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What Lives Inside Now Lives Outside Hulu


There’s a holiday weekend coming up in the U.S., but you won’t need the extra day off to watch all four episodes of What Lives Inside, now available on Inside Films.

Originally released exclusively on Hulu, this social movie is a joint effort of Dell and Intel, but truly the creation of Oscar-winning director Robert Stromberg. Intel has worked with other partners on similar social films, but AdAge said “this may be the most inspiring yet.”

"The story has become a very personal journey for me," said Stromberg. "As a working father in Hollywood, I can relate to the father’s struggles in the movie, which made me very passionate about how the characters evolved.”

But is creating work for a brand like Dell different from other film endeavors? Stromberg discussed that with PJ Pereira.

“I approach it the same. The same creativity goes into it, and thought patterns and approach,” Stromberg said. “You’re not overtly shoving the product in the audience’s face. You’re letting them see how it interacts with somebody’s everyday life in a good way.”

The product he used in this film is our Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet.

As you watch Colin Hanks’ character change the color of a butterfly using his tablet, you might think that is just movie magic. But, everything the tablet does in the film is real; there were no special effects used to enhance the product, meaning you have the ability to do the same things Taylor does in “What Lives Inside” if you have this tablet.

"This film provides an engaging and unique way to showcase the capabilities of the Intel RealSense technology through the Dell Venue 8 7000 series," said Doug Parker, vice president of Intel Partner Marketing.

What Lives Inside is set in a surreal world of fantastical creatures – 144 of which were selected from more than 6000 submissions – that are brought to life through the Dell Precision workstation-generated effects of MPC. In this video, they’ve broken down the VFX work to show how the collaboration between MPC LA, Pereira & O’Dell and Stromberg worked:

Hopefully, this movie will not only entertain, but also inspire the creativity of viewers. If so, here’s some advice from Hanks on moving forward:

“You can talk yourself out of any number of great ideas because you don’t think it’s going to turn out well, or you’re not sure how it will be interpreted or if people will like it," said Hanks. "But at the end of the day, what really matters is are you excited while you’re making it, you’re excited while you’re doing it.”

So, I encourage you to go watch the movie – you may get a bit verklemt like I did, but you can also be inspired to go create something fantastical of your own!

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