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We recently created a new lifestyle destination on to showcase our most stylish and innovative products, and connect primarily with women. It’s generated a fair amount commentary and a good deal of feedback – lots of it positive, but much that wasn’t.

Given that we’re a direct company, everything we’ve heard is valuable. It helps us better connect with a diverse range of customers, from Gen Y to digital nomads to people who run big data centers, as examples. There are endless possibilities on how to bring Dell to people who have all kinds of interests. The site was created for those who value a certain combination of technology, style and personalization – women especially, but not only women, and certainly not all women. So far, people are going there and buying things at a rate higher than we expected. For those who don’t find this convergence of technology, style and personalization appealing – well, there was obviously no intent to stereotype or otherwise offend anyone.

That said, we can do better and are already making changes based on what you’re telling us. For example, we’ve made the "tech tips" section, well, more technical. We’ll be incorporating more business-oriented products and information. And there’s less pink. We are listening.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s essential to how Dell does business.

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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16 thoughts on “The Lifestyle Connection

  1. What company did your market research for this campaign?  Are you allowed to release that?

  2. pss.  the disabled  "click here to add a comment!" on the della pages is also very clever.  way to make women think that technology is too confusing!

    oh wait – it's just poor design.  nevermind!


  3. i can't believe what a disaster this is.  it's really fascinating.

    perhaps you should consider developing an interface for inexperienced computer users writ large, rather than trying to capture this audience via the overlap with gender.  there's nothing objectionable about making dell's products more appealing to non-expert users.

    your model re women and computers is probably ultimately close to being on target, but unfortunately that's not the audience receiving you  opening night on teh internets.  real-time, ladies. 

  4. As a DELLA if find it refreshing that someone has finally recognized a good name.


  5. Can't seem to add a comment on the Della tech tips page ("The comment's body was empty". Great way to prevent further negative feedback!"), so I'm leaving it here:

    A lot of men aren't technically savvy; I'm a unix sys admin, and I meet many every day!  Where is the Dell site for the non-technical male? 

    I've been considering replacing my current Dell laptop (because it's getting a bit long in the tooth), but this has put me right off.  And although one insulting marketing campaign wouldn't stop me buying Dell servers for work if they're the best for the job, this whole thing does leave a sour taste in my mouth when it comes to Dell, and doesn't help.

    Still, from what you say here about your sales, clearly (and annoyingly) bad publicity is better than no publicity at all…

    That said, I'm glad to see the changes since this was first released, and that you are listening.  I'm still boggled that this went through god knows how many people who thought this was a great idea before being released to the public, but better late than never I guess.


  6. Dell needs to pay attention to the customer anger:

    1. acknowledge the anger so that you can
    2. diffuse the anger because
    3. the biggest issue is ultimately going to be how you handle your customer's feelings and
    4. respectfully allow them to vent their feelings in a supportive way that allows them to get it out and off their chest. then
    5. an apology is usually a good place to begin to do damage control – even if you cannot fix the problem, you can at least be kind, offer alternatives, etc. customers respect your position as long as you respect theirs.

  7. I see there are a couple of people commenting that they are having problems commenting on the Della Tech Tips site. I have not been able to reproduce any of the mentioned problems but would like some additional details. If you've had problems posting a comment on the Della site please send me a private message by clicking on my name and then click the private conversation button on the left and give me any error messages and a step by step on how to recreate it and what browser you are using. This way I can try to recreate the problem. 

  8. When I first saw the Della site, the first thing that came to mind was this was something that was more akin to something related to *** & the City, or "….. next top model", to be quite frank I half expected to see an article about Paris Hilton or Victoria Beckham, and one of these netbooks enhanced thier everyday life, to be honest this is not a well thought out marketing campaign from respected IT company.

    It doesn't matter who its aimed at, if you want to get organised than thats fine, the so called tip here can be done with a mobile phone, a filofax, a pocket diary, or a calendar on the wall at home and a little time set aside each day, or some simple time management skills, yes all of this can be done or enhanced by using a laptop or a netbook, etc, encouraging the use of online tools I support working web development and managing several websites.

    But this site does nothing for the brand of Dell, and has serioulsy lowered my belief and trust in the brand.

    I would also be quite interested  in how they can justfy this marketing tactic in line with any Equality policy Dell may have, i.e  gender & sexuality, treating each fairly without demeaning them. Somehow I don't think if they had done a similar site for men, or a Nation specific site it would have had quite the same tone or inclination?????

    I know not everyone is as Technical about IT and computers and some of us, but this website doesn't come across as being Technical, it feels and acts more like a fashion / lifestyle guide, and both the techy & the homemaker in me are offended they maybe for different reasons, but do both they agree that this isn't really acceptable

    And If this is what Dell are thinking in relation to marketing for Women & Technology, the gods
    help us were doomed, equality has just gone back into the dark ages.


  9. Wow.  Insult the intelligence of potential female customers?  Play to obvious feminine stereotypes from twenty years ago?  Good job Dell!  It's not oppressive, it's not really all that offensive in and of itself, but I'm with some of the others on this one…Dell, you are disappointing, you could have done better.

    Also:  You've known about the page error in the tech-tips section for long enough to have had it fixed by now.  Awfully convenient that it isn't, yes?

  10. Um, exactly WHEN is the tech tips section going to have technical info?


    If it has already been updated, then I shudder to think about what was there before.

  11. Thanks for your continued feedback on the site.  We continue to make changes and would like your recommendations on additional content you would like to see especially related to tech tips.  Thanks for your help. 

  12. They've just changed the title to just "Tips" now and the URL is Lifestyle tips !!!!!!

    Shame they don't have someone who quality checks the website efore such changes are made since they haven't amended the Main Tech Tips image on the home page.

    If your going to make changes ladies & gentlemen may I suggest you do it whole heartedly and check that they changes to titles etc are consistent across the site not make qucik slap dash & sloppy attempts to appease people.


  13. Dell: Women!  We have a laptop for you, come look.
    Women:  It's obvious that this is a laptop for people who aren't serious computer users.
    Dell: But there are tech tips!
    Women: Umm…no, these are just fun links. 
    Dell: Ok, we've listened to your complaints, now it's called a Lifestyle.
    Women: These are some really cute accessories and mapmyrun is a fun site, but a lot of us are serious computer users with technical backgrounds.
    Dell: Well you're not the right demographic, why are you here?
    Women: Wait, what?  But you just said you had a laptop for…
    Dell: That's right, a laptop for women.
    Women: Listen. I hate you.

    Look, you made a great computer with super cute matching accessories for people who aren't computer savvy.  Why not just say that in the marketing?  You can't keep insisting that this is for women and then make snippy "well you're not the demographic" comments when different kinds of women show up.  Just call everything what it is – for example the infamous Tips section, you're correct that the audience this stuff was built for won't want a bunch of technical jargon, so just call it Fun Links so no one will be offended when they click on it and find a bunch of fun links. 

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