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The Director of Maleficent Wants Your Help for His Next Movie


All that time you’ve spent doodling in class or staff meetings has not been wasted. In fact, a 2009 study by a psychology professor at the University of Plymouth in England implies it actually benefits attention and memory.

And, it could now help two-time Oscar-winner Robert Stromberg finish his latest project, “What Lives Inside,” when you submit your concept for a fantastical creature. It can be a pencil sketch, crayon drawing, stick figure, painting or whatever medium inspires your creativity.

Simply upload a sketch from your computer, or submit it by posting it on Twitter or Instagram with #WhatLivesInside. The winning drawings will be handpicked by Stromberg to appear in the film.

Need inspiration? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what is already underway:

My favorite part about Dell partnering with Intel and Stromberg on this creative concept, is that it is more than our sponsorship, but also our technology that will bring this collaborative movie to life.

“Eat your heart out Apple: Dell tablet to film Hollywood movie,” Rob Enderle wrote. “I don’t mean the tablet will be used in the film, I mean it will be used as the camera to create the movie.”

Yes, our new Dell Venue 8 7000 with Intel’s RealSense technology which began shipping at the beginning of this year is not only making an appearance in the movie, but along with our Precision M3800 workstation, it is also being used to make the movie.

“Bringing this project to life has been a herculean effort by many different teams and it represents something new for Dell,” said Marissa Tarlton, executive director, Consumer Marketing here at Dell.

One employee noted on Marissa’s internal Dell blog post that this type of user generated content projects can spark a controversy — like when one offended artist’s email went viral last year. But, since the days I was a grade school student submitting artwork in poster design contests and writing in essay contests, crowdsourcing has been a tried and true method for many amateur (and professional) creative people to get noticed. One designer/blogger calls repeated submission “the spec addiction.”

We think partnering with “Inside Films” – the longest-running branded content series – helps ensure that, as Forward Geek put it, we do this right. So, if bragging rights that a creature you created gets featured in a movie is something that interests you, start sketching today!

Better move fast, though. The deadline for entry is March 9, and the movie will premier March 25, 2015, exclusively on hulu.

The cast, including Colin Hanks and J.K. Simmons, has a bit of parting advice that might help:

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