A Different Kind of Hardware

As the services guy, I never get to blog about hardware, but now I have my chance! Today I’m writing about a different kind of “hardware” though, the TSIA STAR Awards. The Technology Service Industry Association (TSIA) is the industry association if you work in high tech services. … READ MORE

Jim Roth November 18, 2015

Software is Eating Dell Support

I’ve just returned from Mobile World Congress, and one of the most interesting things I noticed was that Oral-B was at the show.  The show has definitely become far more than a mobile and wireless show, but I was still surprised to see a toothbrush company.  Like the … READ MORE

Jim Roth March 12, 2015

Truly Complete with Proactive and Predictive Automated Support

When I started at Dell 12 years ago, one of our biggest selling services was called CompleteCare. Our sales teams understood that this offering covered notebooks against spills and drops, but based on the name this wasn’t always as clear for our customers. The word “complete” implied that … READ MORE

Jim Roth February 10, 2015

Learn About Dell IT Lifecycle Services at Dell World

Here in Austin, Texas, it seems we have some type of festival or event going on all the time, and they quickly gain momentum and become traditions. From the Austin City Limits (ACL) festival to the Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 races (check out this video on … READ MORE

Jim Roth October 30, 2014

Prevention is the best support

We’ve all heard the saying that “Prevention is the best medicine.”  This phrase summarizes a Chinese proverb that explains: The superior doctor prevents sickness.  The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness.  The inferior doctor treats actual sickness.[1] Preventive medicine has long been a key tenet in the medical … READ MORE

Jim Roth December 12, 2013
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