Making Endpoint Security Simple for IT Managers

Cyber security has been a topic of conversation for quite some time, and the recent headline grabbing security breaches have placed an even greater spotlight on the issue. Increasing demands for a more mobile working environment are also forcing more organizations to shift their security focus to better … READ MORE

Brett Hansen March 10, 2015

How Do We Live in Tomorrow’s World of Mobile Security?

BYOD is solvable.  COPE is solvable.  The rest of the acronym soup that describes problems associated with keeping company data safe while on mobile devices are solvable.  But today, it takes several different solutions strung together to get that data leaving the perimeter to be safe.  In the … READ MORE

Patrick Sweeney March 4, 2015

Opening the Door to OpenStack

In most discussions about enterprise private clouds, an OpenStack solution will be part of the mix. Some early success stories help make OpenStack appear to be a desirable and viable option. For example, a glance at the agenda for the April 21st OpenStack conference in Melbourne promises case … READ MORE

Sam R February 25, 2015

Tools for Big Data and Cloud Analytics

Businesses are at risk of drowning in data.  In recent years, there has literally been an explosion of the amount of data available to businesses about their customers, their inventory, and the state of their production, logistics and transmission systems.  All of this data, be it from social … READ MORE

John Swainson January 26, 2015

What We’ve Learned from the Breaches of 2014

Due to the many recent cyber-attacks that have successfully infiltrated even the most fortified enterprise data centers, network security remains a top priority as companies continuously face unprecedented challenges in combating today’s more organized, highly skilled and well financed cyber criminals. What we have learned from the Home Depot, … READ MORE

Ken Dang December 22, 2014

Cybersecurity, Our Shared National Priority

October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a time to raise public awareness, discuss public policy and highlight programs to drive advancements in cybersecurity.   On October 28th, I represented Dell at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Third Annual Cybersecurity Summit in Washington, DC.  The Summit was the … READ MORE

Paul Christman November 18, 2014
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