The Grand Opening: Dell Opens Second European Manufacturing Plant in Poland

Last week I was in Poland taking part in the official opening ceremony of our second European plant in Łódź, Poland.  Michael Dell and I were joined by employees, customers, members of the Polish national and local government, international ambassadors and media for the event. 

The facility in Łódź represents a significant investment from Dell and its suppliers and signals our commitment to growing our presence in the Central and Eastern European and Scandinavian markets.  Locating our plant here is already significantly improving our service to the region's customers and has strengthened our competitiveness by cutting up to two days off our delivery times.

In addition to its proximity to our customers and its good transport links, Łódź also gives us access to the great talent and skills of the local workforce in Poland.  We started production in November 2007 with about 400 people. We now have more than 1,200 employees.

One of the questions I was asked most in the event was how Dell will contribute to the lives of our employees and the wider community.  It is our goal to be a positive contributor.  Consistent with this goal, our Łódź facility has a number of community projects underway.  These include enabling two Łódź schools from the Widzew district to receive Dell products worth US$35,000 and more than 100 Dell employees planting trees in the Lublinek forest park.  This was the first stage of an initiative to plant 130,000 trees in Łódź and its surrounding area last year.  This project and many like it around the world, show how Dell is partnering with customers and members of the ReGeneration – people of all ages who care about the environment.

I'm proud that our newest factory is also our most advanced worldwide.  It has benefited from the knowledge and best practice of all our facilities around the world, in particular from the skills of our Irish team in Limerick.

This is another historic step for our commitment to customers and growth in the region. Here are some photos:


Ribbon cutting (from left to right): Michael Dell (Chairman and, CEO), Jacek Murawski (General Manager, Dell Poland), Jerzy Kropiwnicki (Mayor of Łódź), Mike Cannon (President, Global Operations), Łukasz Wysocki (Gold Award Winner, Manufacturing).

Plant Entrance

Note from Lionel: We posted more photos from the event on Flickr.

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6 thoughts on “The Grand Opening: Dell Opens Second European Manufacturing Plant in Poland

  1. How exciting. I hope this is beneficial and rewarding for everyone involved.

    It's great seeing the manufacturing process in the plant.

    Why are there four people in the picture but five listed in the caption?

    Also, I appreciate seeing the outside of your plant. However, if you going to start planting trees throughout the area, you should start with around the plant, as from the picture provided it looks like there isn't a single one. Make sure you keep in check of yourself so that your initiatives aren't publicity stunts.

  2. Hi Dave – Thanks for your comments. About the planting of trees – we chose a spot to plant trees with guidance from the City Forests, National Forests and Aeris Futuro Foundation. These folks made sure we planted the right kind of trees in the right places. I uploaded some photos to our flicker account if you want to see the Polish team – see the last three images here:


  3. I find it very interesting that Dell has opened another manufacturing plant in Europe, while in the same breath has closed a heavy hitter plant in the US.  I understand that Dell's bottom line is its profit margin, but hopefully many others will notice the lack of support for the US and quit Dell- like Dell and many other companies have quit the US

  4. Dell announced its intention to sell its Polish production plant. The joy will have been short lived. Anyhow, we stopped buying Dell since the US plant was closed. "Made in Poland" is not what we want to spend our euros and dollars on: we want quality and service, and going to a low cost country apparently is catastrophic for this as we hear from other Dell users accross Western Europe.

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