Time with Altimeter Group’s Charlene Li at Dell


Yesterday, lots of folks here at Dell were thrilled to welcome Charlene Li to Dell headquarters yesterday to spend some time with her as she took part in the #CMOsocial event that Dell hosted with Forbes CMO Network.

While she was here, Charlene shared a few words with some of Dell’s employees who were certified as part of our Social Media and Communities University (we call it SMaC-U for short). Was pumped to see Charlene’s tweet that meeting some of the now nearly 7,000 certified employees was a highlight of her day here:

Charlene Li visits Dell

It’s fitting, because I know a lot of the concepts that she wrote about in Open Leadership were a big influence to the development of the education framework that our education team launched a little over two years ago.

I can also say that Charlene was one who really inspired a small team of Dell folks to forge ahead  when we were getting our social media efforts off the ground several years ago. That’s one of the reasons I jumped at the chance to take a few minutes to interview her while she was here:

Happy recent 8th blogging birthday to you Charlene, and thanks for the lessons and continued inspiration along the way!

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