Throttling Update for Studio XPS 1645 Customers


We heard from some of our customers, like unclewebb, atlstang, and Zlog over on Notebook Review Forums, as well as from customers like Khaledseif, on our own Dell Community Forums, regarding some throttling issues on the Studio XPS 1645. These throttling issues resulted in power and performance issues which vary by degree, depending on configuration.   This throttling of the processor, and sometimes the graphics card as well, hinders overall system performance while running highly intensive software applications, such as games, as the system approaches the maximum power available from the 90-watt adapters that shipped with the system.

It's worth pointing out that throttling issues occur for various reasons. In the case of the Studio XPS 1645, it's different than the throttling that affected some of Dell's Latitude notebooks and mobile workstations that Lionel has blogged about before. This Studio XPS 1645 throttling issue is a limitation related to the 90-watt adapter.  The resolution is to update the system BIOS, and for some, replacing the 90-watt adapter with a 130-watt adapter.

We know that Studio XPS 1647 and Studio 1747 customers are also discussing throttling. We will provide details specific to both of those systems soon.

We released BIOS update A07 for the Studio XPS 1645 system and began shipping 130-watt replacement adapters to affected customers on February 12.    

You can download the A07 BIOS directly or click on the image below, then follow the steps below to install the updated BIOS:

  1. When you click on Download you will have the option to download via the Dell Download Manager or your Browser.   Unless you wish to install the Download Manager you may want to simply use your browser.  Keep track of where your system downloads the file
  2. Normally the installer will auto-run after you download it but depending on your system's Preferences settings, you may need to locate the file and double click it to begin the install.   Many people find it easier to save the file to their desktop when it is downloaded.
  3. Once the installer package has begun, all you need to do is confirm the default settings that it presents to you.  
  4. Please follow the on-screen instructions very closely and read the notifications about system restarts, etc.

Not all customers will find the need to use the 130-watt replacement adapter. If you do, contact Dell Technical Support to request it.  

Contacting Technical Support

In the United States, use phone numbers on this page to contact Dell Technical Support.


Outside of the United States:

  • Go to
  • At the very bottom of the page, select your country in the Choose a Country/Region field
  • Choose Contact Us on the left hand side
  • Click on the More Details link in the Contact Tech Support section
  • Click on the green Telephone button under the Call Tech Support section

Please note, the replacement adapters work in conjunction with the A07 BIOS.  If you have not yet updated to the A07 BIOS then Tech Support can help you install it prior to sending out the replacement adapter.  You will not be able to utilize the additional power available in the 130-watt adapter without installing the A07 BIOS. 

Again, we thank the customers at Notebook Review, the Dell Community Forums and several other websites for alerting us to this issue. The information they shared with us about their testing methods helped to address the issue.  Thanks also for your continued patience as we worked through the details. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Dell Technical Support. We're also happy to have discussions related to this post here on Direct2Dell or on this thread on the Dell Community Forum.

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  • Lance Lambert

    Hi Todd,

    I purchased my 1645 from Dell on one country and I'm now living in another country which doesn't have an official Dell. So I think I have to purchase the 130w adapter instead of asking for a free replacement.

    I found several part numbers pointing to the same 130w adapter, I wonder if this is the same. Part numbers: 330-1829, 330-1830, D232H, PA-4E, X408G. Can you give me the exact 130w adapter part number that Dell send out to customers? I can get someone to get me the 130w from another country but I need the exact part number just in case.

  • DesaraeDJarrett

    I called Dell because a certain part of my windows media palyer had not been working sine I received the laptop. Dell transfered me to 5 or 6 different departments then advised me that it's a software issue and becasue I didnt get a software warranty (on my 2 mth old laptob) that I would have to purchase a warranty before they could help me. I adv them that this problem existed since I received the laptop but I had not had time to sit down and figure it out. I could barely understand the rep and i asked to be transfered to someone on the U.S. They transfered me to a rep in the U.S. who adv me that speaking to a rep in the U.S. is a "Premium Service" and that I would have to pay $339.00 if i wanted this service. Which would include 4 Hardware and 4 software services.. Are you kidding me!!! I asked her isn't Dell an american company… I mean I have nothing against people from outside the United States. My family is from overseas, but I could barely understand th
    ier reps.. Never ever ever ever buy a Dell. I will shoout it from the mountain top.. This is 1 amongst many other problems

  • art630

    On Friday March 5  2010 I called tech support got disconnected twice problem never got resolved, then the following day I had over $400.00 deducted out of my credit card account at various business's in the UK, I live in California, one of which is was a Pizza Hut apparently they got hungry spending my money.

  • nichord

    My question on this matter is "WHY", after discovering this issue, was I shipped a 90W power supply on a computer that shipped February 19th well after the issue was discovered. I just got off the phone with Dell Support (1 hour) to get a new supply shipped. I have had the computer for almost 3 weeks and still experiencing freezes. I hope these issues get fixed soon.

  • barra449

    I had my Studio 1747 for 24 hours before the motherboard was ruined in the process of updating the BIOS to the latest one (A08) on the Dell support page. My machine was shipped at the end of February with a 90w AC Adapter. I'm only now discovering all of the pitfalls of buying this particular model. I have just paid $70Au to ship my dead machine to the nearest Dell agent 3,500 kms away. I'm hoping I will be offered some discount in shipping the machine back and I'm also hoping for the option of a refund/replacement if I have any further issues.

  • simon-au

    I called Dell Support about a 130W power supply today. Tech Support ordered me one, then about 1 hour later I got a call from "Dell Logistics" saying that they had supply problems and someone would call me in 3 days time as their warehouse didn't have any in stock!

    The question EVERY XPS owner needs answering is:

    "Does the 130W power supply and the latest bios (currently A08) completely (as in 100%) fix this problem?"

    Dell Moderators: Can you please provide a straight answer to this question? Thank you.


    P.S. To say its "highly intensive software
    applications" is misleading and incorrect. Watching
    Youtube in HD is not highly intensive!


  • dnaren

    I got my laptop – Studio XPS 1645 today and it came with 90W adapter. I am on phone with technical support and this call is going nowhere. I don't know why I need to explain 3 times the reasons for requesting a 130W adapter and they are still not done. I am typing this while I am put on hold for the third time. 

    Can Dell streamline the 130W adapter request process? This XPS product line is supposed to get some kind of 'premium' support…?!

  • dimitridegrecia

    Ok, yesterday I received my Studio XPS 1645 with i7 720, WLED, 4670 ATI, 500 GB HDD, 4GB DDR3, DVD-RW. Haven't yet had the chance to run it, but I felt obliged to respond to all of you fellas that Dell is sending the 130Watt adapter with the system. At least mine is 130W without placing any complaints or orders on such a thing. So far it doesn't throttle or have any lags but I have to say that I haven't installed any games or full HD 1080p video, just a few 720p movies. I guess I am one of the lucky ones…Hope so at least…

    PS. I didn't have the Bluetooth module installed to save 20 bucks. LOL. And that, just to inform you of my full configuration.

  • jeff_atl

    Hopefully my recent experience with <b>exchanging the 90 watt adapter for the 130 watt adapter</b> can help some of you, as it was quite a frustrating experience, but I was given a case # and ensured I would have the new 130 watt adapter in 2-3 business days.  Here goes…

    Had some MAJOR throttling issues when doing design work and limited gaming – nothing too intense, but noticing a lot of stuttering, hang-ups and even a lock-up or two.  Got pissed.  Did some research, discovered two things need to happen:  1) update bios to A07, 2) get the proper (130watt) adapter

    Called Dell and got x-ferred SIX TIMES.  That pissed me off.  <b>How you can streamline your process:</b> request to speak with an XPS Specialist, or XPS specific representative.  Mine had to speak with his supervisor and put me on hold for 5 minutes, but got approval and authorization for shipping me my new adapter, read me the case number and dispatch number, and told me to have a good day.


    1.  Request to speak with an XPS System Specialist or the closest thing to him/her

    2.  Be ready to explain why you, personally, require the 130-watt adapter (throttling, of course, and system not performing near advertised specs, but with the bios update and higher wattage adapter it will)

    3.  YES, you are smart, thus you have already installed the BIOS revision A07… haven't you?  Of course you have.

    4.  Make certain you are persistent, quoting this website and this article, saying how Dell Corporate has approved this exchange and do not take no for an answer

    5.  Have a frosty cold beverage of your choosing – or three – at hand as it might take a while… I was stuck at work and didn't have the option but it would have made me much affable

    Good luck!  You deserve it because you paid for it.  Now go get it.

  • jeff_atl

    Update from yesterday: well, half of my adapter order as detailed on the invoice/bill of lading arrived.  Phoned Dell (again), explained issue, weight is too light as listed per FedEx packing for an entire adapter, consternation ad infinitum… they're sending the "2nd half" of my adapter order to me today, apparently.

    Fingers crossed!  'Round and 'round we go…

  • warmfield

    Does it make sense that my xps 1645 performs well when plugged into new adapter but not when using battery power? Is this part of the same throttling issue?

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    warmfield: no, the throttling that Todd describes happens with a 90-watt adapter for some 1645 customers. It should not throttle using battery power.

    Have you checked your battery power settings? I bet you need to make some adjustments there.  If you've done that and need to speak to someone, please DM me your service tag by clicking on this link ( and clicking on the Send Message button.

  • Ashtaroth42

    Hi lol pls be nice I'm really not a techie and need some help. Um how do I know if I have the 90W adapter? Pretty sure I do as I bought my system in December, but where would it say on there? Also, having major performance issues that are actually making me entertain the notion of going Mac. Understand I must update Bios, when I went to that page I was confused; it looked like I should do Bios 9 not A07 as suggested above? Please help! Thanks so much.

  • dimitridegrecia

    Ashtaroth42, I think you need to multiply the V with the A. Mine was 19.5Vx6.7A=130.65….good luck man..

  • deredd


    And about those problems with delay in delivery date of xps 1645 with i7?

    I've read many complaints about this in the end of last year and earlier this year. Dell has solved those problems with delay in delivery of xps 1645 i7 yet?

    Someone of you who recieved yours dell xps 1645 with i7 could help me? Someone had problems with delay in delivery date of xps 1645 with i7 currently?

    Please, help me!


  • gpig

    The 130watt adapter with this BIOS update is not a complete resolution to the problems several users are still experiencing when running "real-world" applications such as games.  Some of us are experiencing the CPU being throttled down to about 200MHz, making the system unusable.  This is with the latest A09 BIOS.  Please see this discussion:…/19335185.aspx

  • Gizmoboy

    Hi. I just bought a 1645, "07/01/10". Any chance it will ship with a 130 watt adapter?

  • sunnyorlando

    Asof today 9/28/10 I am ordering an XPS 16 (1645 specifically). By reading the above, it appears that I should get one that has the current BIOS and the 130W power supply. Therefore I shoud lnto encounter this issue. Is this correct?

    BTW – Im also looking to see  what are the differences betwen the XPS 16 1340, 1640, 1645 and 1670…

  • steveorg

    SOOOO? Did the BIOS update and new power adapter fix the issue?

  • ardb

    I purchased a Dell 1640 in September 2009. While still under warranty, in January of 2010, I had a motherboard replaced. I paid for a onsite service call. Because the technician had the wrong motherboard, I had to wait another day for him to return with the correct one. When he did, it did not solve my problem. After he spent time on the phone with Tech Support and running diagnostics, they felt it necessary to replace the display???

    Then, I began to reallyl experience the throttling problem but I did not know what it was until I googled it and found all the forums where others are experiencing the same issue. Now I have called Dell and after paying for an out-of-warranty incident call they reccommended I try the 130w adapter. This did not solve the problem.

    Now, after numerous calls and my complaints, Dell refuses to do anything for me because I am out of warranty even though I paid for the tech issue that was never solved. It cost me an out-of-warranty charge and no solution!!! A Dell MANAGER has told me there is nothing they can do but to get ift fixed I would have to send it away and then charge me for any defective parts that may need to be replaced to solve the issue. That would cost big bucks! Dell refuses to help, all because I'm out of warranty and stuck with a laptop that should have been recalled. I'm ANGRY and I want Dell, and everybody to know that I, or my company, will no longer do business with Dell. Goodbye.


  • kgunter

    Hello.  My wife's laptop is a Studio XPS 1645 with this throttling issue.  She spoke with Technical help today and they told her that because her laptop is 12 days out of warranty that they wouldn't send her this 130-watt replacement adapter.  Is this true, or do we need to talk to someone else?  This shouldn't be a warranty issue as she's been having these problems for a long time and only just now was able to find information that lead her to this site.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    kgunter: I apologize for the frustration.

    Please e-mail us here with the following information: a bit more detail about what's happening, the service tag number of your wif'es machine and your address. From there, we will ask someone from the Tech Support team to reach out to you.

  • hitmouse2

    I have a Studio 1557, one of the models cited on the throttling threads but not mentioned on this blog post. I've updated BIOS to latest and other drivers without improvement. I have a 90W adaptor and would like to get a 130W replacement.

    I was living in Australia when I got the unit but now live in France.

    I hardly know where to begin with Dell France as I can never get anyone online who is even remotely competent ( I tried 4 times to order a Dell tower with English Windows and QWERTY keyboard but that was beyond them – mind you, HP France was even worse).   Desperate to get my 1557 working usefully and to replace my desktop, but it seems insanely ambitious….

  • vykor

    Argh!  For 3 years I had this issue on my Studio XPS 1645, and could not find a good solution.  A friend referred me to this page just today.  Unfortunately, my machine is out of warranty now, and no amount of begging could get your tech support staff to send me this 130-watt adapter.  I've had this issue forever, before the warranty ever expired; I wish you guys would notify normal people like me when issues like this come up.

    Do you know if there Is there anything I can do at this point?