More Value for Your Dell ProSupport Service Contract at No Additional Cost

Does your IT organization spend a significant amount of money on the painful support tasks below? Monitoring hardware performance Extensive fault troubleshooting Responding to hardware failures Providing system maintenance Managing warranty renewals Tracking asset inventories Dell Services can help! Today Dell Services made the most significant enhancement to … READ MORE

Mark B February 15, 2010

Dell Order Delays

We’re seeing some online activity in blogs, forums and from customers on Twitter like @kevincully and @dstxus reacting to order delays. Especially at this time of year, we are sorry for the frustration. The reality is that we are seeing increased demand for many of the products consumers … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca December 17, 2009

Issues with Some Zino HD Orders

The holidays are a high-energy time here at Dell. We know that a lot of our customers place orders are that are expected to arrive by a specific date. Unfortunately, sometimes an unforeseen issue arises that may impact an order. Our job then is to find the quickest … READ MORE

Anne Camden December 7, 2009

Dell on Laptops and Throttling

Recently, there's been a lot of speculation about CPU throttling on sites like Engadget, ZDNet and others. This is not about system lockups, freezes, data loss or a design issue. It is about the degree of throttling, which varies under different usage models and ambient conditions. Throttling is … READ MORE

Lionel Menchaca December 2, 2009

Dell Fast Track Systems—Tell Us How We’re Doing

Last month, we introduced a new ordering option for U.S.-based small and medium business customers called Fast Track for Business. It’s clear that many of our customers (not just small and medium business ones) need systems need them right away. That’s why we’ve expanded the Fast Track option … READ MORE

Joe M August 17, 2009

Dell Driver Download Manager is Optional

Since I blogged about our Driver Download Manager functionality last week, some customers like mattroberts, nigel1999 and terryko and others made it clear they did not want to have to download an app to get driver downloads. To be clear, the Driver Download Manager was meant to be … READ MORE

Eoghan O July 7, 2009

Dell Unveils Its Digital Forensics Solution

Today we're unveiling a new solution we feel is pretty special and embodies everything we wanted to achieve when we decided to restructure the way Public Sector customers' needs are addressed by Dell.  At the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) International Policing Exhibition and Summer Conference (ACPO-APA) … READ MORE

Josh C July 6, 2009

Share Your Opinion For A Chance to Win $500 From Dell

There's any number of studies that show that consumers trust product opinions from friends, family members and other customers more than they trust what a company says about its own products.. Since 2006, we've added the Ratings and Reviews functionality in multiple countries and added the ability to … READ MORE

Joe M July 2, 2009

Dell Driver Download Manager

I would like to share some details on an important update for the Drivers & Downloads application on Recently, we completed the launch of the new Dell Driver Download Manager. This new functionality, which is available globally across all of, has been created to improve your … READ MORE

Eoghan O July 1, 2009

Dell Windows 7 Upgrade Program

  Windows 7 General AvailabilityToday on the other side of the world, at the Computex show in Taipei, Microsoft confirmed that later in the year, on October 22nd to be exact, you will be able to purchase Windows 7 factory installed on your favorite Dell PC. YEA! We … READ MORE

Daniel Judd June 2, 2009

Best Buy Customers Now Have a Choice

Dell has been selling systems at Best Buy for over a year now and to say that there has been some confusion on support is putting it mildly.   Many Dell customers, like brlfqq and Ron Schenone, show examples of customers who were bounced around between Dell and Geek … READ MORE

Todd S May 8, 2009
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