Finding Common Ground in the Industrial Internet

“IT people and manufacturing people are natural enemies in the wild,” shared Mike Harmon at last week’s M2M Evolution conference during a Production & Industrial Internet session.    Mike wears a Dell badge but came up through the manufacturing / operational technology world and now leads an organization … READ MORE

Kirsten Billhardt February 7, 2014

Powering Inquiry-based Learning

We all know technology has changed how and where we work.  Yesterday, I saw a wonderful example of how technology can radically enable and expand a classroom.  I attended the launch of the Center of Excellence for Learning at the Science Leadership Academy (SLA) in Philadelphia, which will … READ MORE

Deb Bauer January 24, 2014

Spicing Things Up at Dell With SpiceHead Feedback

According to a report released yesterday by Spiceworks, North American IT professionals are optimistic about hiring, revenues and infrastructure investments in 2014. They are also optimistic about the prospects for growth within their organizations. As a company that strives to give those growing companies the power to do … READ MORE

Dennis Smith January 23, 2014

One Million WiGig Units Shipped!

Dell is on the forefront of providing its customers with innovative ways to connect and interact with devices. Last February, we introduced the world’s first WiGig-based docking station, in partnership with Wilocity, the leading developer of 60 GHz multi-gigabit wireless chipsets. And today, we’re thrilled to announce that … READ MORE

Kirk Schell January 23, 2014

Newest Dell Global Innovation Hub Opens in Dubai

What does Dubai now have in common with the following cities: New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Singapore, Chicago, Limerick, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Austin, Paris, Washington, Bracknell and Sao Paolo? Give up? Well, today Dubai become the latest global city (the fourteenth in fact) to host a Dell Solution Center. These … READ MORE

Lee Morgan January 15, 2014

Comment on Der Spiegel Article Regarding NSA TAO Organization

Dell is aware of a story originally reported by Der Spiegel, which has subsequently been picked up in other media outlets, that refers to alleged security ‘backdoors‘ implanted by the United States National Security Agency into products from several technology companies, including Dell. Dell has a long-standing commitment … READ MORE

John McClurg December 30, 2013

Dell Weekly Recap & Customer Spotlight (Dec 6 Edition)

Dell Weekly Recap: News & Customer Spotlight Welcome to the latest edition of Dell’s Weekly Recap, your guide to the week's Dell-related news and happenings.   TOP STORY OF THE WEEK Dell outs new 24-inch and 32-inch UltraHD 4K monitors Representing the industry’s most complete portfolio of Ultra … READ MORE

Kevin Curry December 6, 2013

Dell Weekly Recap: News & Customer Spotlight (August 30 Edition)

Welcome to the latest edition of Dell’s Weekly Recap, your guide to the week's Dell-related news and happenings.   TOP STORY OF THE WEEK Dell juices Latitude line with Haswell Ultrabook, skinny lappies – August 28, 2013 Creating a “mixed product environment” which offers different machines for the … READ MORE

Kevin Curry August 30, 2013

Dell and virtualization — Aiming small, winning big

Savvy IT managers are looking to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDIs) as a means of streamlining efficiency, cutting costs and reducing power requirements. Desktop virtualization is viewed by many in the industry as similar to data center virtualization in terms of architecture, but they are distinct. In a nutshell, … READ MORE

Tamara C July 24, 2013
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