Behind the Scenes with a Dell World Volunteer

I’ve never made it to Dell World before, but this year I volunteered to support the Dell World Live YouTube channel. Dell World is a dazzling event. I work alongside colleagues who develop Dell’s cutting-edge technologies, but seeing our solutions live and being able to speak with the … READ MORE

Meredith Harrison October 23, 2015

Are You Making a Good First Digital Impression?

Do you dress appropriately when you go for a job interview? Do you want to leave an excellent first impression? Well, I would. Now, consider that recruiters have already checked your social media profiles before they invite you. So, how did your first (digital) impression go?   Perception … READ MORE

Janine Wegner October 6, 2015

What is Your Work-Life Balance Story?

I ask this question because everyone’s is different. Working remotely since 2011, I have come to the realization that each one of us has a unique work-life situation that really shapes and impacts our lives. With the ongoing growth of technology, social media and constant access to information … READ MORE

Jennifer N September 23, 2015

Reaching Out for the Light Switch

It is our desire to progress and grow, both professionally and personally, which helps us succeed and make our mark on the world. To say “I was here,” This is who I am,’” and, when things go right say, “Yes, that was me.”  But what if your mark, … READ MORE

Brian T September 10, 2015

How Dell Supports Millennials’ Careers

Millennials are the hot topic in recruiting these days – how to attract them, what interests them when considering a job and how their unique experiences are changing today’s workforce. Millennials are essential partners in change and Dell’s goal is to hire at least a quarter of our … READ MORE

Meredith Harrison August 26, 2015
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