Windows Phone 7 updates coming to Dell Venue Pro customers


Last week, Microsoft's Eric Hautala shared some information regarding the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 update known as "Copy and Paste" or "March 2011 update" over on the Windows Phone Blog. Earlier this week, WPcentral picked up some news that I shared with customers via Twitter

Know several of you have been waiting on this post, so here's what I've got to share:

  • Last week, we started a phased rollout of the Microsoft Copy and Paste update in EMEA and India.
  • On March 29, we began a phased rollout of the Copy and Paste update to T-Mobile customers in the United States.
  • There will be a Dell update that will provide additional enhancements/ fixes coming after this Copy and Paste Microsoft update. I don't have an ETA for the Dell update just yet.
  • While the Copy and Paste update rollout started yesterday, it will happen in a phased rollout over the next few weeks.

To be clear, there are technically 3 updates that apply to Dell Venue Pro customers. The February update and the Cut and Paste update are coming from Microsoft. The Cut and Paste update requires you to have the February update installed on your phone. The third update is the Dell one I mentioned. I'll blog about that one later. According to an update to Eric's post I mentioned earlier, here's how he explains it:

Some of you might actually get two update notices on your phone in the weeks ahead (if you see "Delivering update" in both status columns). The first notification you'll get is for the February update. After you've installed it, you'll receive a second notification for the "copy and paste" update. I've already started seeing a few questions about the timing of these in blogs and forums. Because of how our process works, these two updates most likely won't arrive back to back, but days or even a week or two apart. You can learn more from this support article.

Like Eric mentioned in his post, Microsoft is delivering the Copy and Paste update in batches. That's why it's not getting to all of you at once. Regarding the subsequent Dell update I mentioned above, I don't have details or timing to share on the Dell update at this time, but I will blog about it on Direct2Dell when that changes.

So what can you expect from the Microsoft March update? As most of you know, Copy and Paste is one; faster app speed and gaming load times is another. Tweaks to the Marketplace, Outlook, and more. Take a look at this list from Microsoft (under the March 2011 section to get a better idea of what I'm talking about).

The update process requires Microsoft's Zune software. One note: I had already installed the February update on my Venue Pro. In other words, I went from Microsoft update #1 to Microsoft update #2. I was able to go through this process last night, so let me take you through the steps to install the Copy and Paste update:

  • Connect your Venue Pro to a machine that has the latest Zune software installed. If you want to manually check for the update, launch the Zune software, click the Phone link, then choose the View Synch Options button, and click Update on the left hand side. 

Lightning Update check

  • I didn’t need to manually check. When I plugged in my phone to my XPS 7100, here’s what I saw:

WP7 Update available

  • Then, when I clicked update, it notified me that I needed to update my Zune software first:

Update your computer

  • Next, I started the Phone Update process:

Update your phone

  • The whole process took about 20 – 25 minutes for me overall. The longest part was creating the backup:

Creating a backup

  • Then, I got the confirmation that the update was successful:

Successful update

  • After the update, my Venue Pro shows the OS version as 7.0.7390.0 (in the About section under Settings):

WP7 OS version 7390

After installing the update, I tried a few apps. Seemed faster overall…. Netflix load and movie playback times were quicker. Apps I use a lot like Twitter and Facebook seemed snappier. Some other folks have said positive things about the speed improvements on game load times. I don't have any games on my Venue Pro. Any recommendations on good ones?

I know there are some other issues that many of you are asking me to address. Like I mentioned, I’ll blog more about the upcoming Dell update in the future.

Thanks for your patience. If you have any questions about this process or Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 update, drop me a comment below.

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  • sund0g

    Thanks for the update, and looking forward to the Dell update to see if it fixes some freeze/crashes I've been having, seemingly related to wifi initiation.

    As for games, Full House Poker just came out and is mildly addicting.

    I was thinking for some reason that NoDo might come with more ring tone options, as I just set up a colleague with his HTC Arrive (comes stock with NoDo) and that phone has tons of non-awful ring tones.

    I don't suppose this is on the list of things to rectify with the Dell update?  Just an 'old school ringer' and I'd be happy….basically ANYTHING other than the current options.


  • xer21

    Incase anyone hasn't gotten NoDo you can speed it up using this EASY! Trick: Tip:Step5 disable inet while its checking for updates

  • CHugeli

    Well well well, Lionell… Now I know why the DVP is delayed in European markets by months and months and more motnhs. The reason is a series of inexusable failures, ranging from hardware defects and software faults (on retail units, mind you!) to mundane issues like non-conforming CE marks or wrong configuration labels. Is Dell not ashamed of itself? As a prospective DVP buyer, I feel like an absolute fool. First, you make me wait for the device for half a year, and then I will probably have to pay a premium price. And for German-speaking markets, it does not even have a QWERTZ keyboard. You have no idea of the misery you have brought into the smartphone market. No wonder that everybody is an Apple fanboy.

  • kbeez

    I just purchased this phone (4/8) and am quite close to returning the thing in lieu of all the problems I've had. Scouring various forums I see that I am not the only one. Wondering if this was resolved with a newer physical phone build than the phone I received (mine was 1/27) but still wondering if the new firmware will address all of the little freezing, wifi, and other related issues? Also how close are we to this release considering I only have so many days with Dell to return the handset if I am not satisfied?

  • kbeez

    And what's the difference between your firmware and the one on my phone?


  • mariusvetrici

    I started the update.

    After phone reboot at step 6, the Zune does not continue with step 7. Instead, It stays indefinitely at step 6.

    Finally (after 20-30 minutes) I hit the Cancel button in Zune app and the update fails to install.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

  • mariusvetrici

    And after Canceling the update, Zune goes back to the home screen.

    I close Zune, then start it again.

    A "Restoration error" message appear with error code "C101002E"

  • 457r4l

    So here it is April 18th and still no firmware update.  Any ETA yet?  Were will it be posted or how will it be delivered?  Is it going to be a downloaded file from the dell support site?  Is there any way to recieve notification once it becomes available.   Sheesh!

  • Adam_D

    I'm running Firmware 2250.1500.7004.105, so I've very interested in the Dell Update, but there's, once again, very little information to be found about it.

    I'm beginning to have regular problems with the phone locking up and the screen going black.  There are times when removing the battery and replacing it doesn't fix the issue right away either.

    Since this is my only phone, it's an issue for me to call into support, but if there's no further information about the Dell Update, then I'm going to have to find a way to call in.

    I truely enjoy this phone, even with the periodic problems.

  • venueproer

    When will the dell firmware updata come?

  • Phuguet

    When is the Firmware update coming?  

    I got updates till 7.07.392 but my firmware still reports 235MB of RAM instead of 512MB and my firmware is 2250.1500.7004.105

    The Phone works great but big apps are sometimes crashing most likely because of the firmware.

  • The Michael

    Lionel, any idea when the firmware upgradefix for the Venue Pro will be released? Can you give some idea as to what of the multiple issues it seeks to fix?  Thanks

  • The Michael

    Lionel, any new on the firmware upgrade will be helpful. My DVP is still locking up5-7 times a day. great looking phone but embarrassing that it locks up at the most inconvenient times. My next phone WILL NOT have a slde out keyboard. I NEVER use it. the Microsoft virtual keyboard is excellent, amazingly excellent actually.

  • The Michael

    @Lionel – any word on the release of the firware upgrade?