Welcome the Inspiron 1525 to the Dell Ubuntu Family


Earlier today, we added the Inspiron 1525 notebook to our family of Ubuntu products.  And as with our other systems shipping Ubuntu 7.10, Dell is including built-in DVD playback capabilities so that you can get the most out of your new Dell.

Customers in the UK, France, Spain, and Germany may place orders today. Later this month, the US Ubuntu website will also be updated with Inspiron 1525. The growth in Linux sales has enabled us to expand Linux onto more platforms over the last year. Thanks again for your support.

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85 thoughts on “Welcome the Inspiron 1525 to the Dell Ubuntu Family

  1. I have read on other forums that X3100 has trouble doing all the new 3d graphics effects. WIll 3d effects work out of the box? How does it compare with other Intel graphics chips? 

  2. Thanks! For the features, the 15.4" Inspiron 1525 is going to be very competitively priced once you shed the Micro$oft tax. Look forward to buying it in the U.S.

  3. You guys rock.  I've got $700 saved up, just saving more and more and waiting for the right model..

     Something along the lines of an XT/XPS hybrid with a really fast 8 GB SSD and secondary extended storage SATA HDD with Ubuntu..

     I'm very likely to just break down and get something else sooner though ^_^

     Dell. From Choice Came Hope.

  4. I think it's excellent news that Dell are continuing to advance their commitment to Ubuntu. The addition of more models will only help to strengthen Ubuntu notebook and desktop sales.

    Speaking of which. Can we please have a Ubuntu version of the XPS One. I think with an NVIDIA graphics adapter the XPS One would be the perfect Ubuntu desktop platform. 

  5. I'm holding off buying a laptop waiting for  Dell to release Ubuntu laptops in Australia. When is this going to happen?


  6. Hi, this is great.  Please consider to expand your offerings to Latinamerica!!


    By the way, we've just ordered 4 more notebooks from you guys. Sadly they would sum for vista stats, but the real deal is that the vista is going to be replaced by Ubuntu. Sorry Bill.




    Thanks Dell. 

  7. what About middle east  market?

    I think it will come to Kuwait after 1 year ;;[

     I will buy it from Amazon

  8. Also waiting on dell ubuntu laptops to be released in Australia – assuming there is a price differential between them and the models coming with windows of course – while I would get the feelgood factor buying a linux laptop rather than windows model I'd prefer not to replace a microsoft tax with a dell tax thanks 🙂 

  9. Also, dell seems to be offering and external usb modem as an optional extra with some of their ubuntu laptops, presumably because of problems getting the internal modems that come with some of their models to work under anything but windows. I wonder if they have looked into a deal with linuxant to achieve this (assuming the modems use conexant chipsets) a la the lindvd deal. 

  10. Every time Dell posts something about Ubuntu there are always people crying out for Linux from Dell in their country. Is there a reason why Dell hasn't gone with a global Linux roll out for consumer PCs?

    Please give us an update Dell. 

  11. Great to see the new options on the 1525. Now can you make this laptop perfect and PLEASE add a graphics card option?  

  12. where do italian people buy these products?! the italian website doesn't seem to indicate the presence of pcs without microsoft windows software.

    if they aren't allowed to buy them what is the procedure to get ridden of it and have its price refund.

    i've been a happy linux only user for the last 3 years and i'm looking for a notebook without windows on it. seeing dell launching these notebooks pleases me, but i don't seem able to eventually buy one from italy.

    thanks for the info. 

  13. I'm about to buy a new computer soon. How great it would be if it came with Linux pre-installed! Please, release your Linux-laptops in Sweden!

  14. I'm looking for a laptop pre-installed with Ubuntu in india.. is there any plans to offer it in india… Here so many people opting for alternate to windows.. 




  15. Surprising that when you post a link to a new offering to the blog it automatically links to preinstalled vista machines.  How disappointing, I am one of the very satisfied buyers of the original E1505 preinstalled with Ubuntu and it just irritates me that when I want to look for this machine with Ubuntu I get a Vista offering, come on Dell! 

  16. I just bought a dell 1525 inspiron in Brazil  and I want to know where can I download a ubuntu including built-in DVD playback capabilities ?

    Or can I use the regular one ?

    Because I use ubuntu with my dell desktop and it works like a charm! The internet is three times faster!!! 

  17. It's another step forward for Linux.  I won't be happy however, until I see Linux offered directly under the Vista options on the "customize this pc" menus without having to go to a harder-to-find part of their site for Ubuntu computers.  Then again, maybe their sales people think offering it on their main pages will confuse people and cause problems.

  18. if lindvd isn't free then maybe it would be awesome for dell to give the opportunity to completely remove sw from the pc. even if i buy a linux powered dell i'd remove ubuntu, since i completely dislike gnome in favour of kde and i'd put on gentoo. i think that this would be the way of many users who wait for a similar laptop but dislike gnome. having a tax for dome dvd software just isn't so much fun. also in some countries it's prohibited to view dvds on pcs and i don't think that lindvd would be an exception to this rule.

  19. http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_7.10/Issues/Compiz_Fusion_965GM_Incompatibility 

    From the above link it is clear that the graphics chipset offered with this laptop, the 965GM (X3100), does not work with compiz-fusion (3D effects). There is a workaround for this but it breaks video playback. Has this issue been fixed in the mean time perhaps? It is still blacklisted on the compiz-fusion website. I would like a comment on this from Dell.

  20. I live in Canada. During the Dell IdeaStorm I commited to buy a desktop and a laptop with Ubuntu immediately after release. So far no Dell  computers with Ubuntu in Canada. In order to avoid M$ tax I had to purchase an iMac for the time being. Dell has absolutely no excuse to delay sale of computes with Ubuntu in Canada. Not so long ago someone put it very well that "Dell Canada folks must have fallen asleep behind the wheel".

    I contacted Dell US and asked them if they would ship a PC with Ubuntu to Toronto. I said I would pay the shipment and forgo warranty if they only did that. Guess what? The Dell US rep was very nice but said they do not ship outside US. If this is not a good reason to get into conspiracy theory thinking  then what is? A business in a free market  economy refusing to accept money from an imposing customer. Or maybe US market is not a free market after all.


    I just read in Israeli news paper's site that Michael Dell is about to visit Israel soon.

    Maybe this will change something, but I doubt it: Dell's Israeli branch is concentrated in selling to the business sector, and it seems that it has no interest in selling to end users.

     Further more, Dell Israel does not sell directly to customers at all, only via third party partners.

    Laptop computers are sold in stores (and the stores also get them via third-party partners, as much as I know), and the low cost laptop computers that Dell offers in the US are not offered in Israel, and even if they do offer them, all those third party brokers and stores will keep the price hight.

    As far as I know, Dell's managers in Israel point of view is that there is no market to direct sells of desktop or laptop computers to end users. I do not agree with them, but they know much more than I do, so obviously their opinion matters more.

    Therefore I am not optimistic. I don't think we will be able to purchase low cost desktop or laptop computers in Israel, let alone systems preinstalled with Ubuntu.




  22. I just need to buy a new PC and I want the XPS with Ubuntu. But as many others I have a problem: My location! Couldn't you guys just open the stores worldwide for Ubuntu pre-installed machines? At least do it in Norway!! I'm going to buy a PC VERY soon, and I really want to show my support to ubuntu… So do the trick, or I will have to go somewhere else.

  23. I will provide my experiences from installing Ubuntu on a Swedish Inspiron 1525 in the Dell category of my blog. I'm installing tonight!

    beso: So you don't want LinDVD? You could probably extract it from the Ubuntu installation and use it on whatever dist you like.

    Netmusician: Agreeing with you, my fellow Swede. I paid the "Microsoft tax" now. See also my blog for links to a couple of recent news articles about Dell and Linux in Sweden. 

  24. As a person focused on the corporate market–you need to release Ubuntu on the Latitude line of laptops.  Also, you need to stop hiding Ubuntu PCs on you web site.  Educate the market that a Ubuntu PC not only comes with an operating system but with hundreds of free programs in a one stop shopping fashion.  My discussions with Management people in companies have never heard of something that easy and are impressed–so bring it to them.  IBM has already ported Lotus Notes to Ubuntu–get with it on the corporate market.

  25. Compiz 3D + accelerated xv-video in Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 work without problems in systems with Intel IGP X3100/965, 945, 915 etc. These bugs have been solved for Hardy: 



    I'm not sure about Gutsy and Feisty, though. In Gutsy,  you should move any xv video output to non-xv video output (e.g., x11 video, shm video) in your video applications (e.g., totem, kaffeine etc) and they should work even when compiz 3d is activated. Use gstreamer-properties to modify your gnome video configuration to non-xv. Totem and Kaffeine work flawlessly in my Inspiron 1720 with gutsy with compiz3d after I did that.

  26.  we are in murcia spain. We want to save $ by buying UBUNTU in new laptops. Were not sure if the telefonica spain adsl modem has an ubuntu driver.Any?

    we know that windows is expensive even if you grab a free???copy from your office pc disc.Its not fair to steal

    So we prefer to get linux and want to then load in openoffice,gizmo project or skype and all needed ubuntu friendly stuff

    Im raquel samper director of the jewish school in murcia spain.


  27.  The idea of ubuntu on a Dell laptop is great  and I would like one but is Dell ever going to sell them  on the Australian market as you order online anyway. And most are shipped from overseas to Australia why are they not listed for us. Linux may not be a big market but it will be one day soon, and I think vista on a laptop is way to hungry for ram looks good yes but real slow the old windows XP still work well but I found I use Linux based operating systems all the time now. And I for one like the Dell support and if this can go for Ubuntu on Dell systems I will go for it.

  28. It's a nice job! Congratulations.

    When this version of Inspiron 1525 with Ubuntu Linux will be sold in Brazil?

  29. Sounds like all you guys outside the united states need to find someone who would be willing to buy a dell and install ubuntu or kubuntu (my favorite), let you buy it from them and have it shipped to you.

    Problem solved.

    There a few notebooks especially in the vostro line that are reasonably priced that are more than adequate for ubuntu or kubuntu. Some of these come with microsoft xp home but hey you have that wiped over easily and being running linux on your notebook in no time.





  30. This is really great news! I wish I had spotted this on the 19th when I ordered my 1525 with Vista.  Wonder if it's too late to change my order… I was already planning on stripping off Windows and installing Ubuntu. 

  31. Hallo Dell people
    I'm actually thinking that Uncle Bill promise you a beat if you were selling GNU/Linux provided noteboooks in Italy….
    Seriously, I don't understand this "OS divide" that seems stable without any signal from your company to change the situation. Perhaps your marketing service says It's not worthing the investment? Or perhaps we are considered a MSoft colony without the right to decide what to buy?
    Still waiting for a more effective approach to the market from your side….please provide soon. We'll very glad and your products will be welcome

  32. I am generally very happy with Dell's hardware but your pricing for linux makes absolutely no sense at all to me!

    I'm in Canada.  Today on the Dell Canada web site I "built" the same hardware for 1525 laptop under linux and under windows vista:

    Windows + Hardware: $749

    Ubuntu + EXACTLY THE SAME Hardware: $979

    So for exactly the same system, Dell wants to charge me an extra $230 for an open source OS rather than a commercial Microsoft OS.

    Cost of MS Vista license:  Negative $230 !!

     Either this is a specific management decision to minimize Linux sales and still be able to claim  you offer it, or they think Linux users are fools who don't care what the price is.

     What gives Dell?  Why not offer the same hardware for the same price?  I wouldn't even mind paying a surcharge equal to what you "include" for the windows license, but why gouge us?

    Steve La Rocque

    PS: Here's the proof in PDF form:

    Ubuntu: http://windhoek.mathcentral.ca/~larocque/1525ubuntu.pdf

    Windows:  http://windhoek.mathcentral.ca/~larocque/1525windows.pdf


  33. Guys, be careful you spell out your requirements clearly; with my experience and seeing the Net, the world is going bonkers because the 1525 comes with VISTA only ;I would want to be very sure that VISTA is what I want , because for all the hype, VISTA is still a big pain.


  34. I am so surprised. How can we explain that a notebook configuration with ubuntu (free of charge) is more expensive than the same configuration with windows Vista (more than 100 €) ?

  35.  really same problem i found with n series laptop inspiron 1420 ..

    when linux baed os is being launched in india  

  36. "The idea of ubuntu on a Dell laptop is great  and I would like one but is Dell ever going to sell them  on the Australian market as you order online anyway. And most are shipped from overseas to Australia why are they not listed for us. Linux may not be a big market but it will be one day soon, and I think vista on a laptop is way to hungry for ram looks good yes but real slow the old windows XP still work well but I found I use Linux based operating systems all the time now. And I for one like the Dell support and if this can go for Ubuntu on Dell systems I will go for it."


    +1 for me.  Have bought 3 computers with Xp on it (for work – I have a reason) because Dell offered them.  I need a laptop (or two) for home with Ubuntu (my wife now hates XP).

     I realised that when I bought my computers that it all ships from US anyway, so why no Ubuntu option automatically for Oz.


    Pioneercomputers.com.au already sells them.  They will have my money, if you don't.

  37.  Daniel

    I have a brand new  Insiron 1525 donated to our ministry. I removed windows and loaded Ubuntu 8.04 (the lated). 

    None of the laptop hardware work –  wireless, speakers, michrophone, bult in web cam, video cards

    You article is encouraging but of no help.  I am not a programmer. I am a missionary.  Where (url) do I go to get the right drivers?


    May God Bless

  38.  I have a dell m1530 laptop dual core 2.20 Ghz 2 Go ddr2 ram and a Nvidia graphique card 8600 .. the probleme is that when i go in system/administration/ hard ware upgrade…i see that ther's a driver for it…i tried once to download it but my moniteur went wako …it was a white screen with a couple of lines on it…is there a possible way to make the graphique card work ?? O and wi-fin does not work ether 🙁 ,,,Lan does 😛

  39.  We are waiting very eagly to have Dell Laptops with Ubuntu Linux.

    Pl. release as early as possible.


    Thanks &  Regards,

    Ashish Barot.

  40. RAVI





  41. JAYSING, 

    Always I belived in DELL, I waitted for DELL 1225 INSPIRON & purchesed the same instead of a thousands  of others.



  42. I also found that an Ubuntu 1525 laptop was priced higher than a Windows machine with the exact same hardware. This is a bit dissapointing, but it's not like you can't buy the Windows machine and install Ubuntu yourself. However, if you don't go through the process of comparing them, you could get "gouged" unecessarily.


  43. Dell must have heard the complaints. I just bought a 1525 and it was the same price with Vista Home Premium as Ubuntu. Since I expect that MS practically gives Windows away to Dell and consumer versions get junk-ware installed if it comes with Windows I'd say it works out about right. I can't wait to get to play with it and test it out. I waited to order until I could get 8.04 pre-loaded on it.

  44. Hello friends

    I dont know how can I instal Ubuntu Linux in mu Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop with VISTA OS.

  45. Hi All

    I just ordered dell Inspiron with winodws vista. I have been using ubuntu since 3 years. Ubuntu is free for everybody and there is a good community site that can help you to run ubuntu without any problem so why you are waiting for dell to release a machine with Ubuntu preinstalled. Do it yourself. Linux is quite powerfull system. Microsoft is not bad but not as good as linux. If any problem in Ubuntu install me please tell me.

  46. hi, Well you can see from the previous blogs…that there are many requests from the INDIA for UBUNTU installed DELL laptop. I got very disapponted by hearing that DELL dont provides a support of UBUNTU in INDIA, a country which is a leading market for IT and also contributing more in a OPEN SOURCE Projects…

    Open source also helps to reduce the costing in Laptop, since we dont have to use the costly licensed copy of another OS….

    So,…DELL "WOKE UP"….INDIA strongly supports Open Source, you have an up coming potential market for Open source also…,please "SPEED UP",..We are waiting…


  47. i DELL & all,

    Well, I have gone through the review for UBUNTU Support in DELL…

    well, DELL's target is 1$ billion for next year…but i give u a guarantee that u introduce a UBUNTU in INDIA…and probably in 1 more year u will hit a market of 3$ billion.. Since, now indian government is also switching to low cost i,e; Linux market..

    So, Dell…We linux community are very clear….we dont tell you to stop propritery Software…but at the same time we want to tell you do think about a potential of OpenSource market….

    No, Problem if you dont do it…obviously some other company will do that…

    Come on DELL its time you Think for that…



  48. Sadly the shipping was ten days for a ubuntu laptop in canada.


    I just had to rush out and buy one at future shop


    first step. blast vista, and throw out all those dumb cd's..


    thanks for the great machine dell it runs ubuntu like a charm

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