STEM Education & Girls – How Dell Is Bridging the Gap

If someone tried to tell girls that they do not belong in the computing industry, they would be rightfully offended. However, according to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), women only make up 12 percent of engineers and the number of women in computing is steadily dropping. … READ MORE

Jeremy Ford August 16, 2016

Defining IoT in Three Words or Less

The Dell OEM Solutions team has jumped in to 2016, especially on the Internet of Things (IoT) front. In January, we opened our first IoT lab in the Asia Pacific and Japan region. Launched in collaboration with Intel, the new facility is based in Singapore and will allow … READ MORE

Joyce Mullen February 12, 2016

Thought Leaders Take on the Future of the Internet of Things

Analysts, media, thought leaders and implementers convened in San Francisco last week for the fifth Dell 1-5-10 Series discussion on the Internet of Things (IoT). This ongoing series brings together diverse perspectives to discuss the opportunities and challenges of key technologies and how they could evolve over a … READ MORE

Kirsten Billhardt February 3, 2016

Predictions for IoT Adoption and Analytics

The following is a guest post by Joseph di Paolantonio and Clarise Z Doval Santos who recently attended Dell's 1-5-10 Series discussion on the Internet of Things (IoT). ************ The Internet of Things, and Data Management and Analytics are the basis of our research. We were very excited … READ MORE

Konstanze Alex Brown January 28, 2016

IT Trends and Implications: Why Marketers Should Care

As someone who closely watches the intersection of marketing and technology, it’s clear the two are becoming more interconnected. To remain competitive in today’s evolving landscape, marketers need to stay ahead of the latest IT trends. While Big Data, Cloud, Internet of Things and Social Media may bring … READ MORE

Bryan E. Jones January 28, 2016

Drive Enhanced Application Functionality

Federal agencies are frequently hampered by legacy applications. "The burden of legacy technologies in government puts innovation on a path of incremental improvement when agility and quick solution delivery is expected," said Rick Howard, research director at Gartner.  To further complicate matters, they face a lack of associated … READ MORE

Sanjeev Nehra December 18, 2015

5 Tips On How to Be a Successful Mentor

There’s no denying it: The Millennial generation has entered the work force and they are here to stay. As the next generation readies to lead our countries and take over our companies, we need to ensure they are prepared to handle the challenges that lay ahead. As a … READ MORE

Cheryl Cook December 2, 2015

How IoT Bridges Information Technology and Operations Technology

While planning our first purpose-built IoT gateway, the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series, we realized one of the biggest challenges to IoT project success is a cultural one. IoT is where the Information Technology (IT) organization and Operations Technology (OT) teams (think Engineering, Manufacturing and Facilities) have to … READ MORE

Andy Rhodes October 28, 2015

Taking STEAM to the Streets

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science TECH truck, powered by Dell, debuted in Dallas this week and will hit the streets this fall to give the area’s youth more access to science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) learning in their own communities. (left to right) Mona … READ MORE

Mona Charif October 2, 2015
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