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Earlier this year, we announced a refresh of our portfolio of business client systems, including nine new additions to our Latitude family. With these new systems, our efforts focused on delivering professional tools with consumer appeal – designed to maximize end user productivity and IT control. And our focus is measured by customer interest and demand – as well as 3rd party product reviews from sites like notebooks.com, Government Computer News and Computer Reseller News, we’ve been successful in this effort.

As we began communicating to customers today, we recently made a decision that impacts availability of one of those systems: the Latitude XT3 convertible tablet. We have removed the Latitude XT3 tablet from sale on Dell.com. I can assure you; there are no issues with the Latitude XT3 itself. This decision is based on the fact demand has outpaced production capacity.

Further, this decision should in no way be interpreted as Dell is not committed to End User Computing, the PC business or tablets in general. Dell is steadfastly committed to End User Computing and meeting our customers’ needs from the device to the data center to the cloud with customer inspired design across a complete portfolio of systems, services and solutions.

Comments or questions on this decision? Let us know below.

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33 thoughts on “Update on Dell Latitude XT3

  1. Will the Latitude XT3 come back and be on sale again some time this year or the next? The Inspiron Duo is all right but very poor alternative since they seem to be slimming down the custom options even more then it had a few months ago.

  2. Hello, regarding the delay of XT3, what about for those who already placed the order?   I placed an order back on August 10 when it was first available for ordering.  It showed estimated ship date of Sept 26.  My account rep still cannot get a ship date.

  3. @Mithandusil – My name is Lauren and I work with Kirk's team. We aren't able to comment on the future availability of the Latitude XT3 at this time.  But please know that Dell will continue to offer tablets as part of its end user computing portfolio. We will keep you updated here on Direct2Dell.

  4. i have my xt3 and it is an absolute dream!  Way to go Dell–you can't make it much better than this.

  5. Hello Mr Kirk Schell. Thanks for the update on Latitude XT3. They current market situation for this product is unacceptable. They specifications are excellent. Better to invest on Latitude XT3 than on separate Tablet and Laptop. However, I am sure most home and corporate users have postponed purchasing tablet and Laptop, expecially corporate IT Departments, waiting for this Laptop Tablet. This product must be released before Christmas 2011 to capture the market.

  6. Word is in Australia that the XT3 is dead. It won't be back. iPads and the numerous other tablets out and about have killed it off.  Pity; I didn't get to see one. "Demand has outpaced production capacity" – that's a good one. Guess how many iPads are produced each day? – here's an old quote "Total iPad 2 production capacity at the Chengdu site amounts to about 500,000 units per month (May 23, 2011)". If the demand for the XT3 was the same as for an iPad – and it isn't – don't you reckon DELL might just hurry up the production line?

    "Dell is steadfastly committed to End User Computing and meeting our customers’ needs…"  If so why has there been no further news since October 6, almost 8 weeks ago?  My guess is that Dell's customers are having their needs met elsewhere.

  7. My wife has an aging XT2 that isn't going to last much further, and uses it to grade papers by marking up tests on the screen in a paperless environment for her online classes. Furthermore, she can mark up powerpoint slides using the tablet, much like the age-old overhead projector, that is connected to the video projectors in all of the classrooms.

    The duo is a joke. The Apple and android tablets cannot run Microsoft Office nor do they have a VGA video out. And they don't connect to corporate Microsoft networks either. While the apple and android tablets are fun, they are not business class. They can't even print to a network printer directly – good luck with that.  

    I have a Dell latitude E620 and would prefer to stay with Dell as the way it is now, we can share power adapters between the XT2 and teh E620 and are both familiar with support.dell.com for an occasional driver update… We've been holding out on the XT3 for several months now, but its looking its canned. So… Do we go with the Lenovo to replace our aging XT2? If the XT3 is not out by January 1, we're going to have to go with the  Lenovo, as well as the rest of the college…We're not going to hold out any further…

  8. I wanted to provide an update on the Latitude XT3.

    Dell is committed to the Latitude XT3 and will continue to offer it as part of our end user computing portfolio. We continue to ramp product supply at this time to ensure all customers receive product ASAP.

    We will keep you updated here on Direct2Dell as updates become available. Delivering the best experience to all our customers is our top priority and we are sorry for any inconvenience the delay has caused.

  9. I just hope you will release xt3 again as I sell my xt2 and I will look for something like xt3. I don't want to buy lenovo !!!

  10. if you don't start selling it before 2012 you lose a 12-year dedicated customer and i bet i am not the only one you are probably losing clients by the minute. Start dealing with your problems more seriously Dell has got major problems in 2011! Such as customer care (business & personal) i wasted 5 days to make online assistants send me an empty box for servicing my xt2 and now this… If you can't sell xt3, don't publish it… or if there is a problem just be honest and tell us about it… sorry for being a bit off-topic

  11. "We continue to ramp product supply at this time…" – what does that mean exactly Lauren?  Please speak in plain English and leave the jargon to one side.

    I get the impression that there are serious problems with the XT3.  There is a number of Youtube videos of problems with the touch screen that DELL have clearly no solution for.  So either the model has been scrapped in favour of the tablet platform, or its been scrapped because the problems with the XT3 are too costly/difficult to fix, or simply because demand is so poor. (Or all three!)

    Its now two months since the update and nothing has happened except for some "ramping" of product supply, whatever that means.  How about some real information.

  12. @WayneFB You are not right about the problems, my friend, they are already fixed, except if you are talking about something new. If you are, please post a link.


  13. Too bad these aren't on sale anymore. My client was ready to purchase $125K worth. I guess we'll have to go to Fujitsu to get them. They don't seem to have the supply problems that Dell has.

    Sorry Dell, missed a great opportunity.

  14. Still no definite news on the XT3 I see. I contacted DELL Australia again and they were less than helpful about when XT3s will be available. I wonder why DELL can't just tell us what the problem is.  

    Anyhoo, I just bought myself a refurb unit because I couldn't wait any longer. Let's hope it doesn't suffer from the cursor jump problem or anything else.  

    Good luck for those hanging out for a new one.  Cheers.

  15. Quiero saber si saldrá nuevamente la Latitude XT3 y en qué fecha? para tomar una desición de si esperarme o comprar otra laptop. Gracias.

  16. I don't understand either why there have been no updates on the availability of the XT3. I might be switching to Lenovo in the future.

  17. I just bought 1 Brand new xt3 from an australain ebay seller. Great tablet and if you like to buy he has got few more units thanx

  18. His ebay xt3 tablet listing can be seen on ebay USA website. I recieved it within 7 days and Seller is very helpful and professional. Best of Luck

  19. Apparently Mr. Kirk Schell opens this space which does not participate or respond ¡¡¡¡???.

    I do not see any sense and usefulness keep writing if he does not give a clear answer, maybe the customers are not priority for him or DELL.

  20. Need the XT3 tablet – Dell's ST is just a weak machine that will not meet our needs – not nearly enough RAM or CPU in the ST. Just plain need that Intel I7 in that XT3 tablet to push Office 2010 and Adobe… So have we 'Ramped up' yet? Don't prefer to go with Lenovo/Fujitsu/Asus tablets as we are mainly a Dell shop, but sometimes you have to move on…

    And so as MS develops and releases Windows 8 Beta, which is a touchscreen environment, it's hard to believe that Dell is missing the boat. Maybe that's the real reason that it was pulled after all- perhaps they are redesigning it for Windows 8.

    Looking elsewhere – moving on…

  21. I'm curious. I finished school last year and have been out of the Tablet game for a while. I actually just noticed a few weeks ago the existence of the XT3. What price point did it come in at, and was it still utilizing the dreaded N-trig multi-touch ?

  22. I also can't help wondering if the delayed release is possibly due to a desire to ship these with Win8, or are you believing the Hype that Ipad derivatives are the only way to go. Dell seems to be extremely confused in this market, treading water, and I assume, wasting a good bit of engineering time and money. I've told you guys before that I and several others could show you how to do this if you can bring a simplified version (Core i3, 64GB SSD, and simply hardened) to market at a $600-750 price point.  You were on a good track with the Duo. I was actually surprised to see that come from Dell. A little under-powered, but definitely on the right track.

  23. Does no one from Dell read these pages? You say let us know below and then do absolutely nothing about it. Of course people are upset; you say that the XT3 is a great product and that it's in high demand but provide no guidance to its future availability. I'm just getting increasingly convinced that I'll be getting a Lenovo next time around.

  24. Well when I posted here a Dell representive did contact me to try to find an alternative… though the only convertible tablet was Inspiron Duo… not a very similiar alternative. It would be nice if specific reasons are actually announced but would that be good or bad for the business or product. At least Dell can say they made something really good that it caused this much of a demand.

  25. So no current eta of more production? Or reason why no further production or perhaps it's the sae reasona s before?

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