Toasting New Belgium Brewing on the Hoppiest Day of the Year


The connection between technology and beer is more involved than just Geeks Who Drink.

“There isn’t a facet of our business processes that technology doesn’t touch,” says Travis Morrison, director of IT at New Belgium Brewing Company who joined us at CES earlier this year.

Since today is National Beer Day, we’re celebrating by raising a glass to New Belgium and our more-than-decade-long journey with them as an end-to-end Dell customer. We’re proud to have seen them grow to become the fourth largest U.S. brewer of craft beer and the eighth largest brewery in the nation while leveraging Dell technology solutions.

Even if beer’s not your cup of tea, you can’t help but appreciate New Belgium’s story—from being the company that was “founded on a bike” to delivering 945,000 barrels of beer in 2014 to its 100-percent employee-owned workforce. Those employees, who they call Beer Rangers, have to be a very mobile workforce as they expand across the United States.

“Success in IT is having our coworkers have a good experience when they’re accessing their applications, when they’re accessing their files,” said Erin Williams, senior systems administrator at New Belgium.

While our laptops and docking stations help make that a smooth process, Dell storage and networking also play a part in enabling automation and monitoring of all aspects of the brewing process.

“IT really enables us to source, make and deliver really great, consistent-quality beer,” says Morrison.

Watch this great video about our partnership with New Belgium and how we’re helping them brew up success – including using our Dell PowerEdge VRTX to create what they call a “brewery in a box.”

And join the conversation on Twitter: #weloveyourwork @Dell @NewBelgium

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