Throttling and the Studio 1747


Over the past couple of weeks I've been blogging about throttling issues on some of our Studio and Studio XPS model laptops.   These throttling issues resulted in power and performance issues which vary by degree, depending on configuration.   Previously, I wrote about how Dell has resolved the issues for our Studio XPS 1645 and 1647 models.    This blog post focuses on how Dell is resolving this problem for our customers with Studio 1747 laptops.

Earlier this week we released BIOS version A08 for the Studio 1747.  This BIOS update adjusts the algorithm that is used by the Studio 1747 to control the CPU, and allows the use of increased power available from a 130-watt AC adapter.   While we don't expect many Studio 1747 customers will experience throttling issues (similar to the Studio XPS 1647) with their systems, those who do can see enhanced performance of their systems while using the larger ac adapters.  We feel that this improved algorithm will greatly improve performance on the Studio 1647 systems.  Further, in conjunction with the 130 watt adapters for those who need them, the improved algorithm can remove almost all throttling from these systems.  Thermal limitations remain to protect the graphics card from excessive heat, if needed, during some intensive use. 

From customer discussions on our forums we also learned that quite a few of our 1747 customers have been reporting that the 90-watt adapters may be overheating.   As I posted previously on our forums, those Studio 1747 customers experiencing overheating on their adapters, as well as those concerned with CPU throttling on their systems after updating to the A08 BIOS, can contact Dell Technical Support to request a replacement 130-watt adapter.   If you have questions about how to update your system to the latest BIOS, our Technical Support reps can help you perform the upgrade.

If you have any questions about throttling in the Studio 1747 we invite you to join in the discussion on our Dell Community Forums.

Contacting Technical Support

In the United States, use phone numbers on this page to contact Dell Technical Support.

Outside of the United States:

  • Go to
  • At the very bottom of the page, select your country in the Choose a Country/Region field
  • Choose Contact Us on the left hand side
  • Click on the More Details link in the Contact Tech Support section
  • Click on the green Telephone button under the Call Tech Support section
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2 thoughts on “Throttling and the Studio 1747

  1. I was one of the fortunate ones who happened to order a new Dell Studio 1747 and I was experiencing the throttling and a hot 90 watt power supply. I initially ordered this laptop with the i7 72-QM CPU because it is the fastest production made laptop.  

    I must say that I have not had one problem with the other two laptops I purchased from Dell and after making one phone call to Dell Technical Service I didn't wait at all. I got through to service without any problems at all. The tech connected to my Studio and made two adjustments and promptly phoned me back 48 hours later to see if it made any difference. Unfortunately the adjustments did make any difference at all, so I was sent a 130 watt power supply which by the way arrived the following Tuesday as my return call was on a Friday. Dell promptly called me back again on the Wednesday to make sure that the problem was resolved which it was.

       I've had no problems with Dell at all and I've even recommended them to all my friends and family members and not one person I've recommended them to has had any trouble either.

    Keep up the great work Dell, you are a great company.

  2. Holy cow, I just received my 130 watt power supply, and not only is my heating problem gone, but I reran my Windows Experience Index and my graphics performance improved from 4.8 to 6.6! CPU performance remained same (7.7 with my i7). This is a massive improvement.

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