Evolving #workforce: is technology making you more productive?

Today we have concluded the Evolving Workforce Study with the release of Report 3: The Business Perspective which incorporates insight from global business leaders and CIOs including myself, Andi Karaboutis and Jim Stikeleather from Dell.  This major study began back in October 2011 with the mission to identify … READ MORE

Steve Felice July 25, 2012

Weekly Recap: Dell in the News – May 4th edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Recap, your guide to the week's Dell-related news and happenings.  Story of the Week HP And IBM Need To Be Very Afraid Of Dell Forbes – April 30, 2012I recently attended Dell‘s Annual Industry Conference (#DAAC) in beautiful Austin, Texas.  … READ MORE

Chris B May 4, 2012

Cloud Healing: The diagnosis may be killing the patient

Blogger Jessica Scarpati made the observation that we don’t argue about what is CRM or what is a router, but the industry cannot agree on virtual desktop vocabulary or cloud computing. Her entry titled, “Three meetings to explain cloud to customers. Yes, it’s that bad.”  hints at some … READ MORE

Matthew Mikell April 26, 2012

Data Here, There, Anywhere: Putting Integration in the Cloud

Last year, I read an article that stated there were now 2,500 new SaaS companies with an application portfolio growing at 5X of the pace of on-premise applications.  While the popularity of SaaS applications and cloud has increased dramatically, and brought greater productivity to users, I believe there … READ MORE

Matthew Mikell April 10, 2012

Integration Without Borders

  The global nature of business today means that IT operations are now distributed across a vast variety of locations – from retail and operations branches to corporate subsidiaries and even home offices. In each location, local applications are used, cloud services are accessed and – ultimately – … READ MORE

Ralph Hibbs April 5, 2012

Cloud Applications and the Changing Role of the IT Manager

Today, with the help of Techaisle, Dell Cloud Business Applications released a study revealing a shift in traditional IT as we know it, particularly for growing businesses taking advantage of cloud business applications. In 2012 and beyond, cloud application adoption will continue to rise with small and medium … READ MORE

Paulette Altmaier March 6, 2012

Results Trump Costs for IT Decision Makers

Organizations value results and partnership over price when they choose a vendor, according to a survey we commissioned from Technology Business Research (TBR). It’s a surprising and heartening finding given the pressure IT managers are under to trim budgets, but paradoxically, their results-driven mindset should help them achieve … READ MORE

Tim Mattox February 28, 2012

Business Intelligence for the Mid-Market

Over the last couple of decades, companies in virtually every industry have used data warehouses (DW) to collect and organize data that they analyze to gain information about their market, customers or their own operations. This provides business intelligence (BI) that allows them to understand and predict trends … READ MORE

Vickie Farrell February 27, 2012
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