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We know lots of you are gearing up for great holiday prices later this week. Many small business customers know we’ve already kicked off our SMB Black Friday 2010 deals. For those of you that don’t want to wait until Black Friday, we’re offering up to 30 percent savings on several of our machines, from best-selling laptops and desktops to lighter laptops and netbooks to Performance and Gaming laptops and desktops on Dell.com. We’re also offering free shipping on all systems priced $699 and above, as well as “Ship Fast” accommodations for select PCs so they begin shipping within 24 hours of ordering.

There will be more options coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Nov. 26 and Nov. 29. See the last section of this post a bit more of what to expect.

Share the Dell.com Shopping Experience with Screen Share

While many customers know they want computers and accessory gear, it’s not always easy to decide which system or configuration makes the most sense.

That’s where Screen Share comes in. Screen Share is the next logical step beyond the click-to-chat and click-to-phone features we’ve been offering so you can get real-time advice while you’re on the site.

Screen Share is available to customers who seek the advice of Dell Sales agents.  Visitors to Dell.com can initiate a call with a Dell expert and can use Screen Share to share a Dell.com browser session. You have the option to drive the screen share or you can hand over the control to the Dell agent who can walk you through system options and even help you build the complete configuration together.

Screen Share buttonTo connect with a Dell expert on Screen Share, you can either look for the Screen Share button on the top of the configurator, or click on this image below:


Screen Share with a Dell expert is currently available in the United States, Canada and the UK, and we’ll look to roll out the functionality to other countries down the road.

Some of our folks estimate that as many as 70 percent of customer inquiries on Black Friday and Cyber Monday will come in through chat. Personally, I’m hoping that Screen Share becomes a big part of that traffic.

Streak Fans: Dr. Ashley is in

As Dr. Ashley

Through a partnership with Best Buy, Dell is launching an in-store/social media program for the Dell Streak pocket tablet where shoppers can interact with “Dr. Ashley,” a self-proclaimed Mobile Relationship Therapist on the web.

Dr. Ashley (played by improv actor Tim Martin) will be starring in a series of videos promoting the Dell Streak. The first series of videos can be seen now at the Ask Dr. Ashley channel on YouTube, and dozens more videos will be released during the holiday period.

These first videos will appear on screens throughout Best Buy stores in December and encourage shoppers to seek out Best Buy’s blue-shirt sales representatives or to reach out to @AskDrAshley on Twitter for information on the Streak. During Dr. Ashley's "office hours," he will respond to consumers with sometimes factual, sometimes tongue-in-cheek responses (in text and video) which will be delivered via Twitter and YouTube.

And for those Streak fans that will be spending time in Best Buy over the next few days, be sure to take a look at the Pure White version of the Dell Streak.

Black Friday is Almost Here:

In terms of what to expect, you will see some limited quantity desktops and laptops, as well as several other discounted systems and electronic accessories. A few examples below:

On Black Friday/Nov. 26 (midnight to midnight), look for:

  • Dell Inspiron 15 and Inspiron 15R laptops at $449 and $579 respectively.
  • Dell Inspiron 580 desktop PC – including 20-inch flat panel displays, for $499
  • A beefy XPS 15 config for $899
  • An Alienware M11x gaming laptop, starting at $599, a $200 savings over the regular starting price of $799 online.

On Cyber Monday/Nov. 29 (midnight to midnight), look for:

  • Upgraded Dell Inspiron 15R and Inspiron 17R laptop configs starting at $579 and $649 respectively
  • Dell Inspiron 560s and Inspiron 580 slim and mini-tower design desktop PCs with 19” flat panels starting at $449 and $599 respectively

Update: Here is the link to the Cyber Monday 2010 deals for Home Users and here is the link for Small and Medium Business Cyber Monday deals.

For more information and to see Dell’s hottest holiday sales, please visit the Black Friday 2010 page. All the best to you and your family during the holidays. 

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8 thoughts on “What to Expect from Dell on Black Friday

  1. Not sure if I get the rationality behind delaying the sale on the upgraded Inspiron 15R until Monday. I was waiting for this one, but I'll not risk missing retailer's deals to wait and see if I'll like Dell's "upgraded" config or if I'll be able to get one. I'll definitely get a "similar" config from elsewhere on Black Friday and get over with it.

    "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush"

  2. What's with the market pricing?  I built the 15r i want yesterday and today and came up with 2 different prices. Isn't there some solid pricing? What's the real price?

  3. My tail of woe so far.

    I first contacted Dell Tech support on 09/29/2010 02:13 823518721

    <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

    XPS/Dimension 410/9200 because of faulty video card.

    Motherboard and video card were replace 30/10/2010.But the replacement video was faulty and had this 3 times got fedup with replacement reconditions video cards being sent to me so.I ask for new video card which was agree and been waiting ever since.Fist order was on the 02/11/2010 was suppose to have it by 10/11/2010 did not hear anything so phoned on the 10/11/2010 was told order was cancel because there was no stock no phone call or e-mail telling this was the case or Dell reordering without me pnone .so the video card was reordered on the 10/11/2010 was promise that I have the card asa soon as possible by the 22/11/2010 not heard anything so phoned Dell was told there I would receive the part by the 23/11/2010 or 24/11/2010 at the latest no sign.Check the on-lin order status today and my order has been postponed again was suppose to get by the 1/12/2010 now saying the 08/12/2010.


    Had three faulty video card sent.

    Sent me a motherboard which was not needed.

    Sent me a physics card which was not needed.

    Been waiting for over a month for a new video card when I paid for next day hardware support.

    Spent over £15 on phone calls most calls being over 30mins long.

    Lost 4 days waiting for Dell tec to fit part to pc.

    Not been able to use my Dell PC now for 2 months now and still waiting.

    So what can I do about this sorry affair?

    I have brought 3 Dell PC,s I don't think my next PC will be Dell PC.

  4. I wonder if there could be some early Christmas cheer or Cyber Monday love'n for a semi-starving student?

    I have a dell m1210 with an nvidia GPU that overheated and was fired before thanksgiving break.  The GPU not the turkey.  🙂    This would be the third time my laptop has overheated.  First time it was in warranty, second time I paid dell to fix it.  Third time is a charm right?    I noticed several other dell customers having similar overheating issues.      Can someone help me fix my laptop without cost?

  5. @chughes1: Sounds likeyou are referring to the NVIDIA GPU issue. Here's my most recent post on this topic.

    Please e-mail me here with the following details:

    • Dell system model
    • Service tag number
    • the country you purchased your notebook
    • the best way to contact you

    After I hear from you, I will have someone from the appropriate tech support team contact you.

    @totalwar7777: though your situation is different, please e-mail me with some of the details about what's going on, along with your service tag number.

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