Weekly Recap 4-23-08


Another great week on IdeaStorm! Since the last update we've had another seven Ideas in Action.

It has been a very green week for us (as you could probably tell by our new banner). Our resident Dell environment guru todd_d has been busy informing the community about what being green means to Dell. The community learned more about how we have changed our packaging and what we do around Dell campuses to be green.

Two popular ideas from last year were also updated and are no longer In Progress but Implemented. Toni_d updated the community about the new and expanded photo gallery, and the beta passed for Assistance Seeker that allows customers to browse new systems by need not price. As well, hope_l talked about the role of our Experience Design team in one of the most popular design ideas.

And, in case the IdeaStorm community wasn't feeling loved enough, here are a couple nice call-outs!

New Dell Vostro Laptop Range Driven Customer Feedback

What's next for Dell customer service

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    jervis961 said:
    I thought for sure Dell would have announced who won the environmental idea contest this week. We've been waiting almost a year now.