The XPS 420: Multimedia & Video Enthusiasts Unite


In case you haven't seen it on Engadget (or even if you have), today's the day you can order an XPS 420.

It's built for performance and expandability. If you spend your time creating video, this thing can make short work of any kind of video content—whether you make short clips that you upload to YouTube or you produce video in high definition.  

Besides video creation, this thing makes a great multimedia server that can store and serve all you digital music, photos, videos and recorded TV content in one place.

Hardwire-wise, this thing rocks: X38 chipset, processor support up to Intel's QX6850, video card options like ATI's 2400 PRO and NVIDIA's 8800GTX, and up to 3TB of storage. If you want to record or watch over-the-air high definition (or standard definition) TV, we offer the ATI 650 PRO combo TV tuner card as an option.

Note: 10/25—Direct2Dell reader Weeva correctly made the point that our current high-def TV tuner card only supports over-the-air HD, not Digital Cable or satellite high definition. LM

Update: 12/9—I just published a follow-on blog post that explains that we started offering the digital cable TV tuner on Friday last week. LM

Beyond that, it's our first product to feature the XPS MiniView screen, which is a small LCD screen (about 2 x 3in) integrated on the top of the chassis.  The display supports a 320 x 240 resolution, and can be used to display calendar information, system details, and navigate through photos and digital music. MiniView is compatible with Microsoft's SideShow and supported third-party Gadgets, so users can customize the display for other information like RSS feeds, news, stock tickers and more.

If you are a person who likes to capture video and take it with you, the Dell Xcelerator is a cool option. It can be used to transcode recorded video from the original format to another so it can be played on a portable device. Beyond that, since it does the processing work on its own, the Xcelerator takes much of the burden off the processor, and makes the process faster than with just the CPU alone.

We're also introducing the SP2008WFP 20" widescreen display. It features a maximum resolution of 1680×1050, a 2ms response time, and HDCP through its DVI input. It's also our first flat panel to feature an integrated 2-megapixel webcam that can capture resolution up to 1600 x 1200.

In terms of software, the XPS 420 comes with Adobe Elements Studio, which is full versions of these three Adobe applications:

In this video, Michael Fahy from the XPS Product team covers a lot of ground. He touches on our design approach, SideShow, the Bluetooth media card reader, the Dell Xcelerator option, the Adobe software suite, the new display with the integrated webcam, and more.

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  • Anonymous

    Is Dell rolling out any Linux drivers for new hadware bits such as the XPS MiniView screen and the Dell Xcelertator? I’m excited to see those innovations, but wonder how long they will be available only for Windows users.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Ryan Prior: Thanks for your comment, and sorry for not responding until now. Unfirtunately, since the XPS MiniView is based on Microsoft’s SideShow functionality, it is not compatible with Linux.

    Not sure on the Xcelerator.. I’ll check that out and get back to you.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    T Man: Thanks for your comment.. I left the link as is because the gadgets that work in the Sidebar are the same ones that can customize the XPS MiniView.

    Not all gadgets are compatible with SideShow.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, the link to the associated SideShow gadgets is wrong, as it points to the SideBar gadgets.  The link should be: 

  • Anonymous

    Does the “Dell Xcelerator” come on all XPS 420 systems? Most of the Dell advertising says that the “Dell Xcelerator” is available as an option to be added to certain XPS 420 systems. However, I do not see any way to add any such option to any 420 configuration. In fact, when configuring a 420 for purchase on the Dell website, there is no mention whatsoever of the “Dell Xcelerator”. Can anyone clarify whether the “Dell Xcelerator” comes on all XPS 420 systems, or whether it is available as an option on some or all XPS 420 systems?

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    guest: The Dell Xcelerator is an option… it does not come standard on the XPS 420.

    You can add it from the TV Tuner and Video Accelerator section of the configurator.

  • Anonymous

    The 420 looks like a wonderful machine. Although you often cannot have everything, I wonder whether the 420 (or some configuration of it) comes with an HDMI output. It seems as though this could be a nice feature, especially since Dell is selling the system with Blue-ray drives as an option. Of course, the Dell monitors should be great for watching HD movies, but not all Dell monitor are HD capable and many 420 customers might want to use their Dell HD drive with their HD capable television.

     So, could anyone confirm whether or not the 420 has an HDMI output?

  • Anonymous

    This box is not certified by cable labs and as such cannot record High definition TV which is captured via cable or satellite connections, you can only view/record Hi-Def content which is captured over the air. (this blog post is totally erroneous). I wish you guys would stop misrepresenting the abilities of your machines.



  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Drew: You are correct… the high-def tuner we currently offer only works with over-the-air high definition signals.

    I’ll go ahead and update the blog post to call out that it is for over-the-air HD. 

  • Anonymous

    Great, now if only Dell would stop violating the Vista Logo program we might actually have a decent PC.

    I’m reposting what I posted in the Dell Forums.  Yes I realize I sound upset in this post, and I am.

    “I have a quote directly from the Microsoft Guidelines for Logo Certification.
    These guidelines can be found here:
    “Q. Does the logo program include x64 requirements?
    A. Yes, there are requirements specific to x64 and IHVs submitting drivers for the logo program must submit an x64 version when they submit any 32-bit versions. OEMs using x64 implementations must have signed drivers available to end users if shipping a 32-bit version of Windows Vista on the system.”
    The important part is that last sentence.
    Any system that is x64 capable sold by any OEM MUST have signed drivers available to end users.
    Not should. MUST.
    So if you’re shipping systems with the Vista logo and you do not provide x64 support to those end users Dell is violating their legal requirements for the logo.
    Now I’m not a lawyer, but I do believe that right now Dell is in violation of their agreement with Microsoft to be a logo’ed vendor.
    I’d suggest Dell get that support back up and running right now or be prepared to offer me a good reason why I shouldn’t request an immediate refund for my PC’s that all use x64 versions of Windows Vista since Dell is not keeping up their end on the support.”

    So why should I want to upgrade to this latest marvel?  I have an XPS410 that I had trouble getting support for as it was when it was running 32-bit Vista and my wifes E520.  So you’re telling users to get this great grand new PC when you don’t intend to fully support it?

    Also note that I’m not threatening Dell legally.  However I am posting this so someone from Dell knows just how much trouble they could get in with Microsoft over this.

  • Anonymous


    But, I don’t see it available with XP? No XP, no purchase.

  • Anonymous

    Good Show Dell..Keep it up

    Photography is derived from a Greek term meaning “The Art of Writing with Light” 

    Now with the Dell XPS 420, Dell has taken a mile-step forward to help people create a beautiful art of writing with light….

    This is indeed a good achievement. The XPS product team needs to be shelled with appreciation.

    Happy achievements


  • Anonymous

    Are you selling the ATI TV Wonder™ Digital Cable Tuner with the XPS420?  I don’t see it as an option during configuration.

    What is Dell’s position on HD-DVD?

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Andrew Hill: At this point, we don’t offer the ATI Digital Cable tuner on the XPS 420.

    In terms of the next-generation DVD format, Dell has been a member of the Blu-ray disc association for some time now..

  • Anonymous

    How many internal case fans are there? Just the CPU shroud fan?

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Shane: Let me do some digging to find out what’s going on… I’m on the road, but will try to get some details soon, Will let you know.

  • Anonymous

    Shane, MS has separate qualification/logo tests for X32 and X64 so the verbiage you quote above is only applicable if an IHV is submitting for logo certification on for X64.  These requirements don’t apply for x32 only certifcations – think of all the PCs that preceded x64 technology that are Vista logo’d

    The only other thing that I would add is that Microsoft doesn’t dictate the law and unlike FTC requirements, WHQL is not a legal requirement – heaven forbid if it ever became one 🙂

  • Anonymous

    My second comment didn’t get in, but I was also wondering about the availability of the SideShow device on the 420 being available as a separate accessory.  I just bought a pretty decently loaded 410 earlier this year, so I’m not interested (actually I’m interested but don’t have the funds) in upgrading to the 420, but would love the SideShow module.  Personally I’m very excited about SideShow, and would love to find a device that is compatible with it, but the availability of such devices is near non-existent.

  • Anonymous

    Lionel, I imagine you don’t edit your own posts, but the following needs a bit of editorial oversight, IMHO: “and HDCP through it’s DVI input. It’s also is our first flat panel to feature…”

    That should read, ” and HDCP through its DVI input. It’s also is our first flat panel to feature…”

    By the way, on the Customer Service topic, while I am grateful to Dell for issuing a replacement without undue hassle, I was greatly inconvenienced when a Dell rep (who clearly did not understand/speak English like a native) changed the address on the wrong laptop after Dell used the wrong address on it in the first place. This was despite repeatedly confirming the service tag and model of the machine whose address was to be changed, so there was really no room for error on the Dell rep’s part, other than the language barrier was probably impossibly high, which is Dell’s fault.

    I spent over ten hours with Dell, DHL and others, on the phone, trying to correct the damage and having to deal with an irate client that her laptop got sent to me where I was on vacation, instead of to her, after she had already called Dell to ensure the laptop would be sent to her.

    I’d appreciate an email, Lionel, as my client got compensation for her troubles; I got a stressful vacation and playing telephone over a week and an irritated client who says she will not do business with Dell again, not personal nor her $75,000 PC work budget (sorry).

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Samuel: Of course I edit my own posts… thanks for keeping me honest on the grammatical errors. 🙂

    On the issue with your customer, I’m sorry to hear that it worked out the way you describe. I’m not sure what can be done at this point, but I will ask someone from our Customer Care team to follow up with you.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    David: Thanks for the interest. I can provide some answers, will need to check on others.

    Not sure when (or if) we’ll offer internal 802.11n. I’ll check. I can tell you though that we have a few different options from in Electronics & Accessories.

    Regarding HDMI… the ATI 2400 graphics card definitely supports HDMI out. Not sure why it’s not an option in the configuarator—that’s something else I need to check on.

    The 2407WFP-HC is definitely the best 24″ monitor we offer. We don’t have a lower-priced 24-inch panel. We do have lower-priced 20 and 22″ flat panels, but not 24″. I’ll have to check on availability in the configurator.

  • Anonymous

    Four questions while I happily prepare to order my super 420:

     1) Any rough idea when customers can order an XPS 420 with -N- wireless support/card in one form or another?

     2) Does the XPS 420 have an HDMI output so we customers can use the 420 Blu-ray drive to watch movies on their HD televisions? Dell certainly makes excellent monitors, but some users might want to use their HD tv’s with the 420. So, could you please just confirm whether or not there is an HDMI output on the 420?

     3) I would like to order an XPS 420 along with the best 24 inch monitor that Dell sells – I think it is the 2407WFP-HC. However, it seems difficult to configure an XPS 420 with that monitor. Of the three base 420 models, only the first one allows you to configure a 420 with the 2407. Why can’t customers configure other 420 base models with the 2407 monitor? Could someone maybe adjust the Dell website so that customers can order the 2407 with any 420?

    4) In choosing a monitor to go with my 420, I am having trouble determining the differences between the 2407WFP-HC and the newer E248WFP 24. I see that the 2407 may come with more USB ports/connectors and that it possibly has more tilting/angle capability. However, is there any difference in the picture quality between these two monitors? If anything, the cheaper E248WFP seems to have slightly better picture quality specs. If possible, could you please inform/speculate about the differences between these two monitors? If not, could you please see about allowing customers to configure all 420 basel models with the 2407, or at least explain why Dell is not allowing customers to make such configurations?

    Thanks! I plan to order my 420 soon.

  • Anonymous

    There seems to be a lot less configuration options on the Dell UK site.There is no option for Blu-ray drives or aditional tv tuners other than the combined Xcelerator and Avio card. Do you know when these further options will be available to UK customers.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    MLBar: I’m not sure about either question. I’ll check with some folks and let you know what I find out.

  • Anonymous

       The XPS 420 specifications say that a 425 (525?) watt power-supply is optional, but I have found no way to select such an option.

      Also I would like see an option to select *NO* internet backup service as I would have no intention of ever using such a service.  Setting up a one year option for me to use such a service would be a complete waste of time and resuorces.


  • Anonymous

    Why did Dell make a big deal out of being one of the first to offer the ATI CableCard tv tuners, and then turn around a pull them a month after launch? The video encoder is a cool feature, but why would I want a ueless ATI theatre 650 with it? CableCard is the only way to fully use all of this computers nice features as a media center PC. Please give us some insight.

    P.S. If you do start offering them again, please make it available in one of the packages without blu-ray.

  • Anonymous

    I currently use honestech VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe to convert my video tapes to DVD’s.  It has an external box with composite video/audio and S-video inputs and then connects to the computer via USB.

    I am getting ready to order an XPS 420 and am wondering exactly what the Dell Xcelerator will do for me in this application?  I don’t need a TV tuner card, but that looks like the only way to get the Dell Xcelerator option.  Converting VHS to DVD is the only thing I would use it for, but $150 is a lot for just that.  What improvements would I see versus using the cheap little video input to USB convertor box that I currently use?

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for comment about free software accessibility of hardware such as the media accelerator. Perhaps there could be a separate blog post about it? I suspect that many of the free software supporters who follow Dell’s blogs do so because they are eager for news that shows progress on FOSS drivers for your slick hardware. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Lots of cool features, but it doesnt mean a thing without a Digital Cable Tuner card option!

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Raymond: Stay tuned… more on that subject coming soon.

  • Anonymous

    I am quite vexed regarding the XPS 420 PSU configuration.

    If I maximize its hardware potential : i.e. INTEL Core/DUO Extreme 3GHZ CPU; 4Gbyte RAM; SATA HD;BLU-RAY HD; DVD +/-RW; I fear the system may become grossly under powered.

     I have read about DELL’s BTX implementation and ask if it is form factor or proprietary engineering reasoning for the inadequate (by ATX standard) power provisioning?  (Consider all configuration options.)

     BTW: The XPS 720 model offers a 750 watt PSU.

     And of course a higher price point.

  • Anonymous

    Many reviews of the XPS 420 laud the N-wireless capabilities. It could be nice to know if/when this feature will become available for order on the Dell website. If it is a matter of days or weeks, many customers might want to wait (or otherwise return their machine and re-order…). If it is a matter of months, many customers might want to order a 420 now and hold off on N-wireless capabilities for their next computer. So, any word on how soon or long before an N-wireless option will appear on the 420 configuration pages?

  • Anonymous

    When can we get rid of that crusty 8600 gts and put in the 8800 gt ( I know it is quite new.) so we can get the best of both worlds  .The 8800 gtx is just too pricey and 8600 gts is not a high rez gaming card .

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with David F on the 8800 GT – and another thing about it – its the ONLY CARD yet (I believe) that will DO HDCP Dual-Link DVI – Which I know the 3007WFP’s would LOVE TO hear and see.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the 8800 GT get OEM’ed for this machine (would help on power/watts also). Also since this machine defaults to Bluetooth KB/Mouse on any order you buy, a USB Wired device for these also…
    Everything else looks great on this machine! Glad there is no 1.86/2 chips on it, its 2.66+ Dual (get the 3.0Ghz Dual!) and the 2.4 Quad+ (I have a feeling this 2.4 Quad will be like the 1.86 of the 410)

    Like the little LCD, Service Tag, system info right on it,  667/800 Mem available, the 3GB Option (the 32 bit bug on 4GB) – and Built in Wireless 🙂 (No more horrible USB Dongles)…and Vista Only..

     Very Nice Machine, I’ve checked out the insides of one already, and looks very well built also.. 😉


  • Lionel_Menchaca

    David Fanatic and Ryan: The 800GT card is now available as an option on the XPS 420.

  • Anonymous

    Just a quick question – does the machine come with installation media for Adobe Elements Studio?

  • Anonymous

    What’s going on with the configuration options for the XPS 420 on the Dell website? The test models released to reviewers included N-wireless capabilities, but Dell makes no mention of it on their website(s) for the XPS 420. Also, an improved graphics card was available as an option for two base models for two days, but now that option has disappeared. Also, the option to purchase the best 24 in. Dell monitor with the XPS 420 recently disappeared. What’s going? What are the real options? Of course, it is understandable that options might change as factors such as cost, supply, and demand change. However, what seems less understandable is for Dell to send test models out to reviewers with N-wireless capabilities, but then not to make this option available to customers – and not even to let customers know if/when this option will become available. The XPS 420 sounds like an excellent desktop, but the details listed above make it also sound like a bit of a “bait and switch” situation. If that is not the situation, can someone in the know from Dell please come clean about the features and the projected availability/release dates? Thanks…

  • Anonymous

    I am in the market for a new computer, and have been waiting several weeks for the 420 to be released with the ATI TV Wonder™ Digital Cable Tuner.  Do you plan to release it with this feature in the next few weeks?  Also, can you offer it without the mandatory Blu Ray player?

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone from Dell monitor these posts or ever try to answer the questions in them? Hey Dell, we like your products and would like to buy them. However, we would like first to ask the aforementioned questions. Could you please try to answer them? Could you please be kind enough to indicate which questions will never be answered here and which questions might be answered within a matter of days, weeks, or months?

  • Anonymous

    I have ordered the XPS from the UK and it is gonna take a MONTH to ship, on top of that, I recieved an e-mail from Dell saying that the BlueTooth 19-1 Media Card Reader was unavailiable. They subtracted the money from the unavaliave component as i said to go ahead with the order, then later on i noticed that in my order i also have the Bluetooth/Wireless Keyboard and mouse. Will the keyboard and mouse still work? Does the 420 have built in Bluetooth or not due to the unavaliabe component?

  • Anonymous

    I was planning on ordering a 420, based on Dell press releases and reviews of test models that Dell released to select reviewers. However, I have decided not to order a 420 out of frustration with the incongruence between the lackluster 420 configurations actually available on the Dell website, and the much more impressive reports about the 420 that seem to be available to some people (such as Dell marketing personnel) but not to Dell customers. The configuration problems would not be so bad if Dell could simply be upfront about exactly (or even roughly) when which options will and will not become available.

    Is there a good reason why people from Dell do not try to answer the questions posted on this blog?

  • Anonymous

    RE: 375-425W Power Supply Option:

    I note from other sources that this appears to be a wording issue.  I believe instead of “optional,” the specification should have read “selected as required.”

      In fact, I do not think the power-supply capacity should be a direct customer option as it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide a power supply adequate for reliable, trouble-free operation of the system.

      I think the only relevent customer-visible parameter or option would be the *reserve* power rating for future expansion after the shipping configuration has been defined.


  • Anonymous

    I’m ready to order an XPS 420 but is Dell going to leave the “customize” list as is or is it going to change by or before the end of November?

  • Anonymous

    I’m considering buying one , but the power suply does not convince me fir a quad core pc its the 375 w power supply enough?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Nr,

    I’ve just bought one and initially has similar concerns but the power consumption of the Q6600 is around 130 watts.  check out the data tables here:

    If you upgrade to the nVidia 8800gtx the power supply is also increased from the standard 375w to 425 watts.

  • Anonymous

    I agree about the concerns on the power supply.  I don’t really like any of the current video cards on offer through Dell, though I’m pretty happy with all the other hardware options and the pricing.  So if I were to order a 420, it’d be with the cheapest video card listed, and then I’d go shopping for what I want to add myself (used to build my own PCs, but OEMs are running so cheap now that they’re usually far better values now).  But I’m seriously worried that the 375 watt PS won’t handle something like the new Radeon HD 3870.  While I’m not saying that’s the card I’ll end up with, just that I don’t care for the list of current options, I’d like to not have to also replace the power supply too.

  • Anonymous

    MLBar said it best.

    I purchased an XPS 420 and found out, unfortunately too late for me, only after receiving it that the watt configuration for PSU is solely configurable at DELL’s discretion and the uprated 425 watt offering is conditional.

    You must purchase a specific video card such as the Nvidia 8800 GTX only offered on the highest priced package to get it.

    So if we decide to upgrade our systems over time when budget permits what are we to do?

    Am I limited now to options?

    This isn’t right.  I own a brand new $2k plus computer to perform real time HD video editing and gaming (as it is advertised) and have to worry about pre-mature component failure?

    I want to upgrade my video card as I have the funds now to do so.

    Will DELL support my freedom of choices?

    Furthermore, I’ve discovered that the DELL system board while advertising the powerful  on-board

    INTEL X38 EXPRESS chip set has bastardized the second slot PCIe bus and does not provide true dual PCIe 16x slots? This means no SLI nor Cross Fire capability *ever* on this system.

    If the proper PSU power wattage was offered there wouldn’t have been the necessity to modify the **DELL OEM purpose only**  PCIe 16x deletion; reducing it to an 8X advertised (but speeds @ 4X ??!) potentially downgrading a perfect X38 capable system board.

    I believe this was done to assure a safety measure precaution due to DELL aware underrated PSU. Similar to same reasoning for the OEM supplied BIOS not supporting native-capable CPU over-clocking.

    There isn’t any info readily available that discloses this critical consumer information either. I had to dig for it. And I’m still left with evasive answers when confronting DELL..

    The PC looks great and is quite visually appealing in my opinion. However, how will it perform as it is implied to perform in its captivating advertisement presentations..all positive perceptions.. when users like myself have intentions for future purchased upgrades?

    This is my current configuration. Will Dell support it?

    Dell XPS 420/Intel core2Duo E6850 3GHZ/4MB cache/4 Gbytes RAM

    Western Digital 500GB SATA Disk;

    LG Blu-Ray/HD DVD ROM; DVD +R/_R burner; Nvidia 8800 GTX 768MB

    PSU: 375 Watts

    If this question is left unanswered I will assume a NO.


  • Anonymous

    Please provide a more powerful PSU!

  • Anonymous

    To Charles M. and others:

     I suggest that you return your system for a full refund. It looks like Dell makes no attempt to answer questions or concerns posted here. If Dell cares about XPS 420 curious consumers and my previous statement is mistaken, then by any means, Dell, please show my previous statement mistaken and answer the questions posted here.

    Where are the wireless capabilities?

    Where are the options to purchase better video cards and better monitors with different base configurations?

    It’s okay if there will be no cablecard digital tuner in the near future, but please let us know either way.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one with the PSU concerns. I put a order in a for a custom built 420 a few days ago and wrongly assumed Dell would put in a more powerful PSU. I was also plan on buying a 8800 GT since Dell doesn’t offer it and I read on the specs for it that it requires a 425W power supply.

     I’m going to call CS tomorrow to see if  I can get a  upgrade on the 420 I built. If not I’m afraid I’ll have to cancel the order because I’m not willing to have to go get a new PSU on a brand new system. Please Dell address this issue for people who like to upgrade or as stated before offer more options for Video cards and PSU’s

  • Anonymous

    It seems (as usual) those in the UK are getting the worse deal. No blu ray drive. No monitor with built in camera.

  • Anonymous

    Please provide a better PSU, at least 500w

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    DMV & NR: After I’m back from Thansgiving next week, I’ll try to get some questions answered.

    One thing I can say is that with power supplies, it’s not just about overall wattage. I’ll have some more details next week.

  • Anonymous

    DMV,  I believe you can get the 8800GT card if you select the “ultimate” package and then customize it how you want.  I thought I read on another blog that Dell will select the 425W power supply for you if you get the 8800GT or 8800GTX cards, but don’t know how to confirm that.

     I want to buy a new 420 also – I’ve been waiting forever it seems like, but I’m waiting for ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner.  I wish we could get an answer out of Dell when (or if) they will be available.  I’m thinking of going to HP if I don’t hear soon.

  • Anonymous

    they also raised the price today, add a quad core and 1 gig more of memory for about 200.00.

    now I won’t buy a dell! For that kind of money i woll buy a hp

  • Anonymous

    Scott M, Thanks for the information. I wasn’t aware of the option under ultimate package. I selected it one time and saw the huge price increase and didn’t go any further.

    I did call Customer service yesterday and spoke with a lady. I asked what PSU my particular computer I configured came with. She put me on hold then came back on and informed me that none of the computers came with a power supply. Obviously she didn’t know what a power supply was so I explained to her obviously that all computers have one. After a few minutes on hold again she found out that mine did have a 375W PSU. I told her I wanted the 425W PSU and after being put on hold again she said I would get it.

    The problem I had though was there was no way to update my invoice to show the change. While the lady was very nice I didn’t feel like she really knew what I was talking about. I canceled the order later on because I just had a bad feeling about the whole thing. I may reorder later since I now know I can get the video card option I want. I usually build my own computers so I may juggle the decision a bit again because even 425W is still low to me.

  • Anonymous

    Okay guys, last chance.  Do you plan on putting the Cable Card option back within the next two to four weeks?  If you do, and you would like my $2500, then answer my query.  If you dont, or arent interested in my money, I wont have any hard feelings, but I will buy an HP next week.  Its not a particularly hard question and I look forward to a reply.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Shaun: Short answer is that we’re working on Cable Card certification on the XPS 420. Next week, I’ll try to pull together some details and blog about it to try to clear some things up.

  • Anonymous

    Is someone at Dell ever going to give an answer concerning the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner card?  This system needs to be certified because, as far as being a real HD TV/DVR solution, it’s totally useless without CableCard support.  I know what the current situation is with certification, etc.  When is Dell going to do something about it?  HP has two systems with support right now.  Why was there a solution with the XPS 410, but there is no solution now?

    I’ve seen this asked multiple times, and no one ever knows anything…

  • Anonymous

    That’s great to hear!  Thank you very much for the information.  I apologize for sounding negative.  I really want to buy this system with a Cable Card tuner, not something from another manufacturer, and have been trying for a while to find some information.


  • Anonymous

    can someone please help? 

    What programs do you use the xcelerator with?

    Does this mean instead of connecting my DV camera via firewire its connected to the xcelerator.

    And why is it bundled with tv tuner.

  • Anonymous

    Lionel, we would certainly appreciate an update on Cablecard.  I’d like to get a new computer for the family by X-mas and would prefer to get a Dell over HP.  Another question, what ever happened to internal wireless N support?  I believe all of the original reviews of advanced 420 models had wireless N cards.

  • Anonymous

    To Scott M and others:

    I have politely asked about a wireless N card for the 420 in four different posts on this board, with no response whatever.

    I have also asked many times why customers cannot configure a 420 (from any or all base models) with a 2407WFP 24 inch Dell monitor instead of the cheaper E248WFP 24 inch Dell monitor. No response on that question either – actually, I think one response claimed that Dell only makes one 24 inch model – the 2407 – which must have been a mistake.

  • Anonymous

    Are there really only 2  3.5″  HDD  slots total ?  and like all others i would like to know if the Cable Card tuner will be a option , And if i buy it now will i be able to update the BIOS to support it at a later date of should i wait

  • Anonymous


    Where’s the update???

    Like others, I have been waiting and waiting on updates with regards to CC support, monitor size, etc… Tomorrow my wait is over – no response and it’s HP for me and my $$$.

  • Anonymous

    Any Idea when the Core 2 Extreme QX9650 will be a option on the 420 ?  i would love to have that option

  • Anonymous

    Lionel, Is there news about possible Linux drivers for the Xcelerator / TV card yet? The first poster asked about it on Oct 23 and you said you’d check that out and get back on it.


  • Anonymous

    It is becoming increasing difficult to remain constructive and pro-Dell on this thread. “Where’s the update???” – Where was the update two weeks ago, three weeks ago, a month ago…”

    Someone should post the contents of this thread elsewhere as an indication of how Dell treats cosumers potentially interested in their products.

    The announcements and press releases for the 420 look as much like a “bait and switch” as anything I’ve seen in recent times. Advertise a product that looks great with all sorts of features to get people ready to place orders, and then make available only inferior products that lack many of those features when people are actually in the process of placing their orders.

    N-wireless support? 2407 monitor? Cablecard? Real uses (and limitations) of the Xcelerator? Power supply? Video card? Take the video card. Why nothing better than the old 8600 GTS? Why not even upper-line 8800, which itself is now in the process of becoming outdated? And if Dell does come around and offer better video cards, why does Dell not allow people to configure their systems with the better video card unless they order a Blu-ray drive or some other feature that not all people want or need?

  • Anonymous

    I have completed the installation of my XPS 420 running Windows Vista Ultimate. Using Device Manager to check the drivers, for Windows SideShow  – XPS MiniView the Device status says the Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged (Code 19). I used the Windows “Check for solution” receiving no feedback, and when the Update Driver function the message I received was that the best driver software for your device is already installed. The display is working and I am yet to test the feature/functions, but the error message suggest I have a problem. Has anyone else had and solved this error. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to start off by saying that I currently have a Dell desktop (Dimension 4550).  I’ve had it for almost 5 years now and it’s been working great.  Recently, I have been in the market for a new gaming PC.  The XPS 420 looks like a great candidate as I’m on a budget and do not want to deal with the hassle of building my own from scratch.  I share the same concerns as MLBar regarding the power supply.  I was planning on purchasing the XPS 420 with the default video card and upgrading it on my own later when I have more funds available.  However, by the looks of the posts above, it seems if I place an order for a XPS 420 with the default video card, then I will receive a 375 W power supply which isn’t sufficient for a lot of the higher end video cards. This limitation for future hardware upgrade is the ONLY concern of mine that is holding me back from purchasing the XPS 420 currently!  Please help!

  • Anonymous

    You can get wireless N and the 8800GT card now on an “Ultimate” configuration which has the 425W power supply.  Still no word on cable card.  I gave up and ordered an HP.  They have a secret coupon out now which will save you upwards of 30% off.  I got a fully decked out system with cable card, blu ray, 1.5TB space, wireless N, etc…for $2,100 which was about $800 off what a similar Dell 420 system would cost (if cable card was offered).  It’s unfortunate because my last 5 machines have all been Dell, but I just got too frustrated.

  • Anonymous

    Hello .. Hello … Hello … Is there anyone out there ?  My Mother works for HP and i am STILL going to get a Dell if some of these questions are answered ..  how is this a Blog if it gets answered once a month ?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got a perfectly good 8800GTS 640meg I’m already using in an existing, older AMD based system.

    The XPS 420 is the perfect updgrade. Fast cpu options, lots of memory, sexy and functional case – But the 375 watt PSU is a no go. Judging from the dell systems we order at work, I don’t think it will even have 6 pin video card power connection!

     It appears that dell will only ship the system with the appropriate 425 watt psu if you order it with a higher end video card.. An extra 299 for something I don’t want anyway. Sorry. No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really disappointed in Dell.  They are no answes tp our questions and thier parts and price are just not that good compared to HP.  I’ve been waiting for answers for wireless N, digital cable tv tuner, but I can no longer wait.  What’s taking so long?  HP is already out there taking away loyal customers from Dell and I am one of those loyal customer who has no choice to take what HP is offering.  There is a 450 dollar off coupon from HP where you can get this system for about $2000 after shipping and taxes after you have applied coupon.  It has everything I wanted that Dell is still trying to figure out.  Plus this system probably would have been over $3000 with Dell.

  • Intel Core 2 Quad processor Q6600 (2.4GHz)
  • 4GB DDR2-800MHz dual channel SDRAM (2×1024)
  • 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600GTS, DVI-I, TV-out, HDMI
  • 320GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive
  • Blue-Ray Writer/ HD-DVD Combo drive
  • LightScribe 16X max. DVD+/-R/RW SuperMulti drive
  • 15-in-1 memory card reader, 2 USB, 1394, video, audio
  • ATI Digital Cable Tv Tuner with PVR, FM tuner, remote
  • Soundblaster Xi
  • Wireless N
  • Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
  • Norton Internet Security 2007 – 15 Months
  • Anonymous

    I just came across this very good Article about Cable cards and dell from 12/5/07 , since no one from dell wants to give us anyi nfo i suppose i will link the page

    Dell Eyes CableCard Tuners as Standard Feature – News and Analysis by PC Magazine


    I was ready to buy today , but i guess i am waiting


  • Anonymous

    Can we get an update on the Cable Card issue?  Can’t someone give some details already?

  • Anonymous

    In Dell’s defense, I think it’s silly to give them such a hard time for the PSU configuration in the 420. First, all they’re doing is offering a system for sale; it’s not something anyone should take so personally, and nobody is forced to buy it. Second, I don’t think the 420 is intended as a gamer’s power system. They have the 720 for that. So, if you want to add 8800 Ultras in SLI then you’ll need to move up to the 720.

    Personally, I’m on the fence between the 420 and the 720. I want a system that performs well for video editing as well as for gaming, which the 720 will do better than the 420, ultimately. While the Xcelerator would be nice for encoding (although, does it speed up encoding using the bundled Premiere Elements? If so, then that would be a definite plus) and transcoding (which I don’t really do all that often), with a quad-core processor it’s not that big of a deal. So, that would tend to lean in the direction of the 720.

    At the same time, the 720 is HUGE, and if I don’t NEED to pull as many as 750 watts (or a kilowatt!!!), then I’d rather not. Electricity costs enough in California as it is. And, while SLI would be nice, I’m not a power gamer, and am fine running games in decent, if not the highest, quality. Also, I don’t care about optimizing frame rates, and so the optional 8800GT is likely fine for me for quite some time. If you’re a power gamer, however, then you’re likely better off with the 720. For myself, I’d rather not have the constant temptation of endless upgrades.

    Maybe sometime Dell will introduce something between the 420 and the 720. Until then, yeesh, it sounds like some of you should be talking about the 720 and leaving the poor 420 alone… 😉

  • Anonymous

    I just noticed Dell finally added the digital cable cards.  How about the N wireless card? It was there couple days ago but now its gone again.

  • Anonymous

    Lol … Adding Cable card support was a huge deal … ( In fact i just dropped my $3,000 for one of these bad boys today ) .. I guess no one will ever be 100% happy …  now my only issue is how to stop configuring PC’s all day at work because i just bought one

  • Anonymous

    Cable Card now a option on 420 … !!!

  • Anonymous

    Just don’t let a Dell salesperson convince you that the XPS420 is downward compatible to Windows XP!  I’ve been on the phone with Dell for 3 hours now… still waiting for them to offer some type of concession!

  • Anonymous

    Although it’s not one of the options, can you buy the 30in monitor separately and watch BlueRay and CableCard content? The 30in supports HDCP (albeit not HDMI) so I was worried that since it’s not an option from within the 420 configuration engine, there is some sort of incompatibility w.r.t. either BlueRay or CableCard content (e.g. encrypted HD channels). Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Regarding the power supply unit concern…

    The tech specs page for the 420 clearly states that a 425-watt PSU is used for the 8800 series graphics cards.  However, in conjunction with a duo core/quad core processor, I’m reading everywhere that a 450-watt psu is required.  I just got off the phone with Dell customer service, who checked with their technicians.  He says that all the offered configurations have been tested and should run without a problem.  I’m a bit concerned about the PSU issue still (I just ordered the XPS 420 with the Q6700 Quad Core processor, the 768MB GeForce 8800 GTX and 4GB 800mHz RAM), but the support guy said worst case scenario is there’s a 21-day return policy.

    I’m curious if anyone has actually GOTTEN their XPS 420 with similar specs as mine and used it for high-end gaming (like Bioshock or Crysis on high video detail options).  If so, have you run into problems?

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a question maybe someone can answer: how and when, exactly, is the Xcelerator used on the 420? I’m still trying to figure it out…

  • Anonymous

    It’s absurd how Dell representatives claim that they are going to answer questions posted on this blog but never follow through. It’s also absurd how the 420 options are configured. So you can’t order an ATI digital cable tuner and a Dell Xcelerator? Or was/is that a temporary mistake on the Dell website? Now you can order an N-wireless option, now you can’t. (So was the N-wireless model sent out to reviewers false advertising, a bait and switch scam, or what? Which is it Dell, and why? And whatever did happen to ordering a 2407 monitor with a base 420? Why no option? Also, why not let customers order a better video card without ordering a blu-ray drive? I used to be a Dell fan. After waiting and trying to buy a 420, I’m now more inclined to recommend that people look at how HP treats their customers and configures their systems. Unless Dell will step up just a little bit and set the record straight with some of the many questions on this blog… Unfortunately, many former Dell customers have learned not to hold their breath.

  • Anonymous

    in defense of dell in the watt situation, this is my experience. i just recieved my 420. after looking over the specs while shopping for a video card i too then noticed that the 420 came standard with the 375w  i was not happy i thought 425 was standard. i called dell tech support and asked if my unit came with 375 or 425w. i told them if it was the 375w i would not even bother to open the box, i would be sending it back. i too bought my 420 with a low end graphics card intending to buy my own 8800 gts later which of course would need at least the 425 watt PS. the tech was very cool and ordered the 425w to be sent to me at no charge. this was two days ago, unfortunately its the xmas weekend so i wont expect it till at least wednesday. ill let you know how that goes

  • Anonymous

    still waiting for a response from Dell…

    – Will the 420 ever come with N-wireless capability? If so when? Is that so hard Dell? All of the 420’s you sent out to reviewers had wonderful N-wirelesss support. Why can’t you tell us whether the 420 will ever be available with this feature, and if so, approximately when?

    – Can you order a 420 with both a digital tuner and the Dell Xcelerator? If not, why not?

     – Why isn’t the 2407 monitor available as an option with any/all of the the base 420 configurations?

     – Why won’t you let customers configure a better video card with appropriate power supply without choosing a blu-ray drive or a quad-core processor? (Quad-core processors will be a really good idea once Intel builds them to work as needed, but the current ones that basically run all cores all the time even if the computer is not doing much with them are not very efficient or well-engineered.)

    – Why don’t you allow customers to upgrade to Windows XP pro? Why do you limit customer choices to that horrible Vista operating system? That’s right, why not do customers a giant favor and allow them to pay extra to get the better XP operating system?

  • Anonymous

    What thes upgrability of this system?

    Does it really only have 2   5.25″ bays? / is there enough to add a 3rd drive?

  • Anonymous

    Ok So i finally got to take my XPS 420 out of hiding and set it up ( Had to tell GF Santa brought it for me – The Inspirion 1720 i got for her for Xmas helped ease the pain as well )  ..  i got the QX6850 3.0 Ghz , 3GB 800mHz RAM  , with the ati cable card tuner , 8800 GT video card ..  I replaced the  320 GB hard drive with 3 X 150GB 10,000 Raptor’s  in Raid 0 (overkill i know) and i replaced the vista premium that came with it with my own Vista ultimate  … this thing flys .. as for Bee , you can add a Harddrive to the 5.25 bay , its rather easy …  i have had no issues with the 425w power supply so far .. i will have comcast come out soon for the cable card install and i will let you know how that goes

  • Anonymous


     I’m guessing that you can’t order the Xcelerator with the CableCard tuner because it’s external, and in order to utilize the inputs on the Xcelerator it needs to be directly wired to the TV tuner card (internally, and it just passes through capture signaling). It would probably be too confusing to sell the Xcelerator with non-functional inputs and then try to explain why they don’t work…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jon, answered my question perfectly.  Have fun with your machine!

  • Anonymous

    Mark, of course – which leads to the question, why did dell tie the Dell Xcelerator to an analog tv tuner? (There is no serious/future/growing/promising market for free, over the air digital HD.)

    To James Clardy, Lionel Menchaca, and/or any other Dell representatives/employees,

    Can you please comment on why no one from Dell makes any attempt to answer the majority of basic questions posted to this blog? To repeat a few:

    1) What’s the story with N-wireless support? Might it become available soon, or probably not for a long time, or never? It’s one thing for a company not to comment on products that have not yet been released. It’s another thing for a company to release a product with certain features to reviewers as part of an advertising campaign product launch, and then not make some of those features available to customers when they go to purchase the product after the launch.

    2) Why can customers no longer configure a base 420 with a Dell 2407 monitor?

    3) Why can’t customers configure a better graphics card and suitable power supply without buying a quadcore processor or blu-ray drive?

    4) Did the Dell people who designed the Xcelerator not imagine that 420 customers might also want the digital tuner with cablecard support? Did the Dell people who arranged for the 420 to have digital tuner with cablecard support not know how the other Dell people were designing/packaging the Xcelerator? Were people at AMD/ATI failing to communicate effectively amongst themselves, or could they have been possibly crying or laughing at what Dell was purchasing, or arranging to design/purchase, from them?

  • Anonymous

    For Anyone who has got the ” Your computer doesnt support digital cable ,
    you will not be able to use cable card ”


    enter the Windows code for
    Digital Cable support ,its on the lower back of the XPS 420 next to
    where the normal Windows product key is , i was confused why it never
    asked me during the ATI tuner setup in windows media center , but once i entered the code ( in
    the same place you enter windows product key .. Control panel, system
    maintenance ,system ) , it says i can now use cable card


  • Anonymous

    James Clardy is correct my XPS420 is saying ” it is not digital cable ready ”  i tried to contact dell tech support and the tech had no idea what i was talking about , i will be contacting james later today

  • Anonymous

    Dell.  Why haven’t you posted any comments since 31 Dec 2007, which there have been many  Are you concerned….or aware you may have a problem? or trying to cover up?

  • Anonymous

    Guys, it’s a blog, not a forum. 1 person posts and other comment. The fact that Dell employees answer is a bonus. You guys clearly want tech questions answered, so why not just contact Dell tech support, either by phone or email or online even?

    Some of your complains are absurd. 

    Mitch: The Xcelerator will do exactly what you want. That’s clearly what is described on the XPS page.

    David: For the monitor, configure your computer the way you want without a monitor and add the 2407 to your cart after from the monitor’s own page.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe its the time of year!

    Sheesh give Dell a break. How many of their competitors run a forum like this?

  • Anonymous

    I love how everyone wants a more powerful PSU yet they have no idea why.

     “NVIDIA says that it should have a xxxW PSU, so it MUST have it”



    No, nvidia just gives out a random PSU spec that covers most power supplies.

    Dell ACTUALLY uses decent quality PSU’s on these 420’s that delivers enough power on the 12V rail for graphics/CPU needs.

    You can have a quad core CPU + 8800GT/GTS or HD 3870, etc.

    375W is a lot more than people actually think.  What makes me laugh is that people want a bigger PSU because they think it is better.  They have no idea that a big PSU gives them less AC to DC efficiency causing their electric bill.

     You guys have no idea how much a quad core CPU uses, or the mobo uses, or anything else for that matter yet you think that +50W is going to save the day.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone taken their intel viiv and vista stickers off the front of the casing?
    If anyone has does it leave any marks or scratches, as dell seem to have stuck one the stickers bent on my case and won’t do nothing about it.
    Great PC though!

  • Anonymous

    In regards to the remote problem some are having (the one that should have shipped with the ATI digital tuner) I reported the problem to dell through the customer service page (on the support tab) of the website.  There is a link for “Missing, wrong or damaged” orders which I followed.  I just entered my tuners order number and a brief explanation of the problem and received an email within 24 hours saying that the remote would be shipped overnight to me(after processing).  Sure enough three days later it arrived.

     FYI …. Its not all that impressive(looks & functionality) I honestly would have proffered if they gave me a hard time with the remote so that I could finagled some BT headphones instead 🙂  Seriously though, I hope this helps.



  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the  video card for this machine can output HDMI for a full BlueRay experience?


  • Anonymous

    The 8800GT doesn't support HDMI – although it does support HDCP-encrypted DVI so you can still get full-quality Bluray, the ATI card (whatever it is, can't remember) does have HDMI. Which is a problem because the Bluray drive only comes with the higher-spec machine, which has the 8800GT.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe I just spent from 8 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. today with a dell rep on the phone trying to configure any possible way to get the ATI TV Wonder digital cable tuner to work with the XPS 420 I bought with it. I mean with NO breaks (I used the bathroom with the phone in my hand) including restoring factory settings and losing all my downloads and much data only to hear that "it can only be that your system is not compatible with this tuner." This was the second time with another tuner Dell had sent me as the 4 hours spent with the support tech last week concluded that it was a bad tuner. I must say they really want it to work and are very apologetic, but I bought this system BECAUSE of this feature. Two visits with the cable people 'initializing' the cable card and trying to help get it working so far about 30 total man-hours expended all for naught. I'm not making this up. Does anyone know of anyone who has this system and tuner up and running?  'TUNER NOT FOUND'  will haunt me for years to come.

  • Anonymous

    in December I purchased an XPS420 with the Q6600 quad core, & nvidia 8800GT.  A friend of mine came over and loved it but now finds that in order to get the 8800GT you have to go with Blu-Ray.   He isn't willing to do that.  I was able to get the 8800GT on a lower cost system by choosing the highest value bundled system and removing Blu-Ray and downgrading from the 8800GTX to the GT, but that's on longer possible as far as I can tell.  If Dell will make this possible again they'll have another sale.

  • Anonymous


     Turn off Windows Firewall and see if that helps. I had the same issue and that was the culprit.

  • Anonymous

    We have a XPS 420 at work running Vista and it runs very slow – takes about 10 minutes to boot and load anything – it is like a 386 for speed. I would not recommend it. We tried swapping SATA hard drives, upgrading BIOS and upgrading NVIDIA driver and still the darn thing runs slow!  It is a dog.

  • Anonymous

    I just spent 1 hour on the phone waiting for tech support to find out the ATI tv tuner combo analog/digital card does not provide fm radio when the retail version of the same card does. In addition the retail version comes with additional software (i.e. media catalyst) which lets you record one channel and record another contrary to windows vista media center. This is not clearly indicated when ordering on the web site and I feel ripped off. Apparently Dell has arranged to have these cards made for them without the fm tuner option on them. Misleading at the least !



  • Anonymous

    I would like to order the Dell Media Xcelerator for my XPS 420.  How could I order one?

  • Anonymous


      What's happened to the ATI TV Wonder™ Digital Cable Tuner? They disappeared from the tuners page when building an XPS 420. When are they coming back?


  • Anonymous

     I just read the post on the problems getting the ATI TV Wonder digital cable tuner to work.  I had the same problem and after many hours found out that the Norton's Internet Security that came with my XPS 420 was not compatible with the tuner.  I had to remove the NIS and buy something called BitDefender Internet Security which worked.  I finally got a Dell rep to admit they knew about it and reimbursed me for the NIS and that covered the cost of the BitDefender.

  • Anonymous

    I can't find any detail describing the true benefit of "performance RAID" on the 420.  I know that it provides data protection, but I've always thought RAID slowed things down.  Does "Performance RAID" really perform any better or worse than a single drive with the same total capacity?

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    RPage: We support RAID 0 and RAID 1 on the XPS 420. From the previous link, click on the Tech Specs page)

    Performance RAID is known as RAID 0… it's where you configure more than one drive in a stripe, so that the OS sees it as one big drive. Benefits are that RAID 0 is typically faster than a single drive. Downside is that if you lose any hdd in the array, all data is gone as well.

    RAID 1 is the one you're thinking of. It is called mirroring, and it creates a backup duplicate copy of every piece of data you save. Because it does twice as much writing, it's slower than a single-drive setup. The benefit of RAID 1 is data protection: If you lose one hdd, you have an exact backup disk to start from. Besides being slower, it's also more expensive, because you're using double the amount of disk space.

    Wikipedia does a good job explaining RAID in more detail… check it out from this link.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Lionel….That was exactly the clarification (and education) I needed.  I really appreciate that Dell has invested in forums like this…this is much better than what I've seen from other manufacturers.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Thanks Rpage. If you like it here, I'll hope you continue to visit.

  • Anonymous

    I'm generally happy with my XPS 420.  I've added a second HDD and I am unable to enter system setup by using the F2 key.  If I press it too early, it locks and lights 1,2 and 3 light up on the front panel—too late and the system boots up fully.  I don't get a Dell splash on boot up–the first screen I see is Vista.

    Any ideas?


  • Anonymous

    Hi Fellas,

    I'm happy with the XPS 420 my wife and I bought (2.4Ghz quad core, 1TB Raid 0, 3GB RAM, TV card, Wi-Fi, 1 DVD-RW & 1 DVD-ROM, ATI Radeon 2600 HD graphics card 256Mb, Vista Home Premium, no Xcelerator, no monitor). We use it as a general computer (for boring stuff) and video editing (with the bundled excellent Adobe software).

    Don't think much of MS Works or the Roxio DVD burning software, but there are plenty of alternatives :o)

    The Mini view is a bit odd, but a nice distraction :o) At least I know the weather forcast without logging in every morning.

    Not bothered about the 375 watt power supply since loads of people have reported DELL rate their power supplies differently than other manufacturers, quote RMS rather than PEAK output. Apparently, the 375 watt supply is equivalent to a 500 watt supply. I'll include links if you're interested.

    To sum up, a cool machine!

  • Anonymous



    to start off let me say i love this computer. my family got it back in march and even let me pick it out. so of course, we get the computer and i'm excited since i think i'll finally be able to get into some pc gaming (world of warcraft, half-life 2 are the only games i have). however, ever since i started playing games or have done any other video-based application (i.e. burning dvds) my comp will freeze and make a stuttering type sound. i then have to manually restart my computer through the power button. i had a feeling that maybe the graphics card was to blame after this problem occured more than a few times. my thoughts were confirmed when i went to the manufacturer's site and they had a downloadable "fix" for this issue. naturally i downloaded it and thought "my problems are over!" wrong! the problem persist to this very day and as such i am very dissuaded from playing any of my games.

    so my questions are:

    what video cards are supported by an xps 420?

    i see cards that say that are "SLI ready". i've read somewhere that 420s are not SLI compatible. does this mean that any graphics cards marked SLI ready are unusable on my xps 420?

    any help that i can get for this will be greatly appreciated thank you

    btw my current video card is an ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro, my comp has 3GB of memory, runs vista home premium, and has a 300GB hard drive


  • Anonymous

    I bought my xps 420 with a lower graphics card to upgrade at a later date. Now I have a new graphics card it wont work in the system! Why is this Initial card was ati this card is geforce 7800gt. Is this a power issue or this system just does not supprt it?

    I am increasingly becoming miffed  with dell I bought the system as I like dell alot especially the quitetness, However when I went to overclock it. Guess what I cant as its locked. Why is this? This is my machine now and not dells why do you insist on people not being able to use other manufacturers products unless installed by Dell. I do hope dell is not trying to be the big bad wolf like microsoft of the new generation pc's.

    As if this was stated in the purchase options I would not have bought it. I hope dell takes this on board and will release a bios upgrade with these options enabled.

  • Anonymous

    Just ordered mine today, the question is will the kids let me near it


    200-55746 D10X403 1 S

    340-14832 XPS 420 Resource DVD 1 S

    340-14835 English – XPS 420 System Docs (UK power cord) 1 S

    370-13023 Memory 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 800MHz [4x1024MB] Memory 1 S

    385-10556 19-in-1 Bluetooth Media Card Reader 1 S

    400-13928 Hard Drive 750GB Serial ATA non Raid (7200 Rpm) 1 S

    429-12775 16X DVD+/-RW 1 S

    429-12780 ROXIO Software Creator / MYDVD 10.1 1 S

    480-15472 Display : 24in E248WFP UK/Irish Black Widescreen Value (1920 x 1200) TCO99 DVI-D 1 S

    490-10813 Graphics Card : 512MB ATI Radeon 3870 1 S

    510-10136 Audio Integrated HDA 7.1 Dolby Digital capability 1 S

    506-10039 TV Tuner and AVIO / Accellerator 1 S

    520-10652 Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Speakers – UK 1 S

    580-13188 UK/Ireland – Logitech – MX3200 – Cordless – Desktop 1 S

    619-12597 Operating System : English Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 1 S

    630-10933 English Microsoft Works 9.0 (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Outlook Express, Powerpoint Viewer) (With

    Recovery CD)

    1 S

    640-10270 UK Internet Service Provider – Tiscali (w/CD) 1 S

    640-10554 Dell Support Center 2.0 1 S

    650-10761 English McAfee 9.0 Security Centre 30 Day Trial Version (No Recovery CD) 1 S

    754-11096 1Yr XPS Premium Warranty Support – Priority Call In and Onsite Support 1 S

    754-11098 No Warranty Upgrade 1 S

    755-10352 No Accidental Damage Support 1 S

    800-11502 XPS Desktop Order – UK 1 S



    XPS 420 Q6600 Quad Core Processor 2.40GHz, 1066Mhz FSB, 8MB cache 1 914.00 914.00 S

  • _me

    The XPS miniview NEEDS a driver for Linux. Right now (when I boot in Linux), my machine starts up Windows Sideshow on that little LCD screen, and the only thing that's available is Solitaire (how interesting). See I wish there was a way to either to put something else there besides Windows Sideshow or to put gadgets on from Linux.