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Trade Secrets: Let’s give ’em something to talk about


More than just the lyrics to a great Bonnie Raitt song, the title of this post is also the goal of our new Trade Secrets program.

No, Dell's not out to steal your proprietary business information – we're simply looking to get our SMB customers not only talking with us, but also with each other. And, not just talking about Dell products, but also about the larger topics small and medium businesses face and how Dell solutions can help.

Like business development – something a majority of small business owners said they plan to focus on this year. An important part of business development is making that first impression on a customer and we think the new Vostro V130 laptop can do just that while working beautifully.

But, first impressions are about more than just a sleek, stylish system and that's where Trade Secrets comes in. We want our customers to share and learn from each other by sharing their own secrets to making a good first impression.

They can do this on Twitter with the #tradesecrets hashtag or directly on Facebook where our Trade Secrets app aggregates them all.


To help kick-start the conversation, we also sent several V130s to bloggers in the US and UK. We wanted their opinion of the product, but also asked them to help us increase awareness of Trade Secrets. We listened to them about how they could best reach their audience, and that led to a few contests for which we donated prizes.

You'll find a list of their posts at the end of this one, and we'll continue to update it as more come online. (Let us know in the comments if we miss one!)

And, this isn't just a one-time marketing campaign. No, Trade Secrets will evolve as new topics come along. Today we're talking about first impressions, but next month the conversation may revolve around the challenges of a mobile workforce or continuous improvement of your business products.

If you've got a hot topic to suggest, we'd love for you to leave it here in the comments. And, if you want to take a peek at some secrets already shared, visit

Trade Secrets/Vostro V130 blog posts:

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