They Got a New Venue 11 Pro. Why Didn’t I?


We recently reached out proactively to some Dell customers to replace their Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets, Dell Tablet Dock and Dell Active Stylus. These customers were experiencing some issues related to responsiveness and touchscreen performance. Due to our direct customer engagement, we were able to identify the affected customers and reach out to them directly.

Word about this proactive replacement has gotten around and we’re getting questions from other Venue 11 Pro customers.  “What do I need to do? Am I getting a new unit too? What about the other Dell tablets?”

We want to assure all of our tablet customers that the issues were isolated to models 7130 and 7139 of the Venue 11 Pro tablet shipped before March 1, 2014. We have reached out to all affected customers already, so if you haven’t heard from us, you don’t need to do anything.

Dell engineers have identified the root cause and resolved these issues. We have taken measures to extensively test the new units in the factory, and customers can feel confident in the performance of all devices purchased today.

For any customers who are experiencing issues, contact Dell technical support or your Dell account representative for diagnosis and resolution. This will be faster than commenting below asking for assistance. We require personal information from you that is best not left out in the open.  As mentioned before, the issues cited above affected a very small amount of customers, so chances are, any issues that you are experiencing may be unrelated or resolved with a software update. 

Mobile Devices Support:

In the US: 1-800-308-3355 (24/7)



For any other technical issues:

Please use our standard tech support process so that you are routed to the right group. Further information can be found on the support page on

How can you find your system model number?  Follow these steps:

  1. From Windows desktop, slide your finger from the right and click on Settings.
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Select System and Security, and then System
  4. Model number should appear: Venue 11 Pro (model number)


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19 thoughts on “They Got a New Venue 11 Pro. Why Didn’t I?

  1. "very small amount of customers" Haha yea that's right… EVERYbody's complaining about that product.

    I bought my venue 11 pro i3 in december. Until today i keep upgrading the drivers/bios and it brings only more trouble. We are at BIOS 11 for a new product… and still have horrible issues.  I'll never buy anything from dell even a pencil sharpener.  700$ in the trash

  2. How about the stock at outlet?! I just ordered one and noted that it was made in 2013. It is now "in production" and I cannot request for direct refund!

    What a trap!

  3. Got mine in January, locks up regularly (usually when needed in a hurry). Not heard anything from Dell regarding a recall!

  4. @Marcoomk – Sorry to hear of your issues. Hope you'll continue to give us the opportunity to serve you.

    @Sing Ho and @Geoff2407 – Are the ones you received model 7130 or 7139?

  5. Don't be "assured" that everyone was contacted.  Our school bought several Venues and I just checked them.  We have the 7130s and have never been contacted.  They have been nothing but trouble for us.  Don't count on the instructions in this blog to help you find the model number, either. I'm still hoping that our poor customer service is limited to our one poor sales rep and her unconcerned supervisor.  We used to love Dell and its products so much at our school. Not so much anymore.

  6. @SchoolAdmin – Sorry to hear you have been having difficulty. If you'd like to send me your contact information via private message here, I can ask our Dell Cares Pro team to reach out to you to provide assistance.

  7. " Don't be "assured" that everyone was contacted.  Our school bought several Venues and I just checked them.  We have the 7130s and have never been contacted.  They have been nothing but trouble for us.  Don't count on the instructions in this blog to help you find the model number, either. I'm still hoping that our poor customer service is limited to our one poor sales rep and her unconcerned supervisor.  We used to love Dell and its products so much at our school. Not so much anymore."

    Agreed I bought 1 in December also it was back order waited a month to get it got it in January spent almost a year with dell support going back and forth and still no resolution. Not only would I want a new "working venue" at this point but would also want another year of warranty since this has not been a stable PC at all.

    and yes my model is Dell Venue 11 Pro (7130/7139)

  8. I just got a Dell Venue 11 pro 7130 (i3) from a registered dell partner, and have the exact same problems described above.

    I cannot believe a company like Dell would even dare to ship a project incomplete like this.

    Even after almost a year, the problems are not solved yet.

    I tried contacting Dell, but they kept asking for my Dell Service Number, something i did not get.

    Now I have a useless 600 euro tablet which will not be fixed by the manufactured.

    This will be my last product from Dell.

    Do NOT buy this tablet.

  9. <p>Must agree, sounds more like everyone is having issues with their Venue 11 Pro's. Technician has been out twice in the last week to TRY and fix the unit, tomorrow they will be replacing the motherboard for a third time as well as numerous other parts and I still don't have a working unit. Very disappointed in dell! </p>

  10. "Dell Cares Pro team"????? What a joke!  I have a Venue 11 Pro (5130) and can't even get the right drivers because the service tag says that it is a Dell Venue 11 Pro (7130/7139) and I can't get any answers on this problem. I know I can go to the dell site and download drivers and updates manually but it is such a pain and this is not what I paid for. If others can just have the site look up the service tag and download updates for their tablet I should be able to do the same. So far I have had no one get back to me on this problem and I know others out there are having the same problem.

  11. @VenueRon – Sorry to hear of the trouble. DELL-Terry B has replied on your forum thread. You can reach out to him directly for assistance. ~LPT

  12. Finding this post was really bittersweet. Misery loves company, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a *** Venue 11 Pro. And it's really upsetting that Dell has known about this for so long and has done nothing about it.

    I purchased mine with just about every option (dock, keyboard, stylus, broadband) and even the Next Business day warranty service. I received it just after March, when according to Laura P Thomas the problem had already been corrected.

    Two different techs have been to my office to "fix" the problem and they have both physically broken the plastic parts. I wish this site would allow photos.

    I finally was allowed to send it to the "repair" Depot and after two weeks I finally got it back, only now it is in worse shape than before. It is unbelievable that knowing about this issue, they can't correct the problem. Furthermore, that they would "fix" the problem and create even more problems. Never again. I want my money back. This has been a terrible experience, and now it's even worse, knowing that Dell knew about this problem all along and never even mentioned the possibility of this being a product that should have been recalled.

    By the way, the instructions to find out what your model number is are wrong. I had to look it up in my original invoice.

  13. The executive management of Dell, from Michael Dell down, should be incredibly remorseful and embarrassed that this product was shipped WITH KNOWN ISSUES, until it was fully beta tested and all the issues resolved.  It's clear that it was rushed to market at a time when the company was being taken private and cashflow was paramount over quality control and the rewarding of a loyal customer base.

    This was my umpteenth Dell product since the mind-1990s, and likely my last as I feel my loyalty was betrayed.  I purchased the 7130 in December 2013 and learned over the first 6 months of 2014 that it was not a reliable business tool.  I continued to use my desktop and laptop computers while it collected dust until I finally figured I better make a try at getting the issues resolved before the warranty expired.  Imagine my surprise to find this article and to learn from prolific forum posts that Dell knew this machine had a defective motherboard!  The comment about everyone with this model being reached out to is laughable.  I have had a registered account with Dell for a decade and never heard word one from them about it.

    A technician came out and replaced the motherboard and was going to replace a defective fan.  Well, after the replacement fan was DOA, he put the old fan back in.  The next day, I realized that the flimsy plastic case and siderail cracked when he put it back on, leaving sharp plastic surrounding the USB port that cut my hand.  Another service call later, the case was replaced, along with the fan that was originally supposed to be fixed.

    Admittedly, the performance is much improved…after a year of getting zero business productivity out of this equipment.  However, I now get messages that the system cannot communicate with the battery and that the battery needs replacement.  I registered this with CS and am supposed to receive a replacement battery.


  14. Ok.. So I purchased a Venu 11 Pro 7130 around March 2014. I have since had a battery replaced which seems to be doing better but I still had random freezing of the unit. Could not touch it or move the mouse ….then all of a sudden it worked. This started to become more and more frequent. I already had the ticket still open with dell on the battery and the freezing issue….one down one to go (got the battery). Told them since I just got the battery let me see if this helps the freezing issue.

    I gave it two days no resolve so I updated my ticket with the info  and also told them that I found out about the hardware issues that they were having. They said that the will have a Tech call me and work with me. I thought forget that I spent two and a half hours with them while they went through their silly routines before they would send me a battery.

    I decided to go through every stinkin software update and patch. I finally work my way down to the video updates……and there it is…a video update for a Samsung display…

    At first I went by this one since I thought it was in the wrong place because I have a Dell unit but when I read it it was released in Sept 2014 and said it fixes the touch screen and the mouse freezing issues.

    I loaded it and it has been 3 days completely error free.

    Use the my Dell on your tablet to get to the updated drivers…I would apply all of the driver updates from every  category (Bios,disk,video….).

  15. I have a Venue 11 Pro 7139 which was shipped February 2014 and I have never been contacted by Dell about this. My tablet has had a never-ending run of problems: it has been sent back for repairs 4 times and I'm now at the point where it still doesn't work and the warranty is expried.

    I like Dell equipment and recommend them to people, as well as managing thousands of their machines where I work. However my experience with this machine is nothing short of diabolical.

  16. We bought a Venue 11 Pro for my husband for Christmas 2013 and received it January 2014. After about 6-7 months he started experiencing the same issues. After multiple factory resets and reinstalls of all the drivers it is reduced to an expensive paperweight. Neither of us ever received any contact from Dell regarding a possible recall of the unit.

  17. @hearts_angel – Is your venue model 7130 or 7139? If you're not sure, there are instructions for finding that at the end of the blog post. Those are the only two models that were affected by this issue. You may be experiencing a different issue. Have you reached out to our Customer Service team about it? If so, send me a direct message with your case number and I'll ask them to look into it again. ~LPT

  18. All I can say is that I wish I would have researched this issue earlier.. I am asking for some assistance, and am completely frustrated with Dell and the lack of accountability, customer service and integrity.!!  I purchased a Dell Venue Pro 11 from in December 2013 and  because it was back ordered for Christmas I did not receive the Tablet till January 2014.   It is a definitely 7130/7139.  I have also had unending issues with this  tablet.  It was repaired in October of 2014 and then again in January 2015.   It was out of warranty and they "made an exception" and repaired it a second time.. and now right on schedule I'm experiencing charging issues, it randomly shutting down, etc.   I thought buying directly from was the right thing to do.  

    I have been in communication with Prithwika Basak she is doing me a "favor" in giving me a discounted repair rate of $159.00 to repair a RECALLED item..  I believe this is fraud, and the fact that she is NOT DISCLOSING this issue at all.  This unit is worthless to me and my son (which was for his school work)  DELL Incident # 31392945

  19. For those of you trying to find an answer on how to fix your out of warranty Venue 11 Pro 7130, see the forum post from stone3t here:…/19543650

    I can verify it did work for me (removing the CMOS battery), but it does require some disassembly.

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