What’s Happening to XPS?


I saw that Gizmodo and Engadget reacted to the Wall Street Journal story about plans for our XPS brand and Alienware. Several other blogs like Tech Digest and CyberNet News and others reported details as well. IdeaStorm user dabrace1984 posted an idea called Keep the XPS Product Line.

Bottom line, we aren't phasing out any gaming machines early and we are not dropping the XPS line. For more details on what's going on, take a look at Anne Camden's post on Your Blog.

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5 thoughts on “What’s Happening to XPS?

  1. I am the person that originally submitted the idea on IdeaStorm. Over the last 25 hours, I have read about 10 different blog articles about how XPS is being discontinued.

    I understand that research and product development is going to take place and that XPS systems will not be discontinued as quickly as the Wall Street Journal originally reported (as of next month). Can anyone at Dell give us, the consumers a time table?

    Another thing that is a concern of consumers is price. Alienware computers are significantly more expensive than XPS systems. When XPS is gotten rid of, will similarly priced systems be available from Alienware?

    A final thing that is a concern of users is the design of Alienware products. A lot of users think that Alienware systems are very gaudy and sometimes out right ugly. When XPS is gotten rid of, will similarly designed, normal looking, systems be available from Alienware?

  2. Another thing I hope Dell keeps in mind are people like me that want high end performance but don't want it mainly for gaming and don't want to show off the case.  Instead I want it for other things like video editing/processing and custom applications.  Right now the only way I can get top end performance it to buy a computer that's the size of a small refrigerator.   (The 720 is huge…the 630 is only slightly better.)  Chips today run so much cooler than just a few years ago I don't understand why I have to have large/hard to hide computer to get ultimate processing power.

  3. XPS has been THE most appealing Dell product. New XPS 1330 has been absolute breakthrough notebook, despite of some development issues. I sincerely believe, that Dell knows it and all decisions are base on that.

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  4. i am a proud new owner of an xps420 and while this pc is amazing i am about to tear what litttle bit of haor i have left out . i ordered a blu-ray drive and a second dvd-rw combo drive i only got the blu-ray combo drive upon reciept of the system . and it didn't work . it would load the disc and get to the point where you choose to play or choose another option from the menu but the mouse eould't highlight anything . it just kept running in a loop over and over . well dell replace the optical drive and that didn't fix it so after another service chat for approx 5 hrs it was discovered that the mouse would't work and i jusat had to use the keyboard arrows to maneuvere on the menu ok fine then i had the secondary dvd drive installed and now the blu-ray discs will not even load !! if you go to the drive page on your computer it shows what disc is in the drive but wil not play !! i'm so frustrated with this . gues i'll try another call to dell support but i'm abpout ready to send the whole thing back
    help anyone

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