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Bringing Dell Shoppers New Levels of Convenience

Every morning I go to my favorite coffee shop. I spend between 10 and 15 minutes waiting in line, ordering, paying, walking to the end of the counter and waiting again for my drink. 15 minutes a day is almost three days a year! That’s a lot of … READ MORE

Paul Walsh May 21, 2015

Keeping IoT Weird

Last week Dell went to San Francisco to participate in the self-proclaimed ‘world’s largest and most comprehensive IoT event’: IoT World. It was indeed big and covered a wide range of topics – from Consumer to Industrial and Hackathons to hard core analytics.  It was also a little bit … READ MORE

Kirsten Billhardt May 18, 2015

Connected Cows and the Evolution of Agriculture IoT

Earlier this month, I had an opportunity to present at The Food Leaders’ Summit in Chicago. With an audience representing some of the leading players in the food management, marketing, research, and manufacturing industries, the summit addressed important issues, ongoing transformation, and technology innovations happening in the industry. … READ MORE

Shree Dandekar May 15, 2015

Collisions of a Good Kind for Tech Start-Ups

Overwhelming. That’s what it initially felt like when walking the floor of Collision through thousands of start-ups trying to grab your attention, and the attention of media like USA Today. Sister event to Web Summit, this technology conference drew big crowds in this its second year. And with … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse May 7, 2015

Eliminate Cord Clutter with the Dell Wireless Dock

One frustration people have with their PCs is the clutter caused by all of the cables and cords needed to connect to mice, keyboards, monitors, speakers, external drives, projectors and so on. In fact, The Wall Street Journal once found that the average executive wastes six weeks per … READ MORE

Raza Haider April 30, 2015

Dell Powers First-Ever Concert Streamed Live in 4K

When the media first began reviewing our UltraSharp Ultra HD 4K monitor last year, sometimes they would couch their praise for the display with statements like “you’ll have to wait a few years before content becomes widely available in 4K.” In April 2014, ExtremeTech said it was “a … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse March 11, 2015

Solar Powered Labs Take Tech-Enabled Learning Off the Grid

According to a recent UNICEF report, there are almost 121 million children worldwide that are not enrolled in school. These children lack access to the facilities, teachers and technology they need to receive a quality education, which is critical to global economic stability and access to opportunity. Research … READ MORE

Trisa Thompson March 9, 2015
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