STEM Education & Girls – How Dell Is Bridging the Gap

If someone tried to tell girls that they do not belong in the computing industry, they would be rightfully offended. However, according to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), women only make up 12 percent of engineers and the number of women in computing is steadily dropping. … READ MORE

Jeremy Ford August 16, 2016

Boys Like to Build, Girls Like Dolls?

Who would have thought that the pink section of the toy store is about the way you look, and the blue section is about the way you think? According to Debbie Sterling, Founder and CEO of GoldieBlox, that is what she learned in her quest to design and … READ MORE

Anka J June 15, 2016

Krawcheck Launches Ellevest at Dell

Sallie Krawcheck is one-of-a-kind. That much was evident as Sallie took the stage on Dell’s Round Rock campus last week. Joined by our CMO Karen Quintos, the discussion was best described as financial acumen with a dose of wit and self-deprecation. “What if I told you that by … READ MORE

Andrea Rodgers June 14, 2016

Join the Global Dialogue on Advancing Women Entrepreneurs

Globally, entrepreneurial businesses account for roughly 70 percent of job creation and, in some emerging markets, more than 90 percent, according to Endeavor. Yet many countries don’t have legal, institutional and political conditions for entrepreneur-led businesses to scale and thrive. And there is one group of entrepreneurs who … READ MORE

Karen Quintos August 18, 2014

Dell Executive Honored for Supplier Diversity Work

Dell is an enthusiastic supporter of women entrepreneurs, and you’ve recently heard about our work to give them the power to do more through our products and services. But these women also have a direct connection to our own world-class supply chain. Led by Cyndi Hopkins, the Global … READ MORE

Kim Brown June 28, 2012
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