Accelerating IT Infrastructure Transformations

Since joining Dell as the VP of Engineering for the Systems and Information Management (SIM) group, I’ve had the opportunity to strategize with both product and technology leaders across the organization as well as engage directly with customers around the globe who turn to Dell for help in … READ MORE

Jieming Zhu January 27, 2016

Re-Hosting Reduces Costs While Preserving Legacy Applications

Numerous federal CIOs continue to wrestle with the complexities and costs associated with cumbersome legacy applications. Many of these applications have been in production from the early days of the mainframe era, and rely on legacy languages, including COBOL, Assembler and others. There are millions of lines of … READ MORE

Sanjeev Nehra January 21, 2016

Drive Enhanced Application Functionality

Federal agencies are frequently hampered by legacy applications. "The burden of legacy technologies in government puts innovation on a path of incremental improvement when agility and quick solution delivery is expected," said Rick Howard, research director at Gartner.  To further complicate matters, they face a lack of associated … READ MORE

Sanjeev Nehra December 18, 2015

How IoT Bridges Information Technology and Operations Technology

While planning our first purpose-built IoT gateway, the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series, we realized one of the biggest challenges to IoT project success is a cultural one. IoT is where the Information Technology (IT) organization and Operations Technology (OT) teams (think Engineering, Manufacturing and Facilities) have to … READ MORE

Andy Rhodes October 28, 2015

New Paradigms in Digital Content Lifecycle Management

Organizations are grappling with challenges to deal with explosion of digital content and the content management lifecycles are going through massive transformation. There is a visible shift towards automatic content recognition, content management of external and unstructured data (such as social media), centralization of content into cloud, hyper … READ MORE

Abhi Chatterjee October 9, 2015
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