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There’s a new training in town: PowerEdge VRTX


I was attending the Dell Enterprise Forum when the new Dell PowerEdge VRTX was announced, and the audience cheered what they saw on stage.  It was a fun moment.  One channel partner told me she had a deal registration the next day!  

So, what’s the big deal?!?  

Whether you have SMB customers or large customers with remote or branch offices – and there are a LOT of these – you now have a uniquely easy solution that is optimized for their environment.  PowerEdge VRTX offers servers, storage and networking all-in-one with easy deployment and scalability.  The low noise levels allow it to sit unobtrusively under a desk.  An intuitive interface facilitates remote management with a unique map-like geographical view.  This product opens up new opportunities for channel partners to address the specific needs in this huge market with a product that is unique in the industry. 

Check out the latest VRTX online training:

Additional resources are also available for you on the new VRTX page on the Partner Portal.  Make sure to check out the PowerEdge VRTX video:

Still looking for more? Join the ChannelCast call on June 27th to hear all the details on VRTX!

Begin by asking your customers:

  • How are you deploying new infrastructure in your remote offices?
  • How important are simple management and space savings when you purchase for your SMB data closet?

Get started on the PartnerDirect portal today and good selling!

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