What’s All the Buzz About 4K?

While high definition has been around for some time, we are starting to hear a lot of buzz about “4K Ultra High Definition.”  Manufacturers at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) unveiled plans for 4K Ultra HD product lines, including Vizio, who announced that its first consumer lineup of 4K … READ MORE

Jen West February 26, 2014

LEAK: New Dell Precision M3800 Workstation & UltraSharp 32 Display Designed for Creative Professionals

Dell recently unveiled at Siggraph the new Dell Precision M3800 workstation & the UltraSharp 32, Dell’s largest and highest resolution UltraSharp monitor with Ultra HD.  Both products are designed for creative and design professionals ane will be available later this year.  For more information on the new workstation, visit www.dell.com/speedoflight and http://youtu.be/NyOE9R0AnQs. … READ MORE

Neil Hand July 24, 2013

Making Movie Magic with Dell and Pixomondo

‘Tis the season for summer blockbusters. With summer in full swing – and record heat in tow – people across the country are heading to the theatre (or their couch) to cool off and lose themselves in a good movie or TV show. But the movie and TV-watching experience is … READ MORE

Chad Andrews July 2, 2013

Evolution of Monitors – Teletype to LED

You ever sit back and think…where is the old clunky CRT that I used to stare into all day? No swiveling, no tilting…just staring one on one at each other all day. We'd grown so close and I know I couldn't have lifted it off of my desk alone! From … READ MORE

David Whitworth August 29, 2012
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