Physical Mobility Drives Technology Mobility, Email Reigns Supreme

A majority of information technology decision makers (ITDMs) in tablet-using organizations across 10 countries say that tablets are used by employees who travel extensively or on-site employees who move throughout the office/facility. That’s just one of the stats recently compiled in our 2014 International Tablet survey released last … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse October 30, 2014

A Broader Vision for Variabilization of IT

Reduced risk is a key to many doors One of the most exciting trends sweeping the world of IT is also the hardest to say: variabilization. While it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, for many companies it has become a seven-syllable synonym for success. Specifically, the variabilization … READ MORE

Anand S October 15, 2014

Securing the Network Against Inevitable Human Slipups

Did you know that 64 percent of employees admit to visiting non-work related web sites every day? Beyond the obvious productivity hits of such activity, these employees are opening the door to a whole host of cyber threats and putting their organization’s information assets at risk. Despite our … READ MORE

John Gordineer October 14, 2014

Turn A Six Hour Job Into a Three Minute One

What’s the best way to provision interim workstations for 4,000 students in 12 separate classrooms between two buildings? When those students are Dell employees and the buildings are on our main campus, the question takes on a personal dimension. Dell’s Global Learning & Development (GL&D) group, which prepares … READ MORE

Jeff McNaught September 17, 2014

Long Live the Multi-Device Era

In the second floor commissary of the Dell cloud client-computing building in Silicon Valley, there is a light fixture. It's unlike most corporate lighting. Rectangular. Beautiful. Modern. It is made of dozens of translucent glass orbs, hung by corresponding wires from the ceiling. Each six-inch sphere encases a … READ MORE

Jeff McNaught August 20, 2014

Dell Leader for Second Year in Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management (UTM)

As cybercriminals get more sophisticated, organizations must become more serious about implementing market-leading next-generation firewalls for protection. While there are many options available to fill this need, Dell is one of the few that offers firewalls that consistently drive leading threat protection along with increasingly greater performance and … READ MORE

Matthew Medeiros August 13, 2014
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