XPS Lives On: New XPS Laptops Bring Performance and Attitude


Studio XPS 14, 15, and 17 Notebooks

Some of you might have seen the news on Engadget, Ubergizmo and Crave. Today, we’re rolling out three laptops worthy of the XPS moniker: the XPS 14, 15 and 17. All three are designed for customers who are looking for a premium performance experience, and they feature much of the latest technology you can purchase on a laptop.

With these three laptops, we’re re-introducing our XPS line. The XPS brand has always stood for uncompromising performance and flexibility. My first Dell was the XPS P60—the first Pentium desktop we had ever produced sixteen years ago. These laptops carry on that heritage. Moving forward, we will realign our premium desktop and laptop products under the XPS brand. XPS will replace the Studio and Studio XPS brands.

Our teams worked to pack features into all of these laptops. That means things like i3, i5 and i7 processor options all the way to quad core. It means embedded 3×3 dual-band wireless N and internal WiMAX network options. It means NVIDIA’s GT 400 series graphics cards with Optimus technology and up to 3GB (on the XPS 17) plus JBL-designed and certified speakers with Waves MAXXAudio 3. It means 3D Blu-ray playback and solid gaming capability.

Update: Click on any of product pictures to see larger versions. You can also take a look at the XPS Laptop Image Gallery for more. Here’s a promotional video regarding these new XPS laptops for folks who are interested:

Besides internal components, our designers paid attention to the outside details. The stylish laptops come standard with silver anodized aluminum display back and palmrest. Like I mentioned to Mastrcake on Engadget, this translates into a really sturdy laptop with no flex. All three XPS laptops have a distinctive hinge-forward design and feature premium surfaces, materials and textures like anodized aluminum display back and brushed aluminum palmrest and speaker grills. Taking a page from our Adamo systems, the laptops feature diamond-cut edges around palmrest and touchpad. Our goal was to match the overall feel of the laptop with the high-end performance. If you want your XPS to stand out a little more, you can personalize yours with one of more than 200 original designs from Dell Design Studio, including the new Susan G. Komen collection.

The new Dell XPS laptops are available beginning today directly from Dell.com. Models, configuration and options may vary by global region and retailers. Starting prices for the new XPS laptops are: $899 for the XPS 14; $849 for the XPS 15; and $949 for the XPS 17.

Base Configurations include:

  • Intel Core i5 460M
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 420M 1GB Graphics w/ Optimus (GT 435M on the XPS 17)
  • 500GB 7200 RPM
  • 4GB DDR3 Memory
  • JBL + WAVES Audio solution
  • 2.0MP webcam with HD video streaming capability


NVIDIA GT400-series graphics: Performance + Optimus technology + 3DTV capability:

Like I mentioned, the base configurations of all these laptops feature NVIDIA graphics with 1GB RAM. For customers who want even better performance, we offer NVIDIA cards with 2GB and even a 3GB option on the XPS 17—the first 3GB video card we’ve ever offered in a laptop. What this means is that you’re going to get great video performance that’s great for things like HD video playback, video editing, and gaming.

Besides great gaming performance, these laptops also feature HDMI 1.4 and bring 3D support via NVIDIA’s 3DTV Play software. If you have a new 3D HDTV, you can connect any of these XPS laptops to your TV through the HDMI connection. Once you do, you can enjoy the growing list of 3D Blu-ray movie titles playing on your XPS’s Blu-ray drive, or take advantage of almost 500 3D PC gaming titles. Take a look at Anandtech’s review of 3DTV Play for more detail.

nVIDIA Optimus TechnologyOne other cool feature that we offer on all three of these laptops is NVIDIA’s Optimus technology. Essentially, it optimizes graphics performance based on the power you need at the time. If you are answering e-mail or working on a Word doc, it provides the performance equivalent of integrated graphics. But when you’re watching a Blu-ray movie in 1080p or playing a pretty intense game, you get as much horsepower as you need on the fly. Why does this matter? It results in better battery life. It works kind of like a hybrid car engine—electric when you need a lower amount of power, gasoline when you need highway speed. See this explanation from NVIDIA for a bit more detail.


Enhanced Sound through JBL and Waves:

clip_image003 All three laptops feature JBL speakers and Waves MAXXAudio 3 with the standard configuration. That means you can expect some of the best audio you’ve ever heard in a laptop. It means more power and deeper bass than you’re used to as well. Both the XPS 15 and 17 base models come with a 12W subwoofer. The XPS 15 tops at 20W peak performance while the XPS 17 feature up to 22W peak audio performance. These systems have 2 headphone jacks that both support SPID/F and one headphone jack. All three systems also support 5.1 surround via HDMI, mini DisplayPort and three audio jacks.


Skype-certified laptops that can stream in HD:

XPS - Skype-certifiedAll three XPS laptops are the first to be Skype-certified. The integrated two megapixel webcam allows HD streaming. What this means is that you can video chat at full screen in HD at 720p. That equates to a lot more pixels compared to standard definition webcams. End result, you will look a lot clearer to the person you’re talking to on the other end.


Here are some specs on each. Please see the Technical Specification section on the XPS laptop product page for more.

XPS 14:

XPS 14 Laptop

  • Starting price (may vary by global region and retailers): $899
  • Size and weight: 5.35 pounds (6-cell battery); 5.72 pounds (9-cell battery)
  • Screen options: 14"  HD 1366×768 display (standard)
  • Ports: HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet, 2 headphone jacks  with SPID/F support, 1 microphone jack, Media Card Reader (9-in-1) 2x USB 2.0;  1x USB 2.0/eSATA combo with PowerShare

XPS 15:

XPS 15 Notebook

  • Starting price (may vary by global region and retailers) : $849
  • Size and weight: 6.14 pounds (6-cell battery); 6.51pounds (9-cell)
  • Screen options: 15.6" HD 1366×768 display (standard); 15.6 True HD 1920×1080 display (optional)
  • Ports: HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet, 2 headphone jacks with SPID/F support, 1 microphone jack, Media Card Reader (9-in-1) 1x USB 2.0; USB 2.0/1x eSATA combo with PowerShare, 2x USB 3.0

XPS 17:

XPS 17

  • Starting price (may vary by global region and retailers): $949
  • Size and weight: 7.57 pounds (6-cell battery); 6.51 pounds (9-cell)
  • Screen options: 17.3" HD 1600×900 display (standard)
  • Ports: HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet, 2 headphone jacks with SPID/F support, 1 microphone jack, Media Card Reader (9-in-1) 1x USB 2.0,  1x USB 2.0/eSATA combo with PowerShare, 2x USB 3.0

I know there’s a lot of information this blog post. If you have questions over any of the features I discussed (or some I didn’t), feel free to type them in the comments section. You can also keep up with the latest by following the #dellxps hashtag on Twitter.

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53 thoughts on “XPS Lives On: New XPS Laptops Bring Performance and Attitude

  1. I am so close to pulling the trigger on a 17 but why the 1600x900p display. Shouldn't it be a 1920x1080p?

  2. I am very interested in the purchase of this computer and have a few questions.

    1.    Is the case actually "solid" aluminum or is it aluminum over plastic?

    2.    Is the screen on this computer "glossy" and is there an anti-glare matte screen option?

    3.    When configuring my purchase the system will not allow me to deselect the Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements option.  I do not need to purchase these programs as I already own a license I plan to transfer to this computer.  Please advise how I can bypass this selection.

    Thank You for your assistance.

  3. I'm sorry to admit that I'm really disappointed in these laptops. I was expecting a sleek and cool design from Dell, but this looks exactly like your Inspiron series. Also, why isn't there a slot-load drive? The entire external system design is a step down from the Studio XPS 16. I will not be purchasing one of these machines even though I waited about 6 months for them I will invest in an HP Envy which is already several steps ahead of this machine. HP has managed to build 3d graphics into the actual laptop display and they've implemented Beats audio. Sorry Dell, but I'm afraid that you've really messed with these laptops.

  4. I was thrilled when I saw these pop up for sale on the site yesterday. My wait has paid off. I am estatic that Dell chose the 400M series GPUs and offers USB 3.0, 12-16GB RAM options, and premium audio. In particular, the XPS 17 with the 445M GPU and the 840QM CPU with 16MB of RAM is just what I'm wanting….assuming the 3GB 445M is the kind with GDDR5/DDR5 memory and not GDDR3/DDR3.

    I would have purchased the top-end configuration instantly, but was devistated when I saw the only screen available for the XPS 17 was a 1600×900 60Hz, the same as Dell's other lower-end Inspiron and Studio laptops have had for years. I also didn't like being forced to purchase low-end "creative" software, when I have the full CS5 Creative Suite waiting to be installed. With a 1920×1080 RGB LED screen available, and without any unnecessary add-ons being forced on me, Dell would have had a very happy customer.

    Dell messed up the Studio laptops the same way, only offering an 1080p RGB LED screen for a limited time, then sometmes offering a B+RG LED screen (for the same price as the RGB, sadly), and then only offering a modern GPU (the ATi Mobility 5650) with a dual-core CPU, and not a quad-core.

    Dell needs to stop these silly screw-ups that seem to be the main cause of missed sales. A great many consumers don't know the difference between one screen or another, but if Dell is re-rebranding it's XPS line as a return to it's premium roots, it needs to show it with premium features, not just in hardware, but in screens,  in selection, and in catering to premium customers that know about technology. Throwing new stuff together and using hype and buzzwords makes sense when you're trying to get technologically  impaired people to buy, but it's downright insulting to computer-oriented people.

    In short, the XPS 17 needs a Full High Definition RGB LED screen, and it needs it soon, if not now. While I would like a 120Hz 3D capable screen, 3D is still sort of a gimmick and so I think the external 3D is a nice option. Perhaps Dell could even offer a 60Hz RGB LED and 120Hz screens as tiered options.

    Dell also needs to stop shoving unwanted products down it's customers throats by trying to force or even trick them into buying hardware or software they don't want or need. This is deceptive, unethical, and it is unlawful in many places to require one purchase as part of another. It's fine to suggest a $99 upgrade for Photoshop Elements so people who have no photo software can get something useful, but DON'T call it a "compatibility error" when some of us would rather take the $99 off or use it towards something else.

    When I can get the screen I want and without purchasing stuff I don't want, I will joyfully buy an XPS 17.

    Also, someone might want to tell whoever typed out the "Tech Specs" tab on the intro page that the CPU cache specs are wrong. It says the 840QM and 740QM have just 4MB of cache, but it's 6GB for the 740QM and 8MB for the 840QM.  

  5. @mrhamad – "XPS will replace the Studio and Studio XPS brands." says the article.

    I checked the XPS 17 offerings again, and someone at Dell thinks they are being clever by removing the mandatory $99/$79 Adobe Photoshop Elements/Adobe Premiere checkbox, but keeping it as a part of the list, keeping the $99 on the price (removing the lower $79 price option), AND not only that, but they jacked the price up…and made the $249 discount a $274 discount, to make the same $1.599 price point look like a better deal.

    Dell, we are sick of these games. Seriously. I feel less like buying one every time someone tries to be sneaky and move and shuffle things as if I'm too stupid to notice or do the math.  

    More people would buy if there was a straight up deal without the stupidity. Even more people would buy if Dell returned to the itemized list where you could REMOVE things to save money, or at least use the difference towards some other upgrade.

    I sure would like to see the new XPS line bring in a new era for the company, but it's not going to happen by repeating  the same mistakes of the past few years. Get with it, Dell. You can do better.

  6. CyKrtsMan: Thanks for the interest. I can tell you that there's some plastic in the chassis, but we use anodized aluminum in places that need reinforcement like the display lid and the palmrest area, plus other places like the speaker grills that will make a difference in terms of long-term wear and tear.

    I've had a chance to play a bit with an XPS 17 and can definitely say, it feels like a really solid machine. At this point, we only offer the glossy screen options, and I also dont see a way to order it without any extra software.

    I'll share your feedback with the XPS teams. Thanks again for the interest.

  7. StephanC: Saw your comment in Twitter as well. Sorry to see that you're disappointed with the overall design of the new XPS laptops. If you have more thoughts you'd like to share, you can send me a private message here, or add a second comment. I'll share that feedback with our XPS development teams.

    Regardless, if you do end up going with the Envy, I hope it works out well. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  8. Hi,

    Could you please tell me how you rate the screen of the new DELL XPS 15 / 17 against the DELL XPS 16?

    The reason I ask is that I am due for a DELL XPS 1645 replacement, and may be getting this new system. The Display/Screen quality of the 1645 was the reason  I had fallen for it in the first place…

  9. @animeracing: This is better than the studio and studio xps laptops. Better quality, better hardware, pretty much what I like about it is in that laptop.

  10. System looks good. I had been considering a Macbook Pro for my next PC, this makes me rethink that – The last 3 systems I've had were Dells with no problems. My current system is a Studio 17 which has been rock solid for 2 years of me pounding on it hours a day, every day. In fact I'm not sure I want to give it up yet but editing video is a bit painful, and my only other complaint is the speakers which seems to have been solved with this new one. I'm actually glad it's not 1920 x 1080, far too small for 17", but the option would have been good for those with better eyes than I have.

    Question though: if I get one with an SSD, is the caddy there for a second (standard, non-SSD) drive? My current Studio 17 has a space for 2 drives, but needs a caddy which I don't think is available anymore. Is it easy to install a second drive in this?

  11. @Lionel-Thanks. I too was going to get the XPS16 until I got the email about these. The selling point on the 16 was the true HD screen. It just seems strange that the 15 would come with 1080p and the 17 doesn't. I'm using an XPS 1330 now so I guess either screen would be a step up.

    Also, maybe you could suggest to the parts department that they start carrying the Momentus XT drives. They really seem to fly once they learn your usage pattern….

  12. I've taken a look at the tech specs and the gallery photos. I like the basic hardware improvements ; the aluminum finish, the processor choices ( especially the six core opt ), the available RAM and I'm actually glad you went back to a tray design instead of slot load. My greiviences are with the physical port inputs, although I can't see all of them in the gallery I'm assuming you did as what did with the InspironR models and locate some of them on the "rear" of the computer. Isn't that old school? I have to admitt I would have liked to see more screen resolution options on the 17 model at1600x900, particularly with HD playback use is a little low and a 1920×1080 would be prefered ( or at least my choice it given ). I would like to know though, the DDR3 RAM being used what speed can I expect in the XPS17 with i7-820 processor 1066 or 1333? Also on the features page and spec page, it indicated that this unit can be euipped with either a BR comb optical drive or a BR read optical drive. I attempted to configure one myself earlier today to see what it would look like, and there appears to be no option for BR read on the optical drive. I already have a desktop with this capability, so my laptop will have to be the same. Is this one of those things that will be on again and off again when it comes to customizing one myself, depending on deals of the week? This looks like an appealing package, but the major strike against it right now as mentioned above is the design layout of the ports and the number of USB ports as well. It would be nice if DELL considers adding basic colors (bronze,red,blue or clear black) for the aluminum finish, as done on I beleive it's the Volstro line of small business laptops. All-in-all, this is a impressive move in the right direction as to hardware and style, but DELL will need to keep tweeking it as the months go by.

  13. A correction on my earlier post, when I said BR read for the optical drive, I meant to say BR write/burn

  14. jbh6: Thanks for the comments. I'll check with the performance team to confirm and let you know what I find out.

  15. Questions for you please….Does the touchpad support multi-gestures like apple or HP?

    Additionally…This would be my first Dell computer. I called Dell to inquire about your return policy and they let me know there would definitely be a restocking fee if I chose to return the laptop after opening the box (of course I'm going to open it!) . I then asked what retail locations would have these new xps available to check out and got a generic answer (staples, costco, best buy do not have them listed) . Do you have any additional/more specific resources I could check into for a hands on demo? I am very interested in the features but am not sold on the design at all and my configured laptop comes to almost $1700. That restocking fee would be $200+. Thanks for your help!

  16. XPS 15

    I'd like to buy this laptop, but I will wait until CNET or PCWORLD release their judgment about this machine. Please note that the 360 view is not available, so you can have a better view of the system. The Photographer is very smart not allowing future buyers see certain details of the laptop specially the lateral sides. I also would like to know if the implementation of the 9 cell battery is the same as the previous studio XPS 1445. The 9 cell battery that powers the studio 1645 elevates this particular laptop, but at the same time it makes the laptop look a bit unattractive. Dell needs to go to the drawing board and concentrate more on design other than performance. Just take a look at all the Asus machines: Very solid, very well design.  I’m a dell fan boy, but something need to be done about this.   Just go to any local best buy and you will find out that most people are looking the Mac Pc, not even paying attention to the Dell systems.

    Thank in advance for your assistance

  17. Lionel, this new XPS 17 looks great and I will most definitely be purchasing it within a month or two. I have one question and one request.

    Request: Please, get the 1080p RGB WLED LCD option with the XPS 17.

    Question: You did not comment on the sound card (hardware) in these laptops. I sure hope you are not using the same old IDT hardware chip. Even with premium speakers and the wavemaxx audio suite the sound will be only as good as the hardware thats generating it. Why does Dell insist on using IDT chips in their laptops? IDT does not release drivers for their sound cards and without driver support you can not upgrade your OS. I had a bad experience with my previous XPS M1530, as the lack of official sound drivers are the only thing keeping me from upgrading it to windows 7.

  18. The look great and have a lot of potential….but the lack of higher resolution display options on the XPS 14 and XPS 17 will be a deal-breaker for MANY potential buyers, including me!  The 14 should offer a 1600×900 option and the 17 should have a 1920×1080 display option!!!  The only 14" model Dell makes that meets my needs is the Latitude E6410 and the E6400 before it.  I have used an E6400 for the last two years, but it would be nice to buy a consumer-oriented laptop with specs I want instead of buying a business model for personal use….

  19. I have ordered my XPS 15 so fingers crossed. I have been told there is no backlit keyboard which is disappointing as this is a downgrade. I noticed on the US site that there is an option but not on the UK site (I am obviously in the UK). I was wondering the reason for this. And as I have already ordered will it appear as a orderable part any time soon, as I would want to get one fitted, even if it means I would have to do it myself.

  20. I'm with some of the other folks here.  I was all set to buy one of the 17" models.  Then, I saw the resolution. The poor LCD is a dealbreaker.

  21. The new XPS laptops look great.  I have been buying Dell laptops for myself and my staff for the past 5 years and am looking to do another round of updates soon.  Two questions that will impact if I go with the 15 or the 17:  1) can the 17 hard drives be configured as 1 SSD drive and 1 7200 rpm spindle drive?  2) How long will it be until a 1080p resolution is available for the 17?

    Thanks much!

  22. Lionel, can you comment on the possible availability of a full high-def 1080p screen on the XPS 17?  Like other people, I would buy today if that was available, even with an order delay…

  23. I also wanted to know whether these pictures are with a 6-cell battery or a 9-cell battery. On my previous Dell XPS M1530, the 9-cell battery elevated the laptop by about an inch from the back. It didn't look good, although it did make it a lot easier to type on the keyboard. So, will the 9-cell battery raise this new series laptops from the back-end too?  





  25. another notice..

    when XPS 15 will be available in retail stores like bestbuy i hope it will available with FHD(1080) screen resolution because no body will buy it with HD(720)resolution !!

  26. Well, I found out that the hardware controller in the XPS 17 is Realtek ALC665, which is good news for me as Realtek provides drivers to the end users, unlike IDT. This information is provided in the "specifications section" of the "setup guide", which can be found in the "manuals" on Dell support website. For XPS 17 you can use the following link


    Also, you will notice in the setup guide that Dell XPS 17 does have the option of full HD 1080p WLED LCD. I do not know why it is not available for selection as yet.

  27. I have a Dell XPS M1730 that is now three years old.  I am looking at the new XPS 17 to use with Adobe CS5 production premium.  I read the previous questions in this thread regarding the screen resolution.  This three year old Dell of mine has a resolutions of 1920 X 1200.  Why does the new display come with 1600×900?

    Otherwise ready to buy today!

  28. I love the complete refresh of the XPS line, but I am still waiting for the Engadget review.  I called Dell to lease a XPS 15, but the business department doesn't sell the XPS line anymore.  How is this possible when the Inspiron, Studio, and Alienware lines are available?  

  29. Still waiting to "Brace Myself"  –  Still no answer on screen resolution on the 17 – which many on this post have asked about……..

  30. Well, I guess Lionel not going to get back to us. I have a feeling the reason the 17 doesn't have better video is because it would then compete with the Alienware systems.

  31. ^If they never intended to provide the 1080p screen for the XPS 17 then they would not have it listed as an option in the specification section of the laptop's setup guide. See the link in my previous post. I believe due to some manufacturing or price issue, Dell is not offering it currently. They should start offering it before the end of the year, otherwise XPS 17 won't sell. Of course I would expect it to be a RGB 1080p WLED LCD or maybe a R+GB version that is 80% gamut. A simple 1080p WLED LCD will not do.

  32. I bought an XPS-17 (L701X) with an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 Wi/Fi card.  I also bought a Netgear Push2TV wireless display adapter that allows the laptop screen image to be shown on an HDTV.  This combination was recommended and sold by Dell.

    After failing to set up this combination, I was informed by Dell Tech Support that there is an incompatibility issue between these two functions that has been known by Dell, and that a resolution is being sought.  Is anyone aware of this issue?  If so, is there a workaround or patch that will enable me to use this function while waiting for Dell and/or Netgear to resolve and release a solution for  this problem?

    BTW, the latest driver for the Wi/Fi card is installed.

    Thank you

  33. After researching the problem of the XPS-17 not being able to communicate with the Netgear Push2TV adapter, I have found the probable cause.  The laptop video and Wi/Fi modules must ALL be Intel products to support wireless display (Wi/Di) with an HDTV using the Netgear Push2TV adapter.

    The Push2TV (PTV1000) adapter requires that the laptop have an Intel Wi/Di HD Video module installed, in addition to an Intel Centrino Advanced-N Wi/Fi module, and an Intel Processor chip.  However, I've been unable to identify which Intel Video module(s) this includes.  Dell’s online XPS-17 configuration menu only offers the NVidea GeForce GT 455M video module.  Furthermore, the Dell Sales Representative confirmed this when we configured the system I eventually ordered. Thus the XPS-17 will not support wireless HDTV display using the Push2TV adapter until Dell adds an Intel Wi/Di HD video module as an XPS-17 option.  This is disappointing because we were looking forward to this capability with the XPS-17.

  34. Update to my previous post regarding XPS Wi/Di capability.  Apparently a large number of XPS laptops can not, and never will be able to support Wi/Di until Dell reconfigures the motherboard design and content.

    The Intel Wi/Di website has a list of all hardware that supports Wi/D/i.  The Intel Core i7-740QM installed on my XPS-7 is not listed.

    I am disappointed that Dell would inform their Sales and Tech Support Teams that all XPS computers have Wi/Di capability when in fact they do not.  Furthermore, it appears that this function was never tested before the XPS line was released for sale to the general public, or this deficiency would have been discovered.

  35. All: I know a lot of you are asking for an XPS 17 with a 1080p display option since @MWReaves asked about it.

    My apologies for not following up until now. Short answer is that we do have plans to offer a higher resolution panel for the XPS 17. At this point, don't have a clear ETA, but I can confirm that it will be an option sometime next year.

    When I have more details to share, I will.

  36. @Hank Coolidge: Thanks for sharing comments re: the XPS line and Wi-Di. I'll make sure our teams see your comments. If there are any new details to share, I'll do it here.

  37. What a shame. I was so looking forward to getting a XPS 17 this new year's eve. The laptop has everything I want, especially the ability to have two separate hard drives, but without a 1080p R+GB WLED LCD, it has lost its sheen.

  38. I just bought the new Dell XPS 14 (L401X) which comes standard with a HD 720P WLED display. The laptop is a nice laptop except for the horrible quality of the display panel. The display is very grainy and really strained my eyes. It's hard to explain how bad this display is as I kept looking at it trying to figure out how to describe the problem. But the truth is that it is absolutely the worst display I've ever seen.

    I called Dell Support and they replaced the display with another one that looked the same way. Dell says this is the only display panel that is available on the XPS 14 laptop. I called Dell today to get a return on the product.

    So, now I'm without a laptop and still want the XPS14 with a display panel that is worth having. Dell needs to come up with a better 720p display.  If and when they address the issue how will I know?  

    It's been a very disappointing situation for sure!!

  39. Thanks Lionel for the update about a 1080p display option next year sometime.

    Do you know if this will be a B+RG or RGB screen?

    I have  Studio 17 with the B+RG screen and it is fantastic.

    Unfortunately my laptop also suffers from the noisy/random fan issue (sounds like a demented hairdrier) so I am considering sending it back (already had it replaced once with no difference) but if the B+RG option isn't going to me made available on the XPS 17 line then I think I'd prefer just put up with the fan noise.

  40. For those that have been interested in the Dell XPS 15, you will have noticed that the 1080p screen option has been removed from the customization. At first I thought maybe, they were just out of stock, however, I spoke to a dell representative today and he mentioned that the FHD 1080p screen for the XPS15 has been DISCONTINUTED!!

    This is terrible news as I was ready to pull the trigger, but I can't see myself buying a new notebook in this day without a 1080p screen.

    Lionel, can you confirm this? Here is a snippet of my chat:

    16:08:46     Mike

    but it hasn't been discontinued like the RGBLED screen for the studio XPS model last year?

    16:08:49     Mike

    just out of stock?

    16:09:12     DINKER_S

    as of now – it is discontinued

    16:10:06     Mike

    oh really? do you know the reason? performance problems?

    16:10:22     DINKER_S

    we have no info about that

  41. That's to bad – Now we're moving backwards. I saw that the 1080 screen was missing but I just assumed that they were out of stock because of Christmas…

  42. So, now the max screen you can get with XPS 15 is just 720p! Astounding!

    I have a theory that may or may not be true about these inexplicable decisions from Dell. The included onboard GPUs for XPS 15 are Nvidia 420M and 435M, which many gamers say are not good enough to run even current 2010 3D games at max settings. The 420M and 435M are unable to run these games at 1080p resolution. So, after receiving complaints Dell have switched to the lower resolution screen to enable the below par GPUs to run the games in high settings. They will have to upgrade the GPU before they can offer 1080p screens for XPS 15 and 17.

    It is just a theory. They may have run out of 1080p screens for all I know.

  43. I would like to buy XPS 15 with 1080p screen.  Yesterday, I did an online chat, and the representative said that it's out of stock, and would be available in Jan.   But I saw someone in this blob mentioned that it's discontinued.  Could someone confirm it's out of stock or discontinued?

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