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Raise a Glass to the New Dell XPS 13 Rose Gold

Thursday night was unlike most PC product launches I’ve done over the years. Rather than gather a bunch of reporters, bloggers and influencers in a ballroom or conference room, we hosted them in the Serge Sorokko Gallery and paired each new device with a delicious wine from Jackson … READ MORE

Jennifer “JJ” Davis September 21, 2016

One Foul Ball Too Many for This Laptop

A couple of months ago, I shared a story about how a Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 fell off the roof of a car, got run over by an SUV and survived. I first heard about it via Twitter and since then, I’ve seen many other tweets with amazing stories … READ MORE

Laura Pevehouse September 5, 2016

Watch Out for Malware and Scams Playing Pokémon Go

Hailed as the most popular mobile game in U.S. history, you would have to be a Dwebble that never came out from under its rock to not have heard of Pokémon Go by now. The app attracted 21 million daily active users last week, including myself. Now everyone from … READ MORE

Brook Chelmo July 22, 2016

OEM’s stay ahead by becoming Mobile

Mobilising solutions has without a doubt becomes a business necessity that is here to stay. It has also become a priority within the OEM market in the drive to remain competitive and differentiated in a fast changing market that can leverage the cloud to deliver applications. For decades … READ MORE

Anthony Sayers July 25, 2013
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