Dell Software Leadership Team Event #DellSoftware

As Lionel mentioned a few months ago, our new software group demonstrates a natural progression that Dell has been on since its inception. Evolving from providing solutions to the client, then to the data center, and on to converged solutions, Dell is now delivering software-led converged solutions. Today, … READ MORE

Sarah Richardson Luden July 19, 2012

Dell Names John Swainson President of New Software Group

I've said before that Dell will continue its focus on being a solutions provider to businesses of all sizes. Software is an integral part of the server, storage and networking solutions and services that we're delivering to our customers. Today, we 're announcing the formation of a new Software Group … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca February 2, 2012

Meet the new Dell Venue Pro Smartphone with Windows Phone 7

It’s true! Get ready to experience a more productive you with Dell’s new Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 smartphone with T-Mobile service set to be available in the U.S. this holiday season. It’s about mobile productivity…doing more in fewer steps…just the way you want it. Update from Lionel: … READ MORE

Bill Gorden October 11, 2010

Windows XP Rides Off into the Sunset

Microsoft's Windows XP operating system has had a heck of a run. We've blogged about the Windows Vista downgrade program and the Windows XP End of Life back in 2008. Some of you may have seen some recent blog posts about Microsoft's plan to phase out the Windows … READ MORE

Faith C September 7, 2010

Back to School Tips from Dell

It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about empowering students with the tools they need to be successful this school year. As a former Sales Resolution Specialist, I’ve spoken to several customers whose Back to School experience could have benefited from a few strategic steps. … READ MORE

Amy B July 6, 2010

Dell and Adobe Flash Player 10.1

Recently, Adobe Labs made the mobile version of Flash 10.1 available to Android users who are running Froyo or version 2.2. As I mentioned in my Streak post, when the Froyo upate comes to it later this year, it too will have Flash capability. Despite what you might have read … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca June 23, 2010

Draw on the service desk to roll out Windows 7

One of the biggest areas of discussion for IT at the moment is Windows 7, Research carried out for Dell KACE has over 58% of companies looking to move over before the end of 2010, and 46% are not waiting for Service Pack 1 to come through before … READ MORE

Jim Docherty April 26, 2010

Is Your Small Business Secure?

A new Forrester report predicts that 40 percent of small and medium businesses will significantly increase their spending on IT security technologies in 2010. Why the sudden increase?  As the population of web-users grows, so will the number of cybercrimes, costing business owners both time and money. And, … READ MORE

Kara Krautter March 2, 2010
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