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CTRL-ALT-DISCOVER: Using KACE to manage software licenses

Welcome to the New Year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and more importantly some much needed time off. As we jump into 2011, it’s time for many customers to look at software license renewals. One of the questions I often hear from customers is … READ MORE

Ron H January 18, 2011

Let the Dell 1135n ease your imaging device pain

In an increasingly digital world, imaging devices permeate homes and businesses. From digital cameras and cell phones to printers, scanners and even faxes, the number and types of devices can be hard to keep track of. In fact we conducted our own impromptu poll on Facebook and found … READ MORE

Steven M July 13, 2010

Businesswomen and The City: Shanghai

Note: Below is a guest post by Cindy Gallop Founder and CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld, a radically simple web platform designed to help change the world one microaction at a time, which launched in beta with a demo at TED 2010. Cindy is speaking at the Dell-Intel Women's Entrepreneur … READ MORE

Kara Krautter June 3, 2010

Draw on the service desk to roll out Windows 7

One of the biggest areas of discussion for IT at the moment is Windows 7, Research carried out for Dell KACE has over 58% of companies looking to move over before the end of 2010, and 46% are not waiting for Service Pack 1 to come through before … READ MORE

Jim Docherty April 26, 2010
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