Wanted: Your Feedback on Future Dell Mini Netbooks


Netbooks for Lightning Rod With all the speculation and  interest being generated by the Dell Inspiron Mini line and netbooks in general, we’ve taken a couple of steps to augment how our product developers listen to customer wants and needs.

First, we’ve posted to our crowdsourcing site, IdeaStorm, this Lightning Rod question: “What would you like to see in future generations of Dell netbooks?”

  • So what would you like to see in future Dell Minis? (Things like form factor, new features, personalization ideas, operating system support, etc.)
  • What features are most important in a netbook? (Things like HD capability, network connectivity options, battery life, usability, etc.)

Share your ideas plus vote and comment on others via IdeaStorm in the Netbooks category.

Beyond IdeaStorm, members of Dell’s netbook development team also will be listening and responding via a new Twitter account, @Dell_Mini. If you’re into micro-blogging, give the team a follow and share your thoughts on what you would like to see in the future.

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  • helmecj01

    Why did Dell useing Ubuntu 8.04? Not the New Ubuntu 9.04?

  • Jayayess1190

    I want:

    Windows 7 Home Premium as the base option, no Starter at all.

    Possible to support more than 2GB of ram?

    Stay fanless

    9 cell battery and a 6 cell that does not look weird (like on the EEE's)

    More SSD options

    Intel Pineview as soon as its available (with the faster versions of the processor available)

    Options for the tv tuner and 200 nit screen on models with N series processors


  • 22cactus22

    you could add a touchscreen, and make it into a 'tablet style netbook'. I think that this would make it much easyer to use, and although more expensive, it would be a unique product. you could even make an XPS mini, with more power and features.

    a more down to earth idea is that you create a (product )red mini. this would fit in with your other red range, and many people would buy it.

    hope these ideas sound good,



  • taffman

    Just the things already announced that will complete the specification. Only things left for me now are 2Gb Ram, GPS and mobile broadband for the UK / Europe.

    Simple really, will order two straight away.

  • kenjennings

    I'd like:

    Minimum 10hr continuous uptime on one charge, though I'd prefer something closer to 20 hours.

    2G RAM

    Stick to fanless CPUs.  How about ARM???

    Rotating screen to turn it into a tablet.

    Waacom Pen-enabled screen.

    11" display and pixel resolution greater than 1024xwhatever.


    Media card(s) reader. CF, SD.  At least SD form factor.

    Wifi, A/B/G.

    Ethernet 10/100/1000.

    Internal GPS would be nice.

    It Does Not have to have massively fast accelerated 3D.  Compiz works fine on many simple integrated chipsets.  Just use something that works.

    2 USB ports minimum (4 ports if there's no Bluetooth and Media card Reader.)

    HD 1920x1080P output might be nice, but not really needed.

    Naturally, for it to be stable, secure, and useful it has to be running Linux.


  • roberts5000

    2GB ram (or at least the ability to upgrade to)

    1280 x 768 screen.(a must have)



    Basically a 10v with 1280 x 768 screen

  • AllFiredUp

    A high resolution display (1366×768 if 16:9 aspect ratio) is a deal maker (or breaker) for me.  I bought the Mini 12 because of it's 12.1" 1280×800 display.  A 1024×576 display is too much of a compromise for my needs/preferences.

    A good keyboard is essential, too.  The one on my Mini 12 isn't that great.  The shape and feel of the keys makes it difficult to type as fast as on a full-size notebook keyboard.  A back-lit keyboard would be a fantastic feature as well.



  • dvdivx

    The screen being less than 600 is a big mistake and one Asus already made. Users aren't going to care about 16:9 video at the expense of a smaller screen resolution. At least offer 1024×600 as a choice, ideally 1280×768. The first time users can't even get 800×600 to work you are going to have alot of returns.


  • padapa

    What do I want … hummmm Yes

    A new Dell Mini 12 with the following specs:

    Keep it just the size and weight it is right now

    Keep the 12" 1280×800 screen


    Update the design to include:

    Fast 1.8" or 2.5" SATA SSD – 32GB STD, Optional 64GB

    BACKLIT Keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dual core Atom Processor

    2GB of Ram STD, Expandable to 4GB

    OSX or Ubuntu with an OSX look-alike interface, Optionally Win7 (Stick Vista in the trash, I did Ick! )

    ALL for the incredibly low price of ~$399


    I'll buy between 2 and 4 of them. Geeked



  • petey99

    Basically, what I want from is a laptop that's durable enough that I can use it anywhere (esp. outdoors) without worrying about it breaking, and cheap enough that if it does break, I can replace it. My short list of requirements:

    a) 1280×800 or higher screen resolution. Until Dell introduced the new series, I wasn't considering a netbook. 1024×600 is not enough for almost anything. It'd also be nice if the screen was usable in direct sunlight (OLPC technology?), and if it had some sort of protective coating on it (e.g. replaceable piece of plexiglass in front of it), but those are more of a wishlist.

    b) Waterproof (I can use it floating on an inflatable pool mattress, take it on a sailboat, take it along if it might rain, etc, and if it falls in, it probably won't break). It'd be nice if it floated too, but that's not critical (I can always attach something to it).

    c) Moderately sturdy (small drops and bumps won't hurt it)

    d) Moderately small and light. It doesn't have to be ultralight like the current generation of netbooks, but it should be convenient (13" laptop weight on a 10" screen is fine, and I'd even take slightly heavier).

    There's a bunch of high-end ruggedized notebooks on the market that are MILSPEC and cost many grand. Aside from eating most of that market, such a netbook would appeal to swarms of people like me, who want to be able to take a laptop along when hiking, or biking, or traveling, or just to work somewhere pretty.

    My guess is that such a device would be best off built with toy technology. There's a swarm of toys that are as ruggedized as the above. With netbook processors and solid state disks, the thermal problems go away, so waterproofing becomes cheap and easy (you don't need fans and airflow), as does making the thing sturdy (no moving parts to break). You can just heatsink everything to a metal plate on the bottom, and it should work okay.

    My guess is that the hardest part would be all of the connectors. The battery housing would need an O-ring, and would probably not be convenient to swap out. Except for battery, probably all this would have is USB and power, or alternatively a dock/breakout connector and power.

    I don't care much about anything else. 1.2GHz Atom is plenty, as is 512k RAM and a small SSD (I'd buy 4GB, but I'd prefer 8-32GB).

  • jallenb74

    I REALLY like the Mini 9 form factor.  I have been considering a mini 10 for only two reasons: 1. higher res screen (not necessarily because it is bigger, like I said… the mini 9 form factor is great).  2.  Better keyboard.  My suggestion is to keep the mini 9 form factor in your line indefinately.  Try very hard to improve the keyboard.  Make it edge to edge as others have suggested, and maybe even add .25 or .5 inches to the width of the laptop if needed.  1024×600 should be the absolute lowest that should ever show up on any machine.  Higher resolutions would be much preferred.  Slightly larger battery would be preferrable as well, but certainly not a deal breaker.  

    Some have suggested getting a standard HDD to increase capacity.  I disagree.  I would certainly like to see 32 and 64 gig options or higher in the SDD on the mini 9(and an SDD would make the mini 10 more appealing as well), but I would prefer to have a 16 gig SDD over a 160 gig HDD.  Offer Win 7 on the Mini 9 as soon as it comes out.  I have it on my mini 9 now, and it performs better than XP does on my girlfriends mini 9.  

    Lastly, please have an option of including the WWAN option on the board, so that a card can be added at a later date.  I cannot use one where I currently live, but plan to move within the next year and would probably want to have it where I will be living.  It would be nice if I didnt have to buy a whole new laptop.  Too late for me, but in the future, it would be nice.  

  • jallenb74

    oh yeah… one more thing.  please implement faster atom processors when possible, maybe update the mini 9 to allow more than 2 gigs, and definately include the nvidia ion as soon as possible.  

  • andybleaden

    I was looking at one of these. I appreciate the release of more products with Ubuntu software as it works everytime for me.


    I would really like to see a standard 4 usb ports on the mini 10..2 is no good, three is gonna mean a struggle but 4 would be useful and then for lose the sd media card option.


    I would also have 1gb ram and entry level 40gb hdd

  • feranick

    As I see Dell discontinuing the Mini 9, I cannot express my biggest concern and sadness. The Mini 9 is by far the best netbook for me, as it is. I don't need a bigger and heavier netbook. I understand all manufacturer are going bigger screens. However the 9's form factor is unbeatable, as many user can confirm.

    Please bring the 9 back! The 10v is a joke, since it just missed the point of the 9 (small and light) with subpar screen resolution.

    For improvements (besides the 9 form factor):

    1. A better chipset. The GMA950 is a joke. Doesn't handle multimedia, and it has great problems with Linux. Take the Nvidia Ion, and you can finally claim that you can have proper multimedia in the all Mini series.

    2. The mini 9 had the ability to be upgraded completely (RAM, SSD). This is no longer possible, as all boards seem to be soldered. Give the user the ability to upgrade!

    3. Update Ubuntu to something more modern than 8.04 (9.04 works great…).

    I am a very loyal Dell customer, and I bought the 9 as soon as it was released. I would need to buy more of them (or a worthy successor), but the 10 is definitively not one. So please bring the 9 back!