The New XPS 13 Developer Edition Now Officially Available


When you think of languages, are Spanish, French or Japanese not what comes to mind?

Would you like to code on the “sexiest ultrabook on the market?”

If so, then have we got a laptop for you!

Our new XPS 13 which was a CES Innovation Award Honoree and garnered awards from, Digital Trends, LAPTOP, and so many others that naming them could take up this whole post, is now officially available in our Ubuntu-based developer edition.

TechRadar says with a speedy Broadwell chip, the new developer edition of XPS 13 even “elevates it above the heavily praised consumer edition.”

The previous developer edition of XPS 13, began its life as Project Sputnik, and fans of it have been anxiously awaiting the latest. Many eagle eyes spotted when it recently soft launched on

“Funded by an internal incubation fund set up to drive innovation within Dell, Sputnik went from open-ended exploratory project to official product within nine months,” explains Barton George, our internal developer advocate who came up with the Sputnik idea.

When the new XPS 13 launched earlier this year, the logical question was would there be a developer edition of it, as well? That answer was yes, but it took out teams some time to work through a few things to ensure that it would be the best possible experience for those who purchased it. There were issues with the touchpad and a repeating keystroke that took longer to address than we, and others, would have liked, and we thank everyone for their patience and assistance – especially those who contribute to our Project Sputnik forum.

“These laptops aren’t necessarily just for developers, as anyone can buy them,” Chris Hoffman noted earlier this year in PCWorld. “But many developers do want high-quality Linux hardware that will work without any hassles, and that’s who Dell is targeting with these laptops.”

Find more details on the configurations, availability by country and technical notes on George’s personal blog. You can also learn more about the Sputnik story in this presentation he recently gave at  HackDFW, a student hackathon in Dallas.

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10 thoughts on “The New XPS 13 Developer Edition Now Officially Available

  1. i got Windows 8.1 xps 13 2015 , just looking for making it developer option without violating my technical support / Hardware warranty . I have option to return it as it is still less than 3 weeks. Can someone help me out

  2. @raghav.garg – Our team would make their best effort to provide support if you chose to load Ubuntu on your Windows system; but for the best-possible experience, it is probably best to return that one and order the developer edition. ~LPT

  3. @ulrichard – Thank you for letting us know there is interest in continuing to expand our bitcoin acceptance! I've let the team that leads the project know. ~LPT

  4. will this edition will be available in China?

    I just called the sales of dell in china, they told me this edition is not available in china currently

  5. @sumect – The decision to make the developer edition available in different countries is made at a regional level based on anticipated demand. Thank you for commenting here to let us know that there is interest in China. ~LPT

  6. Laura, please have a look at this. i came across this in the linux action show reddit. I hope this helps.

  7. @Jose Murias – Thank you for the heads up. I'll make sure the appropriate teams within our Support organization look into it. ~LPT

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