Three Reasons to Transition to Windows 10 for Business Now

For every company, making the commitment to transition to a new operating system can be intimidating, especially for IT teams with limited staff and resources. But the time eventually arrives when the benefits of transitioning can no longer be ignored. On this one-year anniversary of the release of … READ MORE

Raza Haider August 8, 2016

Machine Learning Moves into Pharma Manufacturing

In mid-June, I attended a fascinating conference on statistics for measuring, analyzing, and optimizing the validation process for Good Manufacturing Practices compliance in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. The second annual Statistics in Validation summit brought together organizational stakeholders to examine how best to implement FDA … READ MORE

Tom Hi July 11, 2016

Making the Move to Multiple Clouds

Last month’s GCP Next 2016 conference for Google Cloud Platform users reinforced the company’s intent to become a major cloud platform player sooner than later. Google has made it clear that it intends to join the likes of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure as leaders in public cloud. … READ MORE

Brett Roscoe May 23, 2016

Changing Backup and Recovery Expectations in the Cloud Era

Instant gratification seems to be the new norm in our increasingly digitized business world. Everyone wants always-on connectivity and automatic data access. Anything less is seen as a major impediment to success, especially among millennials who have higher IT expectations than their Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts. … READ MORE

Michael G March 24, 2016

Flexible Workplaces: Supporting the New Normal

The number of “flexible” workers is growing rapidly, and will soon outnumber their office-bound counterparts in many enterprises. By flexible, I don’t mean limber office workers doing backbends or twisting themselves like pretzels as part of their jobs. Rather, I’m referring to an ever-increasing group of employees who … READ MORE

Curtis Johnstone March 10, 2016

Collective Resourcing Unlocks Universal Truths

One of the things I like most about Dell’s Toad community is how millions of professionals from all types of businesses and industries come together to solve database management problems. There is a common purpose that often goes a step or two beyond typical collaboration to unlock universal … READ MORE

Joanna Schloss March 3, 2016

An Inflection Point for Dell Statistica

When Dell acquired StatSoft and its Statistica advanced analytics platform back in early 2014, we knew it was only the start of a journey toward something bigger. Certainly, StatSoft had every reason to be proud of its accomplishments up to that point. The company and its leaders spent … READ MORE

John K Thompson February 18, 2016
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