5 Years of Making Social Superheroes

The power to do more. That’s our motto here at Dell, and we take it very seriously. So seriously in fact, that in 2010 we asked ourselves the question: “What if we could give our employees the superpower to do more?” Like mad scientists, we donned our lab … READ MORE

Amy H August 25, 2015

Removing Friction From the Customer Retail Journey

I hope you enjoyed my blog series so far where I have talked about creating new levels of convenience in the retail experience. My first post focused on finding the patterns in the data and highlighted the work Dell is doing with Staples to understand their customers better … READ MORE

Paul Walsh August 5, 2015

Five Reasons to Make Technology Inclusive and Accessible

Our recent history is marked with several examples on new and changing technology having a positive impact on humanity. Because technology is intertwined with nearly every part of daily living—from work and consumer goods, to recreational activities and social interactions—we risk taking technology for granted. Seldom have we … READ MORE

Ankit J July 15, 2015

Is Your Health Insurer Organization Future-Ready?

Technology in the hands of digital-savvy, mobile consumers opens a whole new world of opportunities in redefining how they actively monitor their own health care, personalize treatment and purchase insurance coverage. No longer are they limited to defined plans or services offered by their employers. The floodgates are … READ MORE

Dr Suman De June 3, 2015

The Future of Analytics in Healthcare: Part Two

Q&A with Dr. Charlotte Hovet, Dell’s Medical Director of Global Healthcare Solutions In this second part of our interview series with Dr. Charlotte Hovet, medical director of Global Healthcare Solutions at Dell, we examine what healthcare will look like in 2020 and offer tips for getting started. What … READ MORE

John Whittaker May 29, 2015

Keeping IoT Weird

Last week Dell went to San Francisco to participate in the self-proclaimed ‘world’s largest and most comprehensive IoT event’: IoT World. It was indeed big and covered a wide range of topics – from Consumer to Industrial and Hackathons to hard core analytics.  It was also a little bit … READ MORE

Kirsten Billhardt May 18, 2015
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