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If you’ve been reading up on Steve Ballmer’s keynote at CES 2009 on sites like gdgt live and Engadget, you’ve seen that we’ll soon ship Windows Live Essentials tools on all consumer and small business systems that are ordered with a Windows OS. Windows Live Search will also be configured as the default search provider for Windows-based PCs.

Windows Live Essentials and the Live Search-powered toolbar will ship on Windows-based consumer and small business systems beginning in February 2009 in the United States and 22 countries around the world. It’s a three year agreement with Microsoft.

If you haven’t seen Windows Live Essentials, it’s a collection of apps that enable folks to do a lot of the things they do everyday—e-mail, instant messaging, and photo and video sharing.

 I’ve been playing around with the apps since just after they went beta last month. The Photo Gallery app makes it easy to post images online. Specifically, the Flickr and YouTube integration makes posting images and videos to those sites a piece of cake. I’ve used Windows Live Writer to publish most of my blog posts on Direct2Dell for a while now, and I encourage other Dell bloggers to use it as well.  If you’re looking for an easy way to publish text, images and video to your blog, it’s pretty slick.

And before I go, there will be updates from Dell @ CES over at YourBlog starting tomorrow.

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  • aikiwolfie

    Considering this new deal lets you do everything you could already do with Google this has to be down to the money Microsoft are paying Dell to push their product and absolutely nothing to do with what consumers actually wanted. Wasn't there a reasonably popular idea over on IdeaStorm asking Dell to stop with all the pre-loaded nonsense? I guess that won't be getting implemented then.

    This development does worry me though. I think Dell are getting far too entangled with Microsoft. Which will only end in tears for Dell and Dells customers if Microsofts history with business partners is anything to go by.

    Microsoft are a company that have repeatedly been shown to have questionable business practices and ethics. That's not the sort of company I want to do business with. If Dell want to climb deeper into Microsofts pocket then Dell aren't a company I want to do business with either. I'm confident others will feel the same way. I guess we should all be glad Microsofts patent application for their proposed "pay-per-play" scheme was rejected.

    I prefer to deal with a single company for all my gadget goodness. I guess I'm shopping around again. Best of luck Lionel ;o)