Tell us about your favorite online tech communities


As most of you know – Dell sponsors a variety of communities for people to participate in and join in conversations around their specific interests related to technology including IdeaStorm, this Dell Community including Forums, Blogs, and wikis, Digital Nomads,, and the Dell Tech Center


Behind each of these websites, you can find and interact with a variety of community ambassadors from Dell.  What you may not know, is that many members of our team are regular contributors in other communities.  A few examples…


We'd like to know more about you and the community websites that you enjoy participating in.  Tell us your favorites in the comments of this post.  Who knows – we may even see you there sometime!

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  • Trekfan2

    I'm going to have to recommend nobosh which is a business community and technology community. After all, nobosh is how I found this posting in their Corporate Blogs category.

    Hope this helps!


  • Hawkee

    I'd just like to suggest our site, It's a tech focused site that revolves around scripting, apps, software and computer hardware. We facilitate comments and reviews on all types of tech components and code including many Dell products.

  • jervis961

    I usually like to read sites like anandtech, notebook review, engadget and gizmodo. You may want to make the Lightning Rod question on IdeaStorm a different color or something because it took me a while to notice it. Otherwise, good idea using this format for it.

  • sugarbear18

    I read several and sometimes comment. I read engadget, notebook forums, techknow Brad, Microsoft forums, Varlinux, Twitter,Facebook, My space, Shark Bait, PC Mech, Windows secrets forum,Gizmodo, and a few more. I read to learn. Learning new things is important to me. Now I can add Hawkee. com to the list of places to read. I forgot to mention All the Dell community sites. I`m sure I`ll see you some where.

  • DELL-Vida K

    Thanks for all the great tips – we'll definitely have to check these out!


    jervis961 – I will look into making the Lightning Rod box more obvious.  Sugarbear sent me some thoughts on that as well, so I'll see what we can do in the near future.


    Any other suggestions out there?

  • JSchlackman

    As a support professional in the UK Education sector, is invaluable.

  • aikiwolfie

    Not really sure if blogs count as communities. But I like to read "The VAR Guy" and "Works With U" and leave my comments and of course there's the "Helios" blog. I also pay regular visits to "Ubuntu Forums", "Ubuntu brainstorm" and "Compiz Community Forums".

  • jennymack

    I'd have to raise my hand for IT Knowledge Exchange — a community of enterprise IT professionals who ask and answer each other's toughest questions. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a community manager for the site, and I'm a big fan =)

  • binarypc

    Favorite Tech Sites would be



  • Vitver

    Great resources in here. I got one more – – it's a community platform that's always evolving based on customer feedback.

  • Kaetech

    Basically I dont have any online tech communities. This is the first one I have joined