Dell, Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 and “What does the fox say?” Supporting the case for graphics in desktop virtualization

Earlier this month Dell made a significant announcement about virtualizing workstation-class workloads supported by end-to-end reference architectures and a Center of Excellence (CoE) that provides support for certifying the solution with key applications for this class of users.  This followed the guest blog posting and subsequent Dell release … READ MORE

Amy Price March 25, 2014

Ease VDI headaches with Dell DVS Enterprise for Citrix® XenDesktop®

The prospects of controlling access to data and applications, managing BYOD and mobility while empowering users and enhancing their productivity are all pushing enterprises to adopt cloud client computing. However, deployment and management can be complex, flexibility in the choice of features and functionality isn’t always optimal, and … READ MORE

Amy Price December 2, 2013

DVS Enterprise and Ivy Bridge take VDI from Good to Great

We have been talking for some time now about the benefits that organizations deploying desktop virtualization can enjoy including enhanced infrastructure security, greater user and network manageability and of course the cost benefits and ROI of using this model.  We work constantly on improving the delivery of these … READ MORE

Rafael Colorado October 22, 2013

Desktops delivered at the speed of business

This post was authored by Brent Doncaster, Desktop Virtualization Solutions Are your end users complaining about legacy “old-school” tools? The IT of yesterday often isn’t sufficiently agile or reliable for today’s digital-mobile workforce. Most of us have come to expect technology to “just work,” and to provide an always-on … READ MORE

Sarah Vela August 26, 2013

Dell completes acquisition of Wyse Technology

It’s official, Dell announced a few minutes ago we completed the acquisition of Wyse Technology. With the addition of Wyse, the global leader in cloud client computing, Dell broadens the range of computing solutions it can offer customers and partners and significantly extends its Desktop Virtualization Solution (DVS) offerings.  The … READ MORE

Jeff Clarke May 25, 2012
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