Don’t Create Your Company Culture – Discover It

What is Dell’s culture? How do we define it? These were some of the toughest questions of my career as I began preparing Dell’s “Culture Code” presentation. What I quickly realized is that our employees ultimately comprise our culture. They shape our culture and tell our story. My … READ MORE

Jennifer N October 27, 2014

A Broader Vision for Variabilization of IT

Reduced risk is a key to many doors One of the most exciting trends sweeping the world of IT is also the hardest to say: variabilization. While it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, for many companies it has become a seven-syllable synonym for success. Specifically, the variabilization … READ MORE

Anand S October 15, 2014

Practical Predictive Analytics and Decision Systems for Medicine

Q&A with authors Tom Hill, Gary Miner and Linda Miner Last month, Elsevier/Academic Press published a new book titled “Practical Predictive Analytics and Decision Systems for Medicine.” The book, which aims to give the healthcare industry a blueprint for leveraging predictive analytics and decisioning systems to improve the … READ MORE

Steven Phillips October 6, 2014

Security Strategy that Aligns to Business Needs

We’re way past cream and sugar According to a popular coffee chain’s website, this is the way I should be ordering my daily cappuccino: Step 1: Hot or Iced Drink? Step 2: Coffee drinks come in four sizes. Which one? 8 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., 20 oz. … READ MORE

Verna C September 10, 2014

Five Insights on the “Now” Frontier of Marketing

By now, we’ve all heard the statistics that prove marketing and big data are converging and digital technology – social media, predictive analytics – has transformed marketing as we know it. Truth is, technology has disrupted the way we all do business and it’s everyone’s responsibility to understand … READ MORE

Bryan E. Jones August 19, 2014
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