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Top 5 Moments of Dell OEM This Year (So Far)


It’s been a fast start to the year for OEM. I’m pleased to share that Dell was just recently named as one of the most powerful IoT companies by We appreciate this recognition as we approach our one-year IoT anniversary!

If you want to know what else we’ve been up to this past few months, here our top five favorite moments:

  1. This past January, we continued to expand our IoT footprint, and opened our third IoT lab in Singapore. We chose Singapore because of the government’s commitment to developing a smart nation and the country’s strong connectivity infrastructure. This launch followed our successful lab launches in Ireland and Silicon Valley. These labs allow us to support customers and partners realize the potential of IoT as they work to enable future-ready businesses and societies.
  2. We hosted another one of our 1-5-10 Discussion Series in San Francisco, focusing on IoT. The event brought together thought leaders who offered  unique perspectives on the current and future state of IoT and spoke to the opportunities and challenges our industry and society will face over the next one, five and ten years. Additionally, the panel touched upon a number of trends and topics, including the importance of security, how IoT is impacting enterprise technology and how it can address some of the world’s biggest problems.
  3. We showcased our capabilities in Barcelona and at the Telecom industry’s global flagship event – Mobile World Congress (MWC), where we demonstrated a number of our telecom solutions, developed with our partners, to reinforce our leadership in that space. As IoT was a huge focal point for MWC, we displayed some our latest IoT and proof-of-concepts solutions. This included the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 series and our “Internet of Bees” project, as well as some of the work we are doing with IoT visionaries Xaptum  and Azeti. Internet of BeesAlso, I was honored to participate in a panel entitled “The Internet of Things: Connectivity,” alongside executives from  Tele2, Qualcomm, Jasper, and with Bengt Nordstorm, CEO of Northstream, moderating. We discussed the IoT market and how it is being impacted by new standards, vertical market trends and technology.
  4. Meanwhile in Germany, we announced our first purpose-built industrial PC (IPC) products – the Embedded Box PC Series  at, where else, Embedded World. Industry analyst Charles King of Pund-IT noted how these products “demonstrate that Dell solutions can handle any kind of work and anything the workplace can throw at it.” Also at the conference, Dell VP and Senior fellow Liam Quinn discussed the evolution of smart cities with Bill Morelli, director of IoT, M2M and connectivity at IHS Technology,
  5. Last, but certainly not least, we continue to be inspired by the work we are doing with our customers to develop industry-leading solutions that impact industries such as telecom, industrial automation and even NASCAR racing. For example, our work with KMC Controls enables them to speed up their time-to-market by up to 50%. Moreover, our work with Richard Childress Racing allows the company to harness valuable insights from IoT and enable faster, more efficient racing.

We’ve had a busy first quarter, and expect to keep the strong momentum going for the rest of the year. Happy spring! 

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