Dell Studio 15 and Studio 17 Details

Jay Pinkert published a post about the new line of Consumer systems we unveiled earlier today. Beyond the blog post, you can also see information on the new line at  Click on the image below to see a larger version of it, or click here to see … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca June 26, 2008

Another Europe Vostro Keyboard Update

Last week, we started getting comments from customers like Tiggert and Bryan who ordered Vostro laptops in June that shipped with the wrong keyboard layout (the same one Bill blogged about in May). Since we addressed the issue back then, most Vostro laptops shipped out with the updated … READ MORE

Kelly Curnow June 23, 2008

A Beast of a Card for a Beast of a Laptop

You may remember my last post on Direct2Dell, where I had announced the imminent arrival of the GeForce Dual 8800M GTX upgrade kit for existing XPS M1730 customers. In fact, we’ve been talking about this for quite some time. Back in January, Lionel blogged that Dell was offering … READ MORE

John Blain June 17, 2008

Dell Offers Wide Range of Service Options

Over the last year, Dell has really expanded its enterprise focused service programs globally.   It might be helpful to identify the programs to see the truly expansive services options with Dell.  Dell’s latest services programs: ProSupport Launched this Spring 2008, ProSupport aims to customize service options for small … READ MORE

A New Standard for Energy Efficient Computing

Today we're announcing the latest chapter in our commitment to become the ‘greenest' technology company on the planet. Our laptops and desktops, already among the industry's most energy-efficient, are being designed to consume up to 25 percent less energy by 2010 relative to systems offered today. This is … READ MORE

VP, Power & Infrastructure May 14, 2008

What’s Happening to XPS?

I saw that Gizmodo and Engadget reacted to the Wall Street Journal story about plans for our XPS brand and Alienware. Several other blogs like Tech Digest and CyberNet News and others reported details as well. IdeaStorm user dabrace1984 posted an idea called Keep the XPS Product Line. … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca May 13, 2008

Issue Fix: XPS M1330 CD Eject Freezes System

Thanks to Notebook Review user nexas for pointing out an issue with the XPS M1330. When a user presses the eject button on the optical drive, the system may hang for a few seconds. Dell Community Forum users like Vishnu M. issue reported this issue. We've identified the … READ MORE

Bill Bivin May 8, 2008
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