large part to the extraordinary efforts of … READ MORE

Max Peterson May 11, 2011
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