Time to Smell the Roses!


Often at Dell we’re so caught up in the bustle of making the next big thing happen that we forget to pause a moment and recognize the great job people have already done. Sometimes it takes a gigantic rose to come along before we’re reminded it’s ok to enjoy the smell of flowers.

PCMag.com recently handed us a bouquet I’d like to share. Four Dell products made PCMag’s “Best of the Year” list for 2011. We couldn’t be more delighted!

The XPS 15z received the gold award in the Desktop Replacement category, fending off competitors due to its performance, design, and affordable price. With the addition of the XPS 15z’s competitive specs, PCMag notes that it’s a “highly rated desktop replacement no matter (where) you buy it.” 

In the Gaming category, Alienware clinched both the gold and the silver awards. PCMag gave its gold award to the powerful Alienware M17x, saying, “The Alienware M17X (Sandy Bridge)… is the epitome of a dedicated gaming laptop, offering a wide selection of Sandy Bridge quad-core processors, the fastest Nvidia and AMD graphics chips, and some of the most advanced features known to laptops.” They went on to proclaim the M17x the “best gaming laptop in the world.” You’ll get no argument from me!

The Silver Award in the Gaming category went to the Alienware M11x r3. The article noted that Alienware rules the roost in the portable gaming laptop space, and went on to say something we’ve always known, that the M11x “excels in the areas that matter most: Portability, gaming, and battery life.” From the perspective of an M11x user, I have to agree here. For gaming on the go, nothing beats my little power-house, the M11x. 

Finally, in the Single Function Color Printer category, Dell teams took home another gold award, this time for the Dell 1250c. The bottom line? According to PCMag, the Dell1250c Color LED printer delivers faster speed and better quality overall than anything else in its price class.

 It isn’t just PCMag that’s taking notice. PCWorld has also recently recognized the XPS 15z and the Latitude E6240 ATG in their “Top All-Purpose Laptops” category, the Precision M6600 and the Inspiron 17R in the “Top Desktop Replacement Laptops” category, as well as noticing the Vostro V131 and the Latitude E6320 in their “Top Ultraportable Laptops” list.

Congratulations to all of the teams that worked on these award winning products! People ARE taking notice!  

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  • estrenk

    awesome… love Dell products

  • estrenk

    What about the Inspiron ONE. Just took it out of the box the other day…. WOW… we love it