Is Your Health Insurer Organization Future-Ready?

Technology in the hands of digital-savvy, mobile consumers opens a whole new world of opportunities in redefining how they actively monitor their own health care, personalize treatment and purchase insurance coverage. No longer are they limited to defined plans or services offered by their employers. The floodgates are … READ MORE

Dr Suman De June 3, 2015

The Future of Analytics in Healthcare: Part Two

Q&A with Dr. Charlotte Hovet, Dell’s Medical Director of Global Healthcare Solutions In this second part of our interview series with Dr. Charlotte Hovet, medical director of Global Healthcare Solutions at Dell, we examine what healthcare will look like in 2020 and offer tips for getting started. What … READ MORE

John Whittaker May 29, 2015

Analytics in Healthcare: Q&A with Dr. Charlotte Hovet, Part 1

In this two-part series, Dr. Charlotte Hovet, medical director of Global Healthcare Solutions at Dell, shares her thoughts about how healthcare informatics and predictive analytics are helping to usher in a new era of wellness and disease prevention. Part one takes a look at healthcare informatics changes happening … READ MORE

John Whittaker May 14, 2015

IT is Helping to Advance Life-Saving Technologies

Big advances are happening in patient care, and information technology is as much a driver as medical research. Genomics, precision medicine and analytics are moving from the research lab to clinical practice, aided by the ability to do more complex work on off-the shelf devices as well as … READ MORE

Sid Nair April 6, 2015

When Smart People Won’t Use Smart Technologies

By Dr. Thomas Hill, Executive director, Analytics, Information Management Group, Dell Big-data predictive analytics offer the promise of better outcomes and lower costs for healthcare organizations, effectively allowing a patient to access the expertise of thousands of experts gained through treating millions of patients. But successfully deploying the … READ MORE

Amanda E March 19, 2015

Practical Predictive Analytics and Decision Systems for Medicine

Q&A with authors Tom Hill, Gary Miner and Linda Miner Last month, Elsevier/Academic Press published a new book titled “Practical Predictive Analytics and Decision Systems for Medicine.” The book, which aims to give the healthcare industry a blueprint for leveraging predictive analytics and decisioning systems to improve the … READ MORE

Steven Phillips October 6, 2014
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